20 TV Characters We'd Hate to Be Quarantined With, Ranked

Quarantine got you down? Well, at least you aren’t cooped up with Sheldon Cooper for the next couple of weeks, right?

There are plenty of reasons to count our blessings — and yes, that includes being able to social distance ourselves from The Big Bang Theory‘s resident (and yes, fictional!) narcissist. In fact, there are many TV characters we’re thankful to not be shacked up with… 20, to be exact.

Since each of these characters has his or her own unique brand of irksome qualities, it was tough to rank them from mildly tolerable to completely exasperating… but we did it anyway! This list has it all from prattling Minnesotans (The Golden Girls‘ Rose Nylund) to the hygienically challenged (#SorryNotSorry, Broad City‘s Bevers). Also, we’re 100-percent sure that absolutely no one wants to be roughing it with Hannibal Lecter. Ever. (Lest they wind up eyeballed like Seinfeld‘s golden, buttered Kramer.)

To be clear: We aren’t saying these characters are unlikable or devoid of any value (although some of them are!). Poor Screech from Saved by the Bell wouldn’t hurt a fly; we’d just need to indulge his oddities in very small doses.

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