Coronavirus lockdown: Can you guess the 10 TV shows in our new emoji quiz?

The coronavirus outbreak means we’re all currently in isolation mode at home, with many shops, bars, pubs and restaurants shutting their doors for the foreseeable future.

Many people are struggling for things to do in a lockdown – when Joe Wicks and so. aren’t blessing us all with a livestream workout or cooking session, that is.

So we’ve dusted off an emojis quiz series to give your minds a slight work out…

Or just give you a little inspiration of what else you can binge-watch in these ‘uncertain times’. 

So, pause your Netflix, Amazon Prime and (newly-launched) Disney Plus scroll and try and decipher some of the biggest TV shows – in emoticon form.

No cheating on the TV guide!

We’ll be giving out the answers at midday on 27 March, before dropping another quiz.

Think you’ve managed them all? Why not try our song titles quiz?

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