Blue Lights season 1 episode schedule on BBC One

Blue Lights will be BBC viewers’ next gripping watch, after series such as The Gold and Better came to a close earlier this month. The Northern Ireland-set series focuses on the lives of three newbies who have joined the Police Service of Northern Ireland but aren’t exactly taking to the job as easily as initially expected. has all there is to know to watch Blue Lights.

How many episodes are in Blue Lights?

Blue Lights is going to be making its debut on Monday, March 27, at 9pm on BBC One.

The Irish police drama will consist of six episodes in total with a new instalment coming out every week in the same timeslot.

With no scheduled breaks, Blue Lights is expected to air its finale on Monday, May 1.

Ahead of the show’s start, BBC has released the titles for each of the six episodes.

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Here is the episode schedule for Blue Lights, including episode titles:

Episode one, The Code – Monday, March 27

Episode two, Bad Batch – Monday, April 3

Episode three, The Fear – Monday, April 10

Episode four, Full Moon Fever – Monday, April 17

Episode five, The Q Word – Monday, April 24

Episode six, Love The One You’re With – Monday, May 1

Of course, there is an alternative if you don’t fancy waiting six weeks to find out how it ends.

Once the first episode comes out on BBC One, the entire six-episode box set will be ready to watch on the channel’s free streaming service BBC iPlayer.

So viewers are going to be able to binge-watch Blue Lights whenever they choose.

The series, which is set in Belfast, started filming in the busy Irish city in February 2022.

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Created by Declan Lawn and Adam Patterson, who previously worked on shows such as The Undeclared War, Rogue Agent and The Salisbury Poisonings, Blue Lights delves into life as a rookie police officer in Ireland.

Grace Ellis (played by Siân Brooke) is a mum of a teenage son in her 40s who gave up her career as a social worker to join the PSNI.

Meanwhile, Annie Conlon (Katherine Devlin) is struggling with the idea of the new job, meaning leaving everything she knows behind, and Tommy Foster (Nathan Braniff) hasn’t quite got the grasp of practical policing.

Something that Grace finds particularly difficult about the work though is finding a balance between her personal and professional life.

Speaking to What to Watch, actress Brooke said she sought her dad’s advice before filming as he used to work as a police officer for several years.

She said: “My dad never had a gun, like the police in Northern Ireland do, and the job has a very different effect on their home lives.

“Some officers in the PSNI are unable to tell their family what their job is and have to check under their car before they go to work every morning.

“I didn’t experience that with my dad!”

Blue Lights premieres on Monday, March 27, at 9pm on BBC One.

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