Dr Hilary Jones admits he's 'confused' by Boris Johnson's lockdown guidelines

Good Morning Britain’s Dr Hilary Jones has admitted even he’s confused with the latest coronavirus lockdown guidelines laid down by Boris Johnson. 

The Prime Minister caused chaos on Sunday night (10 May) by addressing the nation in a new speech laying down a series of rules, advising the UK ‘stay alert’. 

Among those guidelines included encouragement to return to work if they can’t work from home, new unlimited exercise, and allowance to sit in parks as long as people remain socially distant.  

But the speech allowed a number of rooms for interpretation, with Dr Hilary warning it could have disastrous consequences. 

‘I’m pretty confused, as much as you are, really,’ Dr Hilary said. ‘I didn’t find that there was a lot of clarity there at all. I still don’t know what he means by going back to work if you can’t work from home.

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‘Does he mean dentists? Does he mean opticians? Does he also mean cleaners?’ 

Susanna then revealed that, despite it not being part of the briefing, updated government advice allowed cleaners back into homes. 

‘That surprises me,’ Dr Hilary responded. ‘That greatly surprises me.’ 

The medical expert added: ‘There are a lot of confusing messages here, there were questions that I wanted to ask for clarification, but it wasn’t forthcoming.’ 

Dr Hilary’s comments come after it was revealed that ministers have now been banned from appearing on Good Morning Britain after a series of ‘trainwreck interviews’ with MPs including Helen Whately and Victoria Atkins. 

Piers, who returned to work today, has now called out Dominic Raab, demanding he ‘grow a pair and appear on the show’ to answer questions. 

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