'BIP': Demi Burnett Hopes Slater Davis is 'The One' After Only 3 Months of Dating

It’s hard to keep up with everyone in The Bachelor world, as there are plenty of breakups, makeups, relationships blossoming at all times. And it’s Demi Burnett who’s catching everyone’s attention now. Burnett got engaged to Kristian Haggerty last season on Bachelor in Paradise, but the two have since called it quits. Now, Burnett is getting serious with her new boyfriend, Slater Davis — and she continues to rave about their amazing connection.

It sounds like things are moving pretty quickly with Burnett and Davis despite the fact that they’ve only been together for three months. And when Nick Viall talked to Burnett about her relationship, she mentioned she thinks he could be “the one.” Here’s what she said.

Demi Burnett is quarantining with her boyfriend, Slater Davis

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Burnett and Haggerty seemed like the perfect fit on BIP. But since they’ve gone their separate ways, Burnett has found lasting love with Davis. She’s talked about how she’s “obsessed” with her new boyfriend she’s been public with since February 2020 — and he seems to feel the same way.

“I’m so happy,” Burnett told Entertainment Tonight. “I’m obsessed with him. He’s the best ever. I feel like such a weird little sap, but he’s the most incredible person I’ve ever met and I can’t get enough of him.” As for how quickly they developed a connection, Burnett noted it all started the day they first met.

“We haven’t spent a day apart since,” she added. “We’re with each other all the time.”

Davis echoed the same sentiments to the publication. “I just love Demi’s brain the most, how she operates, what she thinks, says, feels,” he said. “That’s the hottest thing about her, honestly.”

Burnett noted she’s already met Davis’ family, and they spend all their time together

Burnett and Davis made it clear they’re quarantining together, and they’re still not sick of spending all their time with each other. Not only that, but Burnett spoke on her new podcast, Big Demi Energy, about her relationship with Davis. And she mentioned she met his mother very early on, which proves even more how serious they are.

“It was really casual when you came back, and like, met my mom. It was like, ‘Oh, I met Demi, and now we’re dating,” Davis joked on the Big Demi Energy podcast. “No, it was very chill. You met my mom and everything, and we all hung out. … That was a great day.”

Davis then went into how Burnett’s meeting with his mom seemed to catapult them into their relationship now. Burnett asked Davis just days later if he wanted to come to New York with her, and he accepted. “That was just the trip of a lifetime,” Davis added.

Burnett told Nick Viall she hopes Davis could be ‘the one’


Burnett had former Bachelor Viall guest star on her podcast. And, of course, the topic of her relationship came up. Viall asked Burnett, “Is he ‘the one’?” And to that, she said she hoped so.

“I mean, I would like to think so,” she noted. And when Viall then followed that question up with another asking how long she’s been dating Davis, Burnett answered, “almost three months.”

“So, hard to tell,” Viall noted.

“Exactly,” Burnett added. “See, it’s like, not a long time but we’ve also been together every single day since we first met, which is insane. But, it’s just been a matter of circumstances. Even whenever we’ve had times where we’re like, ‘hey, we probably should spend a night apart’ … and then I go home, and then we text each other like, ‘I miss you, I don’t want to sleep without you.’ And yeah, it sounds like a terrible idea, but like, it’s honestly been amazing.”

Burnett seems quite self-aware that the honeymoon phase won’t last forever. But she’s loving her relationship so far — and we’re enjoying seeing how it all unfolds!

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