10 huge Coronation Street spoilers for next week including Simon Barlow's drugs horror as he puts brother Sam in danger

SIMON Barlow puts his brother Sam in danger when he leaves him with drugs while kidnapping a teenager with Jacob next week in Coronation Street. 

Here’s the lowdown from the cobbles…

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1. Leanne books a psychic 

Leanne explains that she has booked a psychic to come round.

Toyah is worried and tells her she’ll stay and hear what he has to say.

When Jeremy the psychic arrives and makes out he’s in contact with Leanne’s dead son, Toyah is heartbroken to see how desperate her sister has become. 

2. Leanne breaks down 

When the psychic passes on a message from Oliver saying he forgives her, Leanne breaks down and Toyah comforts her. 

But eventually, Leanne realises she’s being scammed and throws Jeremy out.

3. Eileen ruins Ted’s funeral 

When Tim and Steve lock horns over who should drive the hearse at Ted’s funeral, George hands over the reins to Tim.

But as the day of the funeral arrives, Steve winds Tim up about driving the hearse.

Tim gets cold feet and admits he can’t do it. 

Eileen is forced to leap into the hearse and drive it herself. 

4. George dumps Eileen 

Later, following a disastrous funeral, George tells Eileen that she publicly humiliated him and that he wants nothing more to do with her. 

Eileen later insists that messing up the funeral was unintentional, but George makes clear he’s got no time for her. 

Meanwhile, Gail swans into the cafe and sweeps George off to the library to do some more research on their family tree. 

Eileen mocks Gail and her family tree as she leaves the cafe, leading Gail to turn around and start a furious row with her enemy.

5. Alya makes a terrifying discovery 

Yasmeen is shocked to come across a stack of unopened final demand letters at Speed Daal.

Later, viewers will see Alya open the pile of final demands and realise that Yasmeen’s financial problems are worse than she could have imagined. 

Alya tells Yasmeen she’s made an appointment at the bank tomorrow and urges her to explain that Geoff forced her into taking out the debts.

6. Tim gets a shock 

Tim receives a call from Geoff’s solicitor and is shocked to learn that he owns half of Yasmeen’s house a quarter of Speed Daal.

Will he give it back?

Meanwhile, the bank manager explains that because Yasmeen signed the loan agreements, they’re her responsibility. 

7. Carla’s ex Lucas returns 

Carla’s ex Lucas turns up at the factory next week, insisting it’s purely for business. 

But later in the week, Peter approaches Carla and Lucas discussing their next strategy and is horrified by what he sees.

Carla heads home to find Peter wallowing in self-pity and is baffled. 

8. Dev goes overboard 

Asha is mortified next week when Dev goes over the top as he welcomes Nina into their home. 

Later in the week, Dev and Mary organise a vegan dinner party and get a film for the pair to watch, leaving Asha embarrassed. 

Nina, however, is touched that Dev is making such an effort to welcome her. 

9. Simon is forced to take drugs

Jacob hands Simon a phone and tells him he should sample some of the drugs himself.

But when Toyah spots Simon and Jacob smoking a spliff in Victoria Gardens, she tells Leanne what she’s seen. 

When Leanne is dismissive, Toyah grows concerned. 

10. Simon puts Sam in danger

Later, Sam begs Simon to take him for a bike ride but Jacob pulls up and tells him he’s got an urgent job he needs to do. 

Simon promises he won’t be long and heads off with Sam, but is horrified to realise he’s left his delivery bag behind. 

Jacob tells Simon they’re going to teach a young lad a lesson and stuff him into the car boot. 

Sam watches in horror, before cycling off with Simon’s drugs.

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