Countdown fans admit they are 'missing' Nick Hewer already as Anne Robinson makes her debut

ANNE Robinson made her Countdown debut on Monday – but fans are already missing previous host Nick Hewer.

Anne, 76, took over from Nick, 77, as host of the Channel 4 show today.

The Queen of mean returned to our tv screens and even did her famous goodbye wink.

While Anne was much nicer than in her Weakest Link days, fans admitted that they missed previous host Nick.

One viewer said: "#Countdown missing Nick on the show."

A second wrote: "I really want Nick back."

Another penned: "Yeah, I think I much prefer Nick Hewer #countdown."

However, others were giving Anne a chance to settle in, with one writing: "It will take some time getting used to Countdown having a new host but Ann did a great job."

Another added: "She did her famous goodbye wink! Never watched #Countdown with Nick but Anne was brilliant!"

A third agreed, writing: "@[email protected]_dent congratulations Anne on a successful first show."

The show opened with a throwback clip to when Anne appeared as a guest alongside original host Richard Whiteley in the 1980s.

Anne sported a classic 80s hairdo, which she immediately jokes about when the camera turns to her in the studio in the presenters chair.

She said: "Yeah, not my first appearance. If you're trying to work it out, that was 1987 and the clue was my hair do.

"Bay City Rollers, very Bay City Rollers."

Anne then turned her attention to co-star Rachel Riley and said: "I reckon you were one year old when that was on?"

Rachel Riley joked back: "You have been practicing your maths haven't you?"

It comes after Anne boasted she is the "the oldest women on telly not judging cakes".

Countdown airs daily at 2.10pm on Channel 4.

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