Caprice accuses Peter Andre of spreading ‘incorrect’ information about her in showdown on Instagram – The Sun

CAPRICE has accused Peter Andre of spreading "incorrect" information about her.

The model, 48, took to Instagram to call out the singer, insisting she was only trying to protect her family following a heated debate surrounding coronavirus on the Jeremy Vine Show earlier this month.

During her recent appearance on the Channel 5 show, Caprice claimed she knew just as much as the health experts on the deadly bug because she had read reports on how other countries had dealt with the outbreak.

However, Peter, 47, begged to differ, writing in his new! magazine column: "I didn’t see Caprice Bourret’s appearance on Channel 5’s Jeremy Vine programme last week, but I heard that she was slammed by viewers for arguing with a qualified doctor about how to contain the coronavirus.

"She apparently claimed that she knew just as much as the health experts because she’d read reports online.

"If Caprice was intentionally trying to undermine the doctor, then she’s absolutely foolish, because it’s the medical professionals who are being told first hand what is going on. I know who I’d listen to!"

It's clear his comment didn't sit well with the mum-of-two, who shared her side of the story on Pete's profile today.

She wrote: "I hope you and your family are staying healthy and well. I’m writing in reference to what you wrote about me in Ok magazine. The information is incorrect and I’d like to rectify.

"I challenged the doctor, not because I thought I knew better but because WHO (world health organisation) said things that contradicted what the doctor was saying. I had read the statements from WHO in a newspaper. My information was not taken from a random person that worked at the paper.

"It would have been nice if you were a bit more objective and watched the entire conversation between myself and the doctor on the Jeremy vine show instead of accessing your sources from a third party."

The star added: "I’m just seeking answers to better protect my family and community against this very scary virus. Anyways, more importantly, I hope that you and your beautiful family stay safe and well xx".

The dad-of-four was quick to apologise, saying: "You may be right and if so I’m sorry. Check your dm so we can discuss."

The Instagram showdown isn't the only drama Pete has had to deal with today.

The singer revealed he is at his wits end while homeschooling his young children, with daughter Amelia, six, rampaging around the house listening to inappropriate music – while son Theo, three, made himself coffee.

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