Big Brother winners who went back to normal jobs – from cleaning to CBD selling

From Cameron Stout to Brian Belo, there's been a plethora of Big Brother winners over the years. And while the show has been on a little hiatus, we're super excited for it to return on Sunday.

Where else would you see a group of contestants and some serious drama unfolding after all? If, like us, you've been reminiscing about some of the old series and wondered what some former winners are up to now, we've got you covered.

Here's all the Big Brother winners who shunned the bright lights of fame and went back to working normal jobs…

Before Cameron entered the Big Brother house, he was working as a fish trader in Orkney, Scotland. He was known for his strong evangelical Christian beliefs and labelled a "Bible basher" by the media. Now, after starring in pantomimes following his win, he writes for local and national newspapers like The Sunday Post.

During his time in Big Brother, Pete had a romance with Nikki Grahame, who has since sadly passed away. He was also known for his big personality and he went on to win the show.

In 2010, he admitted on The Jeremy Kyle Show that he'd used all his winnings to fund an addiction to ketamine and he had to get clean.

Now, after setting up a cleaning business and returning to a 'normal' job, he's dabbled in acting too. He's appeared in films including Catherine Tate's Nan Movie.

After an attempted career in music, releasing single 'Essex Boy' Brian's completely stepped away from the spotlight. The Big Brother winner doesn't even have social media accounts anymore. He was last in the media in 2013 when he attempted to sue TOWIE's creators, saying that they had stolen an idea he was working on with Sassy films and Massive TV – but he reached a settlement with ITV.

She was victorious on the show in 2008 but Rachel chose to become a teacher instead of pursuing fame afterwards. The money-savvy winner paid off her student loans with the money and gave the rest to charity.

Now, she is married and embracing motherhood with two sons called Lachlan and Caleb and works in Wales at a school.

One of the landmark moments on Big Brother was when Luke won – as he was the first trans man to storm through to victory. But instead of heading for the bright lights of fame, he became a chef and was crowned chef of the year in 2010. He's also married to husband Jamie and is a father to twins.

Big Brother 14: Sam Evans

Although not much is known about what Sam is up to now, he reportedly wanted to go back to working in retail and then forge a path in television. He also sought to raise awareness of hearing difficulties by working with charities and make children aware that they could go on to live a great life like he was despite his own hearing issues.

Big Brother 15: Helen Wood

Helen made two appearances on the show, first as a normal housemate and then as a 'time warp housemate' the year afterwards. She was already in the spotlight for claiming that she slept with Wayne Rooney while working as an escort.

But her time with Big Brother turned sour as she had an explosive argument with Brian Belo and was barred from ever being on the show or shows associated with it ever again. She's left sex work and the spotlight and has taken up a role as a full-time carer for her mother who has dementia.

Big Brother 16: Chloe Woodburn

Since her win, Chloe's not been in the media or on television again. She's now a medical cannabis activist and CBD seller and has a baby and a fiancé.

Big Brother 19: Cameron Cole

Becoming the youngest ever winner of the show, Cameron also decided to come out on air, a moment described as lovely by presenter Emma Willis. Cameron, 19, a vlogger, was a Big Brother super fan who had watched every series. Due to falling ratings, the show was taken off air by Channel 5 after his win. Cameron's now living a normal life away from the spotlight.

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