'Double Shot at Love': The One Thing Marissa Lucchese Learned From the Show

Double Shot at Love star Marissa Lucchese has learned a lot becoming a reality star. Find out what she took away from filming season 2 of the MTV reality series in Las Vegas. 

‘Double Shot at Love’ allowed Marissa Lucchese to get to know herself a bit better

Lucchese said being cast on Double Shot at Love has taught her a lot about herself. “I definitely knew who I was [going into the show], but you don’t know what you’re capable of until you are put in certain situations,” she said on The Moral Hangover podcast. 

She mentioned not having access to cell phones during filming. Instead of fighting via text, Lucchese said reality television helped her confront her problems head-on — like the issue she had with Brandon Stakemann. 

Thanks to ‘Double Shot at Love,’ Marissa Lucchese took control of expressing her emotions

During season 1 of Double Shot at Love, Lucchese was vying for Pauly DelVecchio’s affection. But in season 2, she met a new man. Stakemann, along with Nicky Curd and Antonio Locke, joined DelVecchio and Vinny Guadagnino’s exes in Las Vegas. Lucchese and Stakemann hit it off, but in a friends-with-benefits kind of way. 

After Lucchese started to develop feelings for him, Stakemann made it clear he wasn’t looking for a relationship. That heartbreak forced her to face her emotions head-on. 

“I hate emotions,” Lucchese admitted. “I don’t like showing when I’m happy, sad, whatever. When it came to Brandon, I had to talk about how I felt. I had to tell him and sit down and tell him, ‘This is how I feel.’ That was so uncomfortable at first.” 

Now, Lucchese feels more confident in dealing with her feelings. Double Shot at Love has taught her to feel comfortable discussing them, too. 

‘Double Shot at Love’ allowed Marissa Lucchese to form new friendships 

Another thing Lucchese took away from season 2 was new bonds between her female roommates. In season 1, they were her competition. But in season 2, they were all fighting for the same thing — to be employed by Dustin Drai. 

What’s more, Lucchese made new friends in season 2. “[Brandon, Nicky, and Antonio] were a little annoying at first,” Lucchese said. “They torture me and get on my nerves [but] they always have my back, and I always have theirs. The bonds and friendships I’ve created with them are so amazing. They’re just awesome, cool guys.” 

Most importantly, ‘Double Shot at Love’ taught Marissa Lucchese how to be more patient

Part of filming for reality television is being pushed outside of your comfort zone. For Lucchese, that was leaving home to live with strangers. 

“Being in an environment with people that have [such] different personalities and seeing people at their best and their worst — I feel like that was surprising to me,” she said. But that shift in dynamic is what allowed Lucchese to learn more about herself. 

“I don’t have f*cking patience for anybody,” Lucchese explained. “I somehow got patience [on Double Shot at Love], and that’s one thing I can walk away with [from] doing all this. I have patience now and my temper [has] calmed down. With me, [doing reality television] calmed me a little bit.” 

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