Cathy returns in Emmerdale and her struggles are worse than ever

Cathy (Gabrielle Dowling) left the village under a cloud earlier this year, but as she makes her big Emmerdale return, it seems that bad weather front isn’t about to break just yet.

The teenager left the village back in April to move in with her brother Scott up in the Lake District in a bid to recover from her health issues.

She had spent months unable to cope with heavy periods and extreme mood swings. Things had got so bad; she’d even lashed out her dad and cause him an injury.

She’d been unable to focus on school or sit any exams, and even turned to stealing bottles of vodka and drinking them in a field in a bid to block out her troubles.

Cathy is now set to return from the Lakes to restart her life, and the hope is that she has turned things around. But has the time away from her friends and family done her any good?

She arrives back to her dad recovering from a heart attack, which will be another stressor for the troubled teen. But it’s when Wendy sits her down that she reveals what state she’s really in.

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In a tearful moment, Cathy breaks down and confesses to Wendy that her health struggles have not gone away.

Things are worse than ever in fact. Just how bad have things become?

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