'90 Day Fiancé': Kalani Says Asuelu 'Can't Handle Any Form of Criticism'

On 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, Asuelu Pulaa and Kalani Faagata are trying to make things work despite the stresses that come along with being in quarantine during the coronavirus (COVID-19). Kalani revealed in the last episode before the Tell All that she made him go to his mother’s house, since he was going out and she was worried for the safety of her children during the pandemic.

During the virtual Tell All, Asuelu joins Kalani at the last second, and it’s a shock for everyone. Asuelu reveals that he came back because he missed his kids and his wife. However, Kalani says that she wanted them to come to a decision together of when Asuelu would return home, but he came back on his own anyways.

Things heat up on the Tell All

During the first part of the Tell All, Asuelu takes his microphone off after watching a clip of himself cursing at Kalani. Kalani’s mother, Lisa, and her sister, Kolini, are there to weigh in on the situation. Kolini admits that she doesn’t see them together in the future. Lisa says that if Asuelu doesn’t change, it isn’t going to “last.”

“He can’t stand anything. He doesn’t know how to cope with anything,” Kolini says. She continues, and says, “It’s called a conversation. Not everything has to be combative. It doesn’t have to get into you calling my sister a f****** b****. You don’t have to feel attacked every time someone points something out.”

“She’s f****** annoying,” Asuelu says as he takes off the microphone. “I don’t want to finish.” He acts like he’s going to leave, but Kalani manages to get him to stay.

Asuelu gets up and leaves

In a first look at the second part of the virtual Tell All, Asuelu actually manages to get up and walk away. The host, Shaun Robinson, shows some clips of Kalani crying with her sister, Kolini, over problems with Asuelu. They also show a clip of Kalani admitting that she doesn’t want to be married anymore.

It’s hard for everyone to watch, and Kalani is asked what she was feeling in the moment. “Basically everything that I’m still feeling,” Kalani admits. When asked for some clarification, she replies, “Not really knowing how to feel. Having this person that I care about and having them act one way when they feel like it, and then loving that person when they’re like that, and then having them act other ways that you hate and can’t stand.” She goes on to say that she feels “torn.”

Lisa weighs in as well, saying that no one wants to see their daughter crying.

Kalani says Asuelu ‘can’t handle any form of criticism’

“Obviously there’s an issue with how he’s acting,” Kolini says. “It’s happening right in front of everybody. I don’t understand.”

“I mean especially now,” Lisa says. “He’s just sitting there stoic. Nothing. And it’s just disgusting to me, so, now I’m angry, looking at him giving nothing. I know that this isn’t how she wanted things to be. But it takes more than one person to make something work.”

Suddenly, Asuelu takes off his microphone, and gets up and walks away. Kalani goes after him and tries to find her husband, who has taken his car keys and presumably left the house.

Shaun asks Kalani why she thinks Asuelu got upset when her mother made her last comment. “Um, because he can’t handle any form of criticism,” Kalani explains.

It’s unclear where things go from here. Hopefully, we’ll get some answers in the upcoming episode.

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