EastEnders horror as Aaron Monroe attacks Bobby and Ash in hate crime?

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Harvey Monroe (played by Ross Boatman) told his son about the disagreement he had had with Ash (Gurlaine Kaur Garcha) which caused him to lose his job. However, despite Ash getting the cab driver his job back, Harvey’s malicious son Aaron (Charlie Wernham) and EastEnders newcomer laid into the doctor in front of everyone at The Vic, before making jibes about Bobby (Clay Milner Russell). With Bobby receiving the news during Friday’s episode of the BBC soap that the new mosque has been approved, could Aaron take his anger out on the two in a shocking hate crime storyline?

Harvey had an issue with his daughter Dana Monroe (Barbara Smith) dating Bobby due to the fact Bobby has converted to Islamism.

And it seems his son Aaron shares his father’s prejudices, but seems to have even stronger opinions.

When Ask walked into the pub in the latest instalment, the dodgy businessman approached her, stating: “Heard you’ve finally shown your true colours – oh I’m sorry, no one’s allowed to talk about colour in front of you, are they?”

“Like I said to Kat [Slater, Jessie Wallace], I want the whole thing over with.”

Aaron decided to raise his voice for everyone to hear and yell: “You know what she did? She led a smear campaign to get my dad sacked.”

He continued “That’s him over there look, a decent, hard-working bloke and she tried to ruin him.”

As Ash left the pub, he shouted: “Where are you going, aren’t you even going to apologise to him?”

Dana was upset to hear from Ash what had happened and stormed into The Vic to confront her brother.

“What have you done to Ash?” She asked, adding: “She’s really upset.”

Aaron asked: “Is this the famous Bobby? You’re just in time I was just getting the drinks in.”

“No thanks,” Bobby answered before Aaron accused him of thinking he’s too good to have a drink with him.

“He’s Muslim,” Harvey explained. As Dana tried to talk about Ash again, Aaron snapped: “What is it with you?

“Why are you more concerned about her than your own family?

“You should be pleased dad got his job back. Should I get a drink or do you want to straw for his bottle of pop?”

It became Aaron is a dangerous character after he returned from “a job” earlier this week covered in blood.

He seems to have taken an issue with Bobby and wants to lead a vendetta against Ash, meaning both characters could be in danger.

Earlier in the episode, Bobby was delighted to share the news with Dana that the new mosque had been approved in Walford.

It seems as though the soap may be gearing up for a hate crime spearheaded by Aaron.

Actor Charlie explained that his character is “opinionated about everything”.

Speaking to Digital Spy, he continued: “He’ll try to take control of the situation, sort things out and try to do best by his dad and his sister.

“With Dana dating Bobby, Aaron is also going to have an opinion on whether he’s good enough for her.

“He’ll have a say on his dad, the flat, and his dad’s job.”

Aaron is certainly likely to be stirring up some trouble in the weeks to come.

Could he brutally attack Ash and Bobby as they celebrate the new mosque?

He might even decide to trash the new building in protest before becoming violent with the two Walford residents.

With his bad temper and access to other violent thugs, could the pair end up dangerously injured?

It seems he also has the resources to cover up what he does, so he could end up getting away with it.

EastEnders continues on Monday at 8pm on BBC One.

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