‘Can you say that on the BBC?’ Karen Hauer left red-faced after awkward Greg Wise probe

Strictly: Rylan jokes about Greg Wise's 'hip thrust'

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Strictly Come Dancing’s spin-off show It Takes Two featured Greg Wise and Karen Hauer on Monday night. Host Rylan Clark-Neal interviewed the dance duo after they were eliminated from the competition over the weekend. The couple were booted off the BBC dance show on Sunday night after they failed to impress the judges with a Samba to the hit song Macarena. While chatting about the routine on Monday night, Karen awkwardly laughed off the topic of Greg’s hips when Rylan brought up his dancing skills.

Speaking about the dance, Rylan commented: “You were struggling a little bit with hip action in rehearsals as well.

“But, Greg I’ve got to say – and we all agreed about this in rehearsals today – Karen, he’s got the thrust action hasn’t he?”

Karen instantly burst out laughing, unsure of how to reply to Rylan’s remark about Greg, failing to give the BBC host an answer to the awkward probe.

“Can you say that on the BBC? I’m not sure,” Greg joked, causing his dance partner to giggle more.

“I just did!” Rylan exclaimed as the actor added: “Well done you.”

Jumping into the conversation, Greg saved Karen’s blushes as he answered: “The lovely thing about it was we were going out to entertain.

“We were going out to have this joyful explosion and could there be a better way of being kicked off the show than after that dance?”

Rylan agreed: “Than doing the Macarena, come on!”

Karen eventually chimed in with her thoughts on Greg’s performance: “You know what? It was fun, it was exciting, and you did have a lovely hip action.

“It was quite nice, you know. There were hiccoughs, but at the end of the day, it’s how you pick up the dance.

“The thing is that he didn’t stop and go, ‘oh I messed up’. You know, the whole thing about the journey and being on Strictly is that you pick up and you continue,” she explained.

“She was so kind,” Greg said, commenting on how forgiving Karen was when he made a mistake.

The stars went on to discuss Strictly judge Craig Revel Horwood and the critique he gave Greg and Karen.

“We need to talk about Craig. He was in a foul mood on Saturday night,” Rylan said, suggesting the judge had been overly harsh.

Greg agreed: “For whatever reason, I think there was little appreciation of what I was bringing to the party for the whole of the four weeks from Craig.”

“He gave you a three. What is all that about?” Rylan asked.

“And he gave us a three for the disco number as well that I did for my dead sis,” Greg added, making his frustrations clear.

“That deserved more than a three,” Rylan remarked.

Sadly, Greg won’t be returning to the Strictly dance floor as he’s now been eliminated from the competition.

However, the rest of the celebrities will be back next week with a wide range of new routines.

Strictly Come Dancing continues Saturday at 7pm on BBC One.

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