Disney+ Is Developing A National Treasure TV Series – Report

Back in January, National Treasure 3 was announced, and fans of the America-centric Indiana Jones-esque franchise could not have been happier. Now, it looks like a TV series is currently in development.

Jerry Bruckheimer, the producer behind the National Treasure franchise, revealed the news in an interview with Collider. “We’re certainly working on one [National Treasure] for streaming and we’re working on one for the big screen,” Bruckheimer explained. “Hopefully, they’ll both come together and we’ll bring you another National Treasure, but they’re both very active… The one for Disney+ is a much younger cast. It’s the same concept but a young cast. The one for theatrical would be the same cast.”

It’s unknown if by a “young cast,” Bruckheimer means all new characters or just a younger version of Nicolas Cage’s character Benjamin Franklin Gates. The producer went on to say that the pilot episode is written, and there is an outline for future episodes.

As for National Treasure 3, the script is currently being written, and there is no indication to when it will go into production or when it will hit theaters. At the time of this writing, no casting announcements have been made either.

The first two National Treasure films were both directed by Jon Turteltaub and follow Gates as he teams with Abigail Chase (Diane Kruger) and Riley Poole (Justin Bartha) to unlock secrets within American history. Also, the group finds out the founding fathers hid secret maps on the Declaration of Independence, and there were missing pages to John Wilkes Booth’s diary.

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