Abigail Spencer Broke Her Wrist While Filming Coronavirus Charity Video, Will Undergo Surgery

Abigail Spencer took a nasty tumble while attempting to perform a back handspring for a coronavirus relief video.

The Timeless star revealed the news Thursday night on Instagram, sharing a photo of herself in bed with one arm held up in a cast.

"So. I broke my wrist yesterday doing a backhand spring in a charity video for Covid relief in my front yard. (True story)," she began. "It was my 'special skill' no one knows I can do. (That was the premise of the video & I used to be a gymnast) Nailed the first one… the second one nailed me. Full crunch fest. It looked like my hand was making a getaway from my arm. I couldn't believe it. Went into major deep breathing and sobbing. And sobbing & breathing. Ambulance came and rushed me to the hospital."

Spencer, 38, said it was "very scary" to go to the hospital alone, especially as she didn't want to take any resources away from coronavirus patients, but that her "wonderful paramedics" reassured her that "it was a true emergency."

"They hated they had to wear masks because they want their patients to see their faces & are adjusting to the new normal," she wrote. "I could feel their caring energy mask et all. They got me through. Friends… It's SO broken. And I'm very lucky. Could be much worse."

"Thank you Linda & Michael & @kristavernoff at #GreysAnatomy for helping my find my incredible ortho. Our healthcare heroes. And @stephanieschuster & @jacobskid for taking care of me," she continued. "I am in tremendous pain. I've never broken anything or gone under or had surgery."

"Alas, 10 am tomorrow surgery commences. My spirits are high. Looking forward to relief and what my dreams will be like," she added. "Thank you to my healing community and outpouring of love from my sweet friends & family. Pain is a teacher. Healing inevitable. This too shall pass. One moment at a time. I'm much stronger than I thought. And just as I was getting antsy in the quarantine… the universe said be still a little longer. Sending love to you all and anyone in pain right now. I feel you. Any & all positive, healing energy vibes & prayers sent my way would be greatly appreciated in the next few days! Be well."

Speaking to HuffPost Australia earlier this month, the former Suits star discussed what she's been up to as she hunkers down at home with her 11-year-old son during the pandemic.

"I'm so lucky I'm so close with my friends," she said. "It's nice to be in regular touch, the Zoom meetings … I actually just before this [interview] had a Zoom birthday dance party for a really good friend of mine, so those are increasing."

"It's an interesting time, it's an important time for all of us to take it seriously and to be at home," she added. "And take this collective pause and do whatever we can to keep each other safe. It feels so collected, like this connected tissue, and yet we're more isolated than ever, and yet I feel we're all having this shared experience of sorts."

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