Bradley Walsh snaps at Jenny Ryan as she delivers cruel blow: ‘No one in their right mind’

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Jenny Ryan was the quizmaster responsible for trying to prevent today’s The Chase team taking home some serious cash. The Vixen was in fine form from the off, dismissing first player Kathryn without too many hiccups. However, when she delivered the fateful blow which saw her bow out of the ITV show, host Bradley Walsh was less than impressed.

Kathryn had built up a respectable £5,000 in her cash-builder round and was keen to get back to the rest of her team, made up of Henry, Jane and Anne.

However, Jenny quickly caught up with Kathryn and soon became one step behind her.

All Kathryn had to do was to answer one more question to try and stay in the game, but it proved tricky.

Bradley asked Kathryn and Jenny: “What liquid has been hailed by scientists as ‘among the most nutritious and highly calorific substances on the plant’?”

The possible answers were Seahorse Urine, Cockroach Milk or Salamander Blood.

Unsure of the answer, Kathryn opted for the “most disgusting” and landed on Seahorse Urine.

Unfortunately for Kathryn, the correct answer was actually Cockroach Milk.

However, due to the bizarre nature of the question, Bradley was adamant Jenny would also get the question wrong.

“She can’t have got it,” Bradley said to Kathryn as he goaded the Chaser.

He added: “No one in their right mind would’ve gone Cockroach Milk.”

Moments later, however, it was revealed Jenny had indeed got the correct answer and sent Kathryn packing.

Stunned, Bradley snapped: “No! How did you get that? Really!”

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Defending herself, Jenny explained how she came to the conclusion.

“I guess I was looking for a sustainable source of energy for the future,” Jenny protested.

“And cockroaches are gonna be about forever,” she added.

While Kathryn may have bowed out of the competition, the same couldn’t be said for next two players, Jane and Anne.

The pair romped home thanks to handful of lucky guesses, although final player wasn’t so lucky.

Having racked up £5,000 in his cash-builder, Henry appeared to be on good enough form to join the team in the Final Chase.

However, Jenny kept up her top quizzing performance and prevented him from making it back.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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