EastEnders fans predict Sharon won’t believe Dotty as she reveals Ian killed Dennis – as series 2 begins

EASTENDERS fans are convinced Sharon Watts won't believe Dotty Cotton's revelation that Ian Beale caused her son Dennis' death.

The Queen Vic landlady – who is played by actress Letitia Dean in the BBC soap – was horrified tonight when Dotty told her that Ian caused Dennis' death in the boat crash.

After Ian walked back his statement against her for drug dealing, Dotty grew sick of the businessman's constant barbs at her and told him she would shut him up for good.

And after hearing his son Bobby defend him and attack her own villain father Nasty Nick, Dotty snapped.

She marched into the Vic and told Sharon: "It never ends does it? You think it has and then something happens and you're right back in it. 

"I felt exactly the same when my dad died. What made it worse was that no-one was telling me the truth about how he died. 

"But people deserve to know the truth, don't they, about their loved ones." 

An upset Sharon demanded to know what she was talking about and Dotty told her: "I wasn't going to say anything but you're going to find out anyway and it will be so much worse. 

"He's the reason Dennis died. He locked him in that cabin on the boat and that's why he drowned. Ian's the reason that Dennis is dead." 

Sharon looked horrified and turned to Ian who had the most guilt-stricken look on his face

But after months of suspense, fans think Sharon simply won't believe what Dotty is telling her.

Instead they are convinced Ian will get away with causing Dennis' death and it has left them furious. 

One wrote: "Sharon will believe Ian 100% for f**k's sake".

A second said:  "Sharon mustn’t believe Dotty because we have seen Sharon thanking Ian upstairs in the Vic."

Another added: "I can't believe they got right in with THAT reveal – shame Sharon won't believe it."

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