5 Cliffhanger-y Questions We Have After 'Dead to Me' Season 2

[There are major spoilers ahead for the end of Dead to Me season 2. Please exit this post if you have not watched the full second season!]

Alright, people. Netflix’s Dead to Me is back for season 2 with more twists, more turns, and even more amazing real estate (I mean, have you SEEN the homes in this show?) And just like last season, the finale left us with plenty of cliffhangers worth discussing. We have no idea if there’s going to be a season 3, but here are the questions that could make excellent plot points if S3 does happen.

Is that cop going to get in trouble for letting Jen off the hook?

There’s no way that saga is over, right? Because eventually someone is going to find out that she let Jen go even though Jen had literally confessed to a murder, and that’s going to be a big problem, I would imagine. It gets even more complicated when you think about the fact that now Steve’s body has been found, which brings us to…

Are Jen and Judy going to get caught now that that hiker stumbled on Steve’s body??

Okay, yeah, so toward the end of the episode we saw a hiker’s dog digging near the tree where Jen and Judy buried Steve. Let’s assume that dog dug up a hand or something, they recovered the body, and that’s where Ben was going when he crashed into Judy and Jen (the booze would maybe imply he got upsetting news, like his brother being officially dead). Now that there’s a body involved, are Jen and Judy going to get caught for what they did? The evidence is hard to ignore.

Will Judy and Jen ever figure out it was Steve’s brother Ben who hit them?

Because he obviously drove away really quickly to avoid whatever trouble he would have gotten in for drinking and driving. Thankfully, both Jen and Judy survived, but Ben didn’t know that was the case when he took off. Looks like that’s one more crime to cover up!

Is Judy’s mom going to get out of prison and make her like miserable?

It seems like the plot line with Judy’s mom was used in this season to explain more about who Judy is and why she is the way that she is, but it also would be weird to totally drop that storyline for season 3 (if there is one). I’m making a totally random prediction that Judy’s mom will get out of prison in the next season and make Judy’s life a living hell. Wouldn’t that be fun!?

What’s Charlie going to do now that he’s read the letters?

It’s safe to assume he knows everything his mom wrote in the letters, which means he knows his mom killed a dude and she was about to turn herself into the police. That’s a pretty crazy thing to learn about your own mother. Will that drive him to rebel, or finally stop messing around?

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