10 Coronation Street spoilers for next week including Todd Grimshaw’s evil trick on Paul and Craig's huge discovery

TODD Grimshaw tricks Paul into mocking Billy’s religious robes next week in Coronation Street.

Here’s the lowdown on Todd’s evil scheme as well as everything else that’s happening on the cobbles next week…

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1. Peter is attacked

Peter is in for a shocker next week as a thug approaches him in his cab and demands a lift. 

When Peter refuses, the thug beats him up and leaves him covered in blood before stealing his cab. 

2. Peter suffers a relapse

Barry, a passerby, calls the police and hands Peter a hip flask full of whisky.

In agony, Peter can’t resist taking a swig.

3. Abi catches on 

Later in the week, Carla asks Peter to join her at a hotel she’s booked for a conference, but Peter makes an excuse. 

When Barry calls at the pub to check how Peter is doing, Abi is immediately suspicious and later confronts him. 

Peter tells her about the whisky incident but assures her it was a one off.

But Abi isn’t convinced and warns Carla that he needs help. 

4. Peter and Carla drift

Carla sits Peter down for a chat and eventually drags the truth out of him, but he continues to insist everything is fine. 

Later in the week, disaster strikes when Johnny and Jenny find a sozzled Peter in the bar. 

The couple take Peter to hospital, where he wakes to find Carla by his side. 

Peter tells Carla he loves her and doesn’t deserve her, but will she be understanding about his relapse?

Later in the week, Peter continues to spiral and Adam finds him in Victoria Garden clutching an unopened bottle of whisky. 

5. Steve begs Leanne

Noticing that Steve seems distant, Imran warns him that he needs to be fully on board if he and Leanne are going to launch an appeal.

When Steve tells Leanne they need to let Oliver go, Leanne tries her best to persuade him to change his mind.

But Steve continues to beg Leanne to drop the appeal. 

Will she listen or remain in denial?

6. Todd schemes

When Todd notices that Paul is knackered after a night working on the helpline, he spots an opportunity to cause trouble.

Later, Todd swaps the delivery boxes meant for the hospital and gets Paul fired. 

Later, Sarah offers Paul his job back and tells him he’s got Todd to thank for sticking up for him. 

With Billy working late, Todd invites himself and Sean round, plying Paul with alcohol and encouraging him to try on Billy’s religious robes. 

Todd can hardly hide his joy when Billy returns home to the sight of Paul dancing around in his robes.

7. Sean warns Todd

Later in the week, Todd takes the opportunity to mock Sean’s new business venture. 

But Sean warns Todd that he knows what he’s up to, and warns him to stop driving a wedge between Billy and Paul. 

But will Todd listen?

8. Craig makes a shock discovery 

Ray asks Craig’s advice on stepping up security at the bistro.

But when the hotelier is late to their meeting, he’s shocked to walk in on Craig studying the plans for the redevelopment of the street in Ray’s office.

A suspicious Craig later heads to find Gary and quizzes him about the building project.

9. Craig gets Sally involved

Gary runs straight to Ray and tells him about his conversation with Craig, leading Ray to tell him he’ll put in a good word about him with the Chief Inspector if he keeps quiet about the building plans. 

But Craig won't stop there and later asks Sally if there are any local development plans. 

Has Craig just got Sally involved in a dangerous situation? 

10. Ray blackmails Craig

Meanwhile, Ray gives Faye the role of trainee manager across his entire hotel and restaurant chain, before telling Craig if he blabs about his plans then Faye will lose her job.

Will Craig choose to destroy Ray?

Or will he put Faye first and turn a blind eye?

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