After Life’s Ricky Gervais teases new project after Netflix series ending ‘I cannot wait’

After Life: Ricky Gervais discusses his 'favourite ever moment'

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Comedian Ricky Gervais has promised fans he is creating a new sitcom now that season three of After Life has concluded. After the success of shows such as The Office, Extras and Derek, the controversial figure has spoken about his future role with streaming giant Netflix. 

Although Ricky remains tight-lipped about the show’s details, he’s assured fans he won’t be losing weight for his new character because he “can’t be bothered”.

The 60-year-old actor claimed he has no intentions of changing his body shape for a TV opportunity.  

Ricky explained: “I wouldn’t lose weight or put on weight for a role.

“I didn’t change my accent or my hair (for After Life) so I’m not going to change my diet.”

When it comes to the costume department, the Flanimals writer also stated his After Life character Tony would wear the same clothes as Ricky himself.

“Also, I either choose clothes that I can keep after or often I’ll say, ‘I might as well wear this,'” Ricky detailed.

“I can’t be bothered to get changed,” he told The Daily Star.

Before he starts work on a new sitcom, The Office creator intends to hit the road this year and perform for his fans live.

Ricky gushed: “I cannot wait to get a new stand-up out there. I’ve done Super Nature, it’s recorded for Netflix. 

“I recorded it at the London Palladium last November and it’ll go out next Spring.”

Meanwhile, Netflix fans were sent into meltdown when Ricky concluded After Life earlier this year. 

Surprisingly, the showrunner broke his second season rule after the series won over the hearts of the nation, prompting him to write an additional six episodes for the show’s third and final outing. 

Tony’s storyline left on a rather sombre note as he walked off into the distance with an illusion of his late wife Lisa (played by Kerry Godliman) and their dog Brandy before all three vanished. 

Although he previously ruled out another series of the tear-jerking Netflix show, Ricky recently told fans he would “never say never” to another season. 

He revealed: “I am pretty sure it is the final season, 99 percent sure… never say never.”

After Life fans see Lisa speaking to her husband through pre-recorded footage, which would serve as her final goodbye, while other moments are filmed by Tony showing the couple’s loving memories together before she died of cancer.

Co-star and fellow comic Kerry opened up about her close relationship with Ricky and how a lot of the scenes on the show were unscripted.

She detailed: “The scenes where I’m in the hospital talking to the camera, that’s all very scripted and shot properly, on a proper camera and all the rest of it.”

Discussing the scenes she shared with the showrunner, she said: “Some are scripted because they serve the narrative, but a lot of them are just us mucking about!”

Kerry told Heart Radio: “The scenes with Ricky, where Lisa’s still alive and he’s filming her on a phone, they’re very natural, they’re quite playful.”

After Life series 1-3 is available to stream on Netflix 

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