Devils on Sky: Producer confirms Russia-Ukraine war will be included in third season

Sky's 'Devils returns for Series 2

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The writers and producers of the gripping Sky drama have found it impossible to avoid hot button issues such as the Covid pandemic and Brexit in Devils’ latest season. Pitting Grey’s Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey against Italian star Alessandro Borghi and a stellar international cast, a third season could also feature its own spin on the Russia-Ukraine war.

Sky’s Italian thriller series will continue its trend of tackling real-world issues in Devil’s projected third and fourth seasons.

At a recent press conference ahead of the release of season two, Devils EP Luca confirmed he’s already planning to write Russia’s invasion of Ukraine into the next instalment.

The second season will kick off this Friday by confirming the coronavirus pandemic was very much a real event within the world of Devils.

“As for Covid, it’s part of the frame of this series,” he explained.

“At a certain point you’ve got a flash-forward and you will see what happened.

“Those images were actually shot in Milan during the Covid lockdown situation.”

Beginning with its first season in 2020, the series centres on Italian trader Massimo Ruggero (played by Alessandro Borghi) and his mentor Dominic Morgan (Patrick Dempsey).

Originally set in London, 2011, the second season fast-forwards to the days leading up to the United Kingdom’s pivotal Brexit referendum, and the third season will most likely feature another flash-forward to the tumultuous events of the last year.

Luca added: “As for the third season, we cannot avoid talking about what is happening today in the world.

“Nobody could ever have expected a world pandemic, and we would have never believed that a war would happen in Europe.

“So, of course, this will be a topic that will be covered in the season that we’re still writing.”

Vice President of Programming for Sky Italia Antonella d’Errico has also revealed the channel’s plans to continue the series for a number of years.

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She explained: “We are so proud [of the series] for many reasons.

“First is, the ensemble cast of talent in an international cast which is rarely seen in television series in Italy, but also internationally.

“Devils two, and hopefully Devils three and Devils four, has a great deal of potential.

“It’s a series that has the power of a great saga, and, for Sky, this is very important.”

The Sky Italia VP also echoed Luca’s goal to continue tackling hard-hitting topics throughout the series, which could include the current conflict in Europe.

“It’s relevant and it’s important for many different reasons,” she added.

“It deals with extremely topical and contemporary issues that are very rarely dealt with in regular conversations.”

“These are issues that are becoming very topical: data, China-America, finance, privacy. The fact that we are influenced by a series of transnational operations and decisions that implant on our lives.”

As fans who tune in to Devils’ second season premiere this Friday will find out, Brexit will have disastrous and unexpected results for the New York London Investment Bank.

If the story is indeed set to continue, the following seasons could offer a compelling look at how the current conflict in Europe has affected the world of finance.

Devils season 2 premieres Friday, April 29, 2022, at 9pm on Sky Atlantic with all episodes available via NOW and Sky On Demand.

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