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IN another epic week of secrets on the Square, Issac finally finds out the truth about Patrick and a stressed-out Kush makes a worrying discovery about Jean.

Here's a round up of the biggest storylines coming to your screens from your favourite soap.

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1. Bombshell for Issac

The secret is finally out after months of deception as Isaac learns the truth about Patrick.

Eastenders fans have seen Isaac start to put the pieces of the puzzle together in recent episodes, with mum Sheree realising that she can't hide the secret any longer.

As Isaac processes his discovery, Patrick decides to confess to Denise and is left surprisingly reassured by her supportive reaction.

2. Kush worries about Jean

Kush is feeling the pressure since Kat left and that only increases as he makes a worrying discovery about Jean.

Concerned by Jean's erratic behaviour, Kush's worries are confirmed when he finds out that she hasn't been taking her medication.

With Jean refusing to listen to anyone she has another run-in with Suki, before going on to have an explosive showdown with Phil Mitchell…

3. Confession woes for Whitney

As Whitney is still held captive by Leo's mum Michaela, her ordeal takes another horrible turn when she hears a shocking confession from her kidnapper.

Whitney is beyond furious when Michaela admits she knew what abusive Tony King was doing all along and blames herself for Leo's death.

As things seem to go from bad to worse for Whitney, it looks like help is on the way…

4. Max and Gray search for Whitney

After Max managed to make contact with a terrified Whitney and realising that she hadn't left Walford of her own accord, he teams up with Gray to try and rescue her.

The concerned pair attempt to bring her to safety, but can they reach her before it's too late?

5. Ian plans to surprise Sharon

Ian continues to hide his guilty secret about Dennis's death and plans a surprise for Sharon when she returns to Walford.

A grief-ridden Sharon made the decision to take some time away, but Ian is consumed by his plans for her return.

Unfortunately his ideas are put on hold when he hears that his son Bobby has fallen ill.

6. Bobby lies for Dotty

Following his scary collapse everyone comes to Bobby's aid as he lies unconscious on the dance floor.

When he finally wakes up, Bobby lies about what caused him to collapse, trying to protect Dotty.

Bobby seems undeterred by his ordeal and asks Dotty out on a date – but will she accept his offer?

7. Lola panics over secret

Having told Callum about her one-night stand with Peter, Lola begins to panic that her secret will be let out.

She is concerned when she finds Jay and Peter talking, and is left paranoid they were discussing her indiscretion.

8. Linda battles her demons

Linda's recovery continues next week, as she begins to realise Phil could offer first-hand advice.

Linda was left unsettled by Phil's appearance in her AA group, but a storyline will see her approach him for help.

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