EastEnders Letitia Dean says huge Albie bombshell will blow apart Sharon and Keanu

A shock twist in EastEnders saw Sharon Watts discover that her son Albie is not the child of her current fiance Keanu Taylor but rather her ex-husband Phil Mitchell.

Some fans had predicted this bombshell after Keanu staged a kidnapping in an attempt to stop Sharon leaving the country with Albie.

Upon his return, Alibie has been undergoing tests at the hospital, and it's one of these which proved the truth of his DNA, leaving Sharon shocked and unsure what to do moving forward.

Opening up about the plot twist on Wednesday's episode, 15 November, Letitia Dean, who has played Sharon since 1985, said: "[Sharon's] in total disbelief, she just cannot believe it.

"Not for one moment since she did the original paternity test has she ever considered that Phil could be his dad."

While Sharon and Phil were married when she fell pregnant, she had been having an affair with Keanu, leading her, and everyone else, to assume that he was the father of Albie.

"Sharon and Phil have such a history together" Letitia said, "In one way it feels like it’s bought their story full-circle, but in another it feels like their story has only just begun. It is going to be interesting to see how it all plays out."

Long-term viewers of the soap will know that Sharon and Phil have had something of a on-again-off-again relationship, ever since their affair while she was married to Phil's brother Grant in 1994.

However, recent episodes have seen Phil tie the knot with Kat Slater, while Keanu proposed to Sharon. Speaking about these colliding plots, Letitia said: "This has come as a total shock for Sharon and right now she is planning to marry Keanu and Phil is happy with Kat."

Teasing whether Sharon will tell Phil and Keanu the truth, the actress continued: "She doesn’t know what to do – she’s absolutely flawed!

"Sharon and Keanu have only just rekindled their engagement after months of an off and on relationship, and she knows full well that this news will blow that apart!

"On the other hand, there is such a mutual respect between Sharon and Phil, and deep down I don’t think she could or would want to keep this news from him, but he also doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to parenting so she’s worried about the influence he could have on Albie.

"The stakes are so high as she could stand to lose Keanu if she admits the truth."

Letitia added: "Family is everything to Phil. So, Sharon knows that once this secret is out, there is no turning back."

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