Doctor Who boss teases return of ‘terrifying’ villain: ‘Have a very sinister role to play’

Doctor Who: John Bishop says he can’t say ‘a lot’ about filming

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Doctor Who: Flux, which is the 13th series of the hit BBC show, is set to premiere on Halloween night. The new series was announced in November 2019 and is the third to be led by Chris Chibnall. Jodie Whittaker, Mandip Gill, John Bishop and Jacob Anderson will be the ones to star in the epic six-part adventure that takes the Doctor and her friends to the edge of the universe and beyond, in a battle for survival.

However, ahead of the first episode, the show’s executive producer, Matt Strevens has teased fans with what they can expect from season 13.

Speaking about what monsters are returning for the hit series, Matt began: “In terms of monsters we’ve got some returning favourites.

“So we’re bringing back the terrifying Weeping Angels who have a very sinister role to play, and a very different role to play.

“It’s quite an interesting development to their story if you like.”

He continued: “The much loved and villainous, and basically warmongering Sontarans are back, with a brilliant new iteration.

“They’re very much the classic monster, the look is classic that has been adapted and reinterpreted for our era.”

Showrunner, Chris Chibnall said it was “a joy” to bring back some of the monsters.

“I think it’s always lovely to connect back into the history of the show as the history is so rich and varied,” he said.

“Bringing back the Sontarans was a story I really wanted to do. I felt like there hadn’t been a big Sontaran story for quite a long time.

“They have a great mix of threat and humour, they’re very identifiable, they’re great characters as well – a brilliant creation by Robert Holmes.

“They’re great because they have range. They’re dangerous, they’re violent, they’re also funny and that’s a great mix for Doctor Who.”

Producer Matt went on to discuss how they were forced to halt production due to the coronavirus pandemic.

He admitted there were certain aspects of the programme they were unable to shoot.

Matt explained: “Series 13 evolved quite late in the day.

“We had a plan for what we wanted to do and then the pandemic hit and what we realised was that there were certain things we wouldn’t be able to do in the normal way, as we had for series 11 and 12.

“So rather than be compromised – as what you want for Doctor Who is for every series to be bigger and better than the last, you don’t want to rest on your laurels.”

He concluded: “Chris came up with the brilliant idea of going ‘why don’t we just do something different for our era, wouldn’t it be great if we told one big story?’.

“We knew we wouldn’t be able to do the same number of episodes in the time that we had so he came up with the fantastic idea of this overarching narrative.

“Each episode has the same bang for its buck, each episode has the story of the week, we’ve still gone for that filmic quality for each episode.

“But much more than the previous two seasons we’ve tied it together with a massive overarching story for the Doctor and huge jeopardy for the Doctor.”

Doctor Who returns to BBC One on Sunday, October 31 at 6:25pm.

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