EastEnders spoilers: Billy Mitchell devastated as Karen Taylor makes life-changing move

EastEnders’ Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) finally found love with Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley). The former funeral parlour worker has always been unlucky in love, from his marriage breakdown to Little Mo (Kacey Ainsworth) following her rape, to the deterioration of his nuptials with Honey (Emma Barton).

Billy always draws the short straw and now he’s finally happy again, it’s all about to be ripped apart.

Fans will remember that Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) offered Karen a substantial amount of cash to leave Albert Square with Sharon Mitchell’s (Leticia Dean) newborn Kayden, on the premise that he’s helping out an old friend.

Sharon is finding it tough to see the baby she gave away around Walford, following the death of her 13-year-old son Dennis Rickman Jr (Bleu Landau) during the boat party.

Little does she know that Ian played a key part in his demise, but that’s a whole other story that will end in tears!


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After debating what to do, Karen finally makes up her mind to leave Walford with baby Kayden in episodes that are set to air next week.

But what does this mean for her and Billy?

When he finds out, he is understandably upset and slightly miffed off.

But with Karen’s mind made up, will Billy end up leaving with her?

Or is it over for the two of them?

Not only is his beau moving away, Billy is less than impressed to find out that her ex and father to her children Mitch Baker (Zack Morris), has offered to come along with her with his daughter Bailey (Kara-Leah Fernandes).

Mitch and Karen have a lengthy past and are on good terms, so she’s touched by his offering to accompany her and help out with the baby – but does he have ulterior motives?

A little too close for comfort eh Billy?

As tensions rise, Mitch drops a bombshell on Karen, leaving her lost for words.

We’re almost certain we know what he’s going to say…

Can you guess?

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But Karen isn’t the only one who’s had a big decision to make.

Pub landlords Mick (Danny Dyer) and Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) decided on Tuesday to make a change to their lives after she suffered a relapse the night of Denny’s funeral.

Linda made a stark promise to her husband after the boat crash that she would choose their marriage over her alcoholism.

She left many residents of Albert Square concerned about her health as she relied on the booze to get her through the day.


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But while on a new path to a better life, she found herself tempted by Shirley’s (Linda Henry) vodka, and poured herself a glass to prove that she could just have one.

She had to come clean as her fiesty mother-in-law caught her red handed, leading to the couple to make to a big decision to give up The Vic.

Living above a pub would have made things harder for the recovering alcoholic to give it all up, but the fan-favourite couple have proved once again they can conquer anything life throws at them.

EastEnders continues next Monday at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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