Bulletproof’s Ashley Walters reveals secret struggle behind So Solid Crew reference in season 2 – The Sun

BULLETPROOF's Ashley Walters has opened up on the secret challenges behind the show's reference to the So Solid Crew.

The 37-year-old rose to fame in the popular rap group, whose most famous hit 21 Seconds topped the UK charts in 2001.

Ashley revealed he has been friends with his co-star Noel Clarke, 44, for 20-years and the chemistry they show on-screen is genuine.

However, when thinking of ways to try and make people laugh on Bulletproof, one of the lines in the first episode of series two referred to Ashley's time in the former music group, which he said he was unsure about.

"Yeah, they kept that in, I was surprised," he confessed.

"I'm not sure how I feel about it, but yeah, it's there."

He added: "That was probably one of those days, where… it's just me and the cameraman. And I probably did about 55 different things and they pick that one."

The scene involved an exhausted-looking Ashley sitting in a car, singing famous lyrics from the song that took the UK by storm in the early 2000s.

He sung: "Fine. 21 seconds to go, 21 seconds to flow, cos if you like me let me know let me in da studio, I got 21 seconds before I gotta go."

Clarke says he wasn't sure about adding in the reference at first, but now thinks it's a good move.

"It's going to work," he said.

"It definitely will work. The keyboards are gonna light up after that moment. Definitely."

They certainly did, as one fan exclaimed: "Leapt out my seat and was buzzing when @AshleyWalters82 starting singing 21seconds #OG #sosolid #Bulletproof2."

Another fan commented: "Best thing about episode 1 of #Bulletproof2 was Pike @AshleyWalters82 singing 21 seconds."

A third fan tweeted: "In these tough and testing times watching @AshleyWalters82 sing to 21 Seconds in the new season of #Bulletproof2 is exactly what the nation needs @NoelClarke Asher D’s never fading Well played lads."

While a fourth fan wrote: "@AshleyWalters82 singing 21 seconds in the car… nice touch #Bulletproof2."

The pair, who play, wacky detective inspectors Aaron Bishop (Clarke) and Ronnie Pike (Walters), revealed they were keen to portray black men in a positive light on screen, saying they were "sick" of seeing the same old characters.

"Shows, predominately shows with people like myself and Ashley, especially two men, don't always get made or we just don't see them," Clarke told Sky News.

"That's what makes Bulletproof so special.

"That's why everyone says 'we haven't seen a show like it'. Well, duh. Because shows like it don't get made. And that's why we're kind of the first people to do that. And that's what makes it special – one of the things that makes this special."

The gritty and intense action coupled with humour wowed viewers in series one and it continues to do so in its second instalment.

The next episode of Bulletproof series two will air on Sky One tonight (April 3) at 9pm.

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