BBC Breakfast host Naga Munchetty has epic response after outfit is compared to a jockey

BBC Breakfast host Naga Munchetty has hit back once again at trolling of her outfit on the morning show as viewers claimed she looked like a jockey.

In Thursday morning's episode of the BBC One news programme, 16 November, 48 year old Naga wore a blue shirt dress with lighter blue patches on the shoulder and skirt, and one green sleeve.

Some unkind viewers compared Naga's dress to a jockey's outfit, but again the newsreader took the criticism in good humour and came back at them with a hilarious response.

One viewer commented on X: "Naga Munchetty riding in the 9:30 at Aintree straight after BBC Breakfast, so clearly not worth going home to get changed first.."

Someone else agreed: "Is Naga going horse jumping ? What is she wearing." Another viewer joked: "Are you riding the 10:30 at Kempton today."

But Naga, known for her sharp comebacks to people commenting about her on social media, shot back: "Yep – I always find a multi-purpose outfit incredibly useful x."

Other criticism of her dress included one viewer commenting: "Naga seems to be wearing a recycled shell suit this morning."

Someone else wrote: "Loving Nagas Djibouti flag dress this morning."

Back in September, Naga took down criticism of her choice of a grey silk dress for BBC Breakfast as one viewer wrote: "What is @TVNaga01 wearing?? Looks like she’s come straight to work from a night out at a sleazy single’s nightclub…"

She replied: "Sssssh… don't tell anyone. (btw – it's called a dress)."

Naga has also been criticised in the past over wearing a pair of silver brogues, and in response to a now-deleted comment from a viewer called Paul she wrote: "Paul – Three suggestions: 1. Add a picture of yourself to your Twitter profile 2. Think about what you Tweet before you write 3. I'll leave you to guess this one."

Earlier this week, Naga's BBC Breakfast co-star Sally Nugent was left flustered in an interview with Vernon Kay when he shut down her question about his ultra ultra marathon, a 115-mile run for Children In Need.

Sally asked: "How on earth do you train for something like this?" But Vernon appeared to mock her as he said: "How do you train for something like this? Well, by running, you just go running.

"I've been doing my finest Forrest Gump impression, lots of miles under the belt, different tempo, I have been doing long runs at a slow pace and short runs at a faster pace, then short and slow and long and fast."

Sally replied: "See! It's more complicated than you said!"

Later in the interview, Vernon apologised to Sally for his earlier comment, saying: "Sorry for being cheeky!"

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