Deluded Stephen Bear boasts he's made vast Bitcoin fortune from sex videos – but fans spot his big blunder

STEPHEN Bear boasted he has a cryptocurrency fortune worth more than $200,000 after releasing his X-rated sex tapes.

However, his Twitter following immediately found fault with the claim that he has 'five Bitcoin' in his e-wallet.

Numerous people pointed out the screen-grab he used to show his 'wealth' was a stock image used on various websites.

Failing to address the blunder, Bear then said he was "inventing my own crypto coin today" and asked followers what he should call it.

Last week the sleazy 31-year-old filmed himself having sex with his girlfriend Jessica Smith while surrounded by what appears to be money and drugs paraphernalia.

The shocking clip was uploaded to Twitter with the caption:  “Babe.. we are supposed to hide the money under the bed.”

The couple have found themselves in a tricky situation trying to monetise their sex acts, as they’ve been banned from other adult-only websites.

In February Bear joined the celebrity platform Cameo, charging £26.25 for personalised videos.

In the same month, he admitted to making just £29.90 from attempting to be a YouTube star.

Bear previously claimed he'd made £1million from his first explicit sex video.

But The Sun revealed it was in fact less than £6,000 – even though he claimed he was splashing the cash on buying a Las Vegas nightclub and luxury car.

Jessica recently boasted about how much money she had apparently made and revealed she was planning plastic surgery, including a boob and nose job.

Bear was previously in a relationship with Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby with whom he presented MTV show Just Tattoo Of Us.

The desperate star, who’s folded all seven of his businesses, failed to pay the £1,268 he owed to His and Hers Enterprises Limited, the business he launched with ex-girlfriend Charlotte.

Former Geordie Shore favourite Charlotte was left to pay £30,366 to the company's creditors before it was wound up and liquidated last September.

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