Casualty spring spoilers: Jan's drug plot exposed, Connie makes dramatic exit and Ollie left fighting for his life

CASUALTY bosses have revealed some massive spring spoilers for the show. 

The ED will be left reeling in the coming weeks as Jan’s shocking drug plot comes exploding out, Connie makes a dramatic exit and Ollie finds himself in grave danger. 

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Jan is exposed

Jan risked everything in recent weeks when she started smuggling drugs into prison to protect her son Ross against a prison gang. 

But when the truth comes exploding out in the coming weeks, Jan finds herself in the firing line. 

Will she lose everything?

Iain returns

Paramedic Iain Dean will be bursting back into the ED in the coming weeks, with actor Michael Stevenson reprising the role. 

Ian will return just in time for Jan’s shocking secret to be revealed.

When Iain learns what Jan has been manipulated into doing, he goes to great lengths to protect her, but will he bite off more than he can chew?

Speaking about his return, actor Michael told the Daily Star: "I am absolutely thrilled to be back with the Casualty family. I am excited to crack on and see what's in store for Iain!”

Connie makes a dramatic exit

Connie Beauchamp will be departing from the ED this spring in dramatic fashion.

Actress Amanda Mealing has already filmed her final scenes, which will air on screen in the coming weeks.

Following the return of her daughter Grace, Connie will end up deciding to embark on a new journey – and put her personal life ahead of her professional one for the first time ever.  

Speaking about her exit, Amanda said: "It has been the most remarkable privilege to play Connie for the last 18 years.

"When she first hit our screens there were few female leads that weren't 'the wife of…', 'the mistress of…' or needed 'rescuing'.

"Most important for me is knowing that Connie has inspired so many women and young girls to seek careers, seek independence and strive to be their best."

Grace causes more trouble

Grace will play with fire as she grows closer to David’s son Ollie in the coming weeks. 

When Ollie finds himself in danger, Grace is forced to take matters into her own hands to keep him safe. 

Casualty bosses have teased that the consequences of Grace’s decisions will be life-changing for her and her mum Connie.

Faith makes a huge decision 

Faith’s crumbling marriage to Lev will lead her to fall into Dylan’s arms in the coming weeks. 

But after enjoying a night together with Dylan, Faith’s world comes crashing down when her daughter Natalia runs into danger. 

Will Natalia’s situation prevent Faith from leaving Lev?

If so, where will that leave Dylan?

Jacob’s controversial plot

Jacob recently washed his hands of his love interest Connir Beauchamp, but it’s looking like there’s more drama on the horizon for the nurse. 

Speaking about his upcoming controversial storyline, actor Charles Venn – who plays Jacob – recently revealed to Digital Spy: "We have a big, big storyline that is on the way.”

"Unfortunately, I've been trained by the Casualty snipers not to say anything at this stage [laughs] but I can assure you that it's a story that will definitely raise eyebrows. It's something people are not going to expect.

"It's going to be great though. It will raise eyebrows and people are certainly not going to expect it from Jacob. That is being filmed as we speak, so stay tuned."

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