A Place in the Sun's Laura Hamilton mortified as guests rip into 'soulless, disastrous' villa over major deal breaker

A PLACE in the Sun's Laura Hamilton was left mortified after her guests ripped into a 'soulless, disastrous' villa over a major deal breaker.

Tuesday's edition of the Channel 4 show saw Laura meet Ginny and Tony in Mani Peninsula in Greece.

The couple had a budget of £230,000 but Laura's first property did not impress them at all.

The upside down house had three bedrooms and was 15 minutes from the beach.

As soon as they saw it, the couple wanted to know if it had a pool, and Laura had to disappoint them by revealing it didn't.

Tony asked: “What space belongs to you and what space belongs to the next-door neighbour?”

Laura explained the outdoor spaces were split between the property and the neighbouring house, but Tony continued: "Where would you put a pool?”

Laura said: "There is no pool with this one but…" before Tony butted in to say: "Is there a possibility to put one in?”

The presenter replied that the estate agent had said there was room for a small pool to be put in, but Tony interrupted again to shut down the notion.

After being cut off twice already, Laura hit back: "Well I don't know how big you want it."

Tony replied: "Not just to dip my toes in."

With an uphill battle ahead of her, Laura finally got them inside the property, however, they were still underwhelmed.

Tony said: "Do you want me to be honest? I don’t see myself living here.

“It doesn’t feel like a home. I’m thinking about the winter, not about when the sun’s shining. It just feels a bit soulless to me."

As they left the property, Laura admitted to viewers that her first viewing with the couple had been "disastrous".

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

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