Britain's Got Talent fans defend comic Nabil Abdulrashid from trolls after he tackles racism in his semi-final set

BRITAIN's Got Talent comic Nabil Abdulrashid was defended on Twitter tonight after he tackled racism in his semi-final set.

Nabil made it through to the finals next Saturday after judges David Walliams, Alesha Dixon and Ashley Banjo picked him over Unicyclist Wesley Williams.

Twitter trolls were out in force on the social media platform and attacked Alesha Dixon's Golden Buzzer act as he delivered a spiky routine.

Nabil mocked racism in Britain with jibes about white people mistaking him for rapper Big Narstie.

He also joked if he won the £250,000 BGT prize he'd spend the money on the African kids he sponsors – because they're his kids.

He went on to quip: "People watching will think that it's another of one of those Black Lives Matter guys doing jokes about stop and search – no, it's a joke about being fat. Big Nastie and I are both fat, we just both happen to be black too. Don't throw in the race card guys!"

His set left many viewer howling at home but others slammed ITV for allowing Nabil to discuss controversial matters.

One said: "Alesha calling him 'brave' for tackling racism. So brave to talk about a subject that's been politicised & rammed down our throats for months by every media outlet and corporation"

Another said: "@ITV F*****g disgrace that was even shown. If that wasn’t racism I don’t know what was. #bgt"

However hundreds took to the site to defend Nabil, as one said: "All the white people complaining about Nabil on #bgt asking where the jokes were and they didn’t understand… all because they’ve never had to experience racism 🤣😭love how offended people are when they hear the truth"

Another said: "Absolutely loving Nabil, well done man. Buzzin to see how many Ofcom complaints come through tomorrow. F**k racism #BGT"

And one more said: "Comedy is a very personal thing, but I think Nabil is FANTASTIC! I was laughing throughout and yes his routine was about racism but it wasn't done in a preachy way, it was funny, truthful and also full of heart. I really REALLY hope he gets through tonight!"

The comic was close to tears after the judges picked him to go through.

Ashley called his name, after saying: "Talented, creative, took risks, different, that applies to all of you. But there was one act that connected with me and I think was super relevant and an act I would love to see in the final. And that is Nabil."

Nabil punched the air and shouted "South London!" before telling Ant and Dec how he felt about getting through.

His voice was shaking as he said: "This is not just for me man it's for a lot of people I represent so thank you."

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