Bachelorette Fans Found a Weird Continuity Error with Blake Moynes' Arrival

Blake Moynes crashed The Bachelorette last night in an attempt to fall in love with his third (3rd) Bachelorette in the space of one (1) year, and fans noticed a weird continuity / editing error with his arrival.

Before Blake came, Katie sat down with host Tayshia Adams, who told her that Blake (though she didn’t name him) had reached out about joining the show and he was waiting to talk with her. But fans noticed that Katie was wearing the exact same outfit during this scene that she wore on her group date with Nick Viall, indicating that Blake actually showed up way earlier than the show would have us think, and that he was simply edited into this week’s episode.

Katie IS wearing the Nick Viall date clothes from LAST WEEK #TheBachelorette #BachelorNation

I think we’re just going to get some of Blake’s scenes out of order. I think it was because last episode was pretty heavy. When Tayshia goes to talk to Katie about Blake, Katie is wearing the same outfit from Nick’s accountability date. It’s not a big deal.

So…like…why? Honestly, it probably just made more narrative sense for an entire episode to be centered around Blake’s arrival rather than to try and squeeze him into last week’s episode. Nick Viall himself hinted at this during an interview with Us Weekly, saying “I think Katie had met him. I don’t know for sure. She had told me about it and it was filmed. They didn’t use it, but it was filmed.” He added that “The stuff that came out on the date with Thomas [Jacobs] and obviously Katie’s story, you want to give that its rightful air and oxygen and its space for Katie to be heard. And I think that was really brave of her. So it doesn’t shock me with all that going on that we’ll see Blake in next episode.”

Honestly makes sense! Now that Blake has been introduced, it seems like the rest of the show should (presumably) be in order, but TBD.

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