'Bachelor' Star Michelle Money Says Her 15-Year-Old Daughter Will Be Taken Out of a Coma in Two Days

Late last night, Bachelor alum Michelle Money shared a tearful but hopeful update on her 15-year-old’s health following a tragic skateboarding accident.

Over the weekend, Michelle’s neighbors found Brielle and called 911 after she suffered an accident, which was sadly made worse because she wasn’t wearing a helmet at the time. Michelle shared a photo of Brielle connected to several machines in the hospital and asked her followers to pray for their family as the teen was put into a medically-induced coma and on life support.

Not long after, Michelle posted a heart-wrenching video on her account, thanking everyone for their support. She also revealed that she was alone in the hospital while Brielle underwent a one-hour surgery to remove fluid from her brain and reduce the pressure. (The hospital currently only allows one parent at a time because of coronavirus.) She added, “I do not think I am capable of leaving her but her dad needs time too. I’m a mess.”

Broken hearted that Brielles dad cannot be in here with me. He has been sitting in his car in the parking lot not knowing what else to do. Only one parent at a time per 24 hour period due to the virus. I do not think I am capable of leaving her but her dad needs time too. I’m a mess. She is doing well. Stable and pushing. This surgery will be very helpful. Thank you for the prayers. We feel them. We see them working. Thank you for the messages. All of them. I see them all. So does Ryan and Mike and our families. I’ll keep updating. #prayforbrie

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The same day, Michelle shared a video of Brielle laughing and learning how to drive and park a car hours before the accident. Michelle captioned the post with a second update letting everyone know Brielle’s surgery went well and that she will be taken off sedatives in two days. When that time comes, they will “see what we find.”

Sending all the love to Michelle, Brielle, and their family during this difficult time and hoping for a successful recovery.

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