Coronation Street exit: Why did Richard Hawley leave as Johnny Connor?

Coronation Street: Johnny Connor says he saw Aidan

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Coronation Street has been airing on ITV and the drama was cranked up a notch in the latest episode. As Shona Platt (played by Julia Goulding) attempted to save Johnny Connor (Richard Hawley) and Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews) from the sewer, she quickly realised only one would make it out alive. has all you need to know about why Johnny has left the soap.

Why did Richard Hawley leave Corrie as Johnny Connor?

Corrie fans were on the edge of their seats as they continued to watch the sinkhole catastrophe unfold in the latest episodes.

Johnny was in the sewers with his estranged wife Jenny and they were both fighting for their lives when Shona came to rescue them.

In an intense scene, she used a rope to pull Jenny over to where she was, but Johnny could not be saved.

In his last moments, he heard his dead son Aidan’s (Shayne Ward) voice in his head.

During an eye-watering moment, he took one last look at Jenny and said: “I love you” before letting go and sinking.

As his character drowned in the episode, it seems actor Richard Hawley has left the soap for good.

Jenny was heard screaming as he sunk deeper into the sewer and she and Shona were pulled out by Search and Rescue.

Viewers watching at home were equally as shocked to see Johnny get left behind.

As for why Hawley left the series, at this moment in time not much has been said about the star’s exit.

The actor is on Instagram but he has not shared any updates about his departure.

As it is early days, the actor is likely to open up about his final scenes in the near future.

Whether his exit was his own decision, or a directorial decision is yet to be confirmed.

Ahead of the tragic episode, fans took to Twitter to discuss Johnny’s fate and they were convinced he would meet his demise.

LynneG said: “Johnny is going to die isn’t he?” along with a pair of shocked and crying emojis.

Sue added: “Addi will survive. Johnny will die trying to save Jenny, that’s my prediction!”

Meanwhile UK Person said: “Why do soaps make it so obvious who will die.

“Johnny has been having deep and meaningful convos with people all week. Such a give away. #Corrie”

Sophie added: “Nah cuz I’ve always been the minority who has loved Johnny this whole time and his scenes with Carla were one of my faves.

“I’m not ready for him to die, I so hope we’re all wrong #corrie.”[Sic]

Sadly viewers were bang on the money as Johnny slipped away in front of his wife’s eyes.

Johnny had plans to move away and start a new life, which left fans wondering whether his death had been hinted at before.

Fans said there had been too much emphasis on him getting out of town, it seemed his fate could only go one way.

One viewer went as far as to say they would “boycott Corrie” if Johnny met his demise.

Hopefully, more information about the actor’s exit and his plans for the future will come to light soon.

Coronation Street airs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

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