The real reason Bindi Irwin’s wedding was ruined

Fans of Bindi Irwin have watched the young wildlife conservationist grow up on television, so it was only logical that the former Jungle Girl and husband Chandler Powell would want to share their wedding day with the Crikey! It’s the Irwins audience. However, more than two months after the pair exchanged vows, Bindi posted her favorite photograph from that special day on Instagram and revealed that, despite their happy ending, the event was not what she’d dream of her whole life.

“This isn’t the fairytale image capturing the ‘perfect’ wedding day feeling. In fact, it’s quite the opposite,” Bindi wrote. “This picture was taken after we had to change our entire wedding.” Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Bindi and Powell initially decided against guests “for everyone’s health and safety,” but Australia’s sudden lockdown measures also forced the couple to change their wedding date “the night before we got married.” Still, they “were determined to let love win.”

Yet, while local businesses helped Bindi and Powell bring their vision to life, the couple had to alter their plans once again when some uninvited guests arrived. “On our wedding day we were finally about to get married and the paparazzi flew over us in a helicopter scaring our wildlife,” she added. “We had to leave our stunning wedding venue on the African Savannah for their safety. I said goodbye to the place I had dreamed of getting married for so many years.”

Bindi and Powell, however, were determined to wed.

Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell 'watched love win' on their wedding day

As the helicopters began to swarm the airspace above the Australia Zoo, Bindi Irwin knew they couldn’t get married among the beloved animals as expected. “We had to entirely shift our wedding ceremony as we were about to get married,” Bindi told Entertainment Tonight in May 2020. “And I remember I was in my wedding dress and we found this beautiful, old — it’s like a barn where we filmed Crocodile Hunter and Bindi the Jungle Girl — and I went, ‘This is gonna work!'”

After that, the zoo’s crew helped them move inside. Bindi explained via Instagram, “I watched love win. I was there in my wedding dress, husband-to-be by my side, moving tables and flowers and trying to make our day finally become a reality… Sure, things weren’t perfect but that’s life. Life is messy and beautiful and meant to be felt. We were overcoming great obstacles to prove that unconditional love is the most important foundation.” While she admitted the wedding wasn’t quite what they planned, Bindi deemed it an “extraordinary starting point” for their marriage to “bloom.”

“We didn’t have any of the fancy frills or anything. And it’s great if you do when you get married,” Bindi told ET, “but for us it was about being together no matter what happened.” It’s clear that, together, these two can overcome any unforeseen obstacle that comes their way!

Chandler Powell's 'calming presence' soothed Bindi Irwin's 'crazy' nerves

Despite months of preparation, Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell’s wedding day wasn’t anything like what they’d planned. But, as Bindi told Entertainment Tonight, Powell’s “calming presence” soothed her when she felt like she was “going crazy” amid the chaos. It was at that moment that the photographer took the picture that Bindi posted on Instagram.

“At one point I sat on a chair in the corner doing my best not to think about how overwhelming things seemed. I missed the people who couldn’t be there, my dad, Chandler’s family, our dear friends, my family,” she recalled. “Chandler stopped what he was doing and sat next to me. I asked him to list me happy things. He proceeded to remind me that love ALWAYS wins.”

Bindi told ET she appreciates the photo, since it doesn’t even look like a wedding. “I love that so much because sometimes it is so hard to find happiness, and that’s why we have to have people who love us and support us around always,” she said. “During the hardest times in your life, those are the people that are gonna lift you up and remind you that the meaning of life is unconditional love.”

Bindi added that, although their nuptials were “the opposite of a normal,” it was their “perfect” day and “that’s the reality of life.” They’re right — love won that day.

Bindi Irwin kept her last name to honor her father Steve Irwin's memory

While it’s customary for brides to adopt the grooms’ last name after they say “I do,” Bindi Irwin chose to keep her notable moniker to honor her father, the late Steve Irwin.

“I think that for me personally, after dad [Steve] passed away it was really important for me to feel close to him, and having his last name means so much to me,” Bindi told Entertainment Tonight. Her husband Chandler Powell explained that, although they discussed her potential name change, both agreed she’s “an Irwin through and through” at the end of the day. “It has become a part of me. Everyone has their own ideas, but the nice thing is that it’s 2020 now, anything works!”

And while Bindi hinted that Powell could assume her surname, as he’s “become an Irwin now,” he’s just thankful that the Crocodile Hunter essentially brought them together. After all, Powell grew up watching Steve’s wildlife documentaries in his khakis at only 4 years old.

“[It] made me really fall in love with all forms of wildlife,” he told ET. “So in a way, he brought us together because when I came to Australia after watching his documentaries, I wanted to come visit Australia Zoo and that was when we met… if it weren’t for him, I don’t know how we would have met.” A love story for the ages!

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The Number One Thing You Can Do For Your Sex Life While Social Distancing

The public conversation about sex during the COVID-19 pandemic has been… kind of awesome. People are talking openly about solo sex. Everyone is “horny on main.” City governments are discouraging rimming, but only because the virus has been found in feces, not because they’re anti-rimming. They’re also encouraging people to masturbate. But one thing we do not hear a lot about? Getting tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) while social distancing.

“In theory, if everyone were to practice social distancing, get tested and treated, then you could make a huge dent in the number of STIs, perhaps even come close to eliminating them,” Dr. Ina Park, MD, associate professor at the UCSF School of Medicine, and the co-author of the forthcoming 2020 CDC STI Treatment Guidelines, tells Bustle.

Eliminating STIs — can you imagine? It’s a future that every sex educator dreams of — and that any sexually active person can work toward. Taking some of the physical “danger” out of sex would be an amazing step toward widespread sex-positivity. (And a better sex life for everyone, all around.)

Getting tested is an excellent self-care step for any individual, but especially for people with vulvas, vaginas, and uteruses. That’s because while many STIs don’t show symptoms, they can still cause serious long-term health problems, including infertility in people with uteruses if they’re left untreated. (STIs don’t lead to infertility in people with penises, however.)

“Getting tested and treated for STIs benefits people on an individual level, because it eradicates infections before they can cause complications such as pelvic inflammatory disease and infertility,” Dr. Park says. “Even if someone isn’t planning on having sex in the near future, getting tested and knowing your status means that you are ready to get out there when the time is right.”

But how do you get tested when you’re not really supposed to go to the doctor’s office unless it’s an emergency? Or maybe your doctor’s office or local sexual health clinic isn’t even offering STI testing right now? As with so many other aspects of this pandemic, the internet is here to help.

While getting tested used to require a trip to the gynecologist and a visit with the friendly duck (my favorite term for the speculum), you can now do it yourself in the comfort of your own home. One company that offers at-home STI testing is Nurx. Their system is simple, comprehensive, and likely covered, at least in part by your insurance. Their practitioners walk you through everything you need to do and also let you text with their health care providers for up to a full year after you get tested.

For people who decide to take their health into their own hands while they’re social distancing, Dr. Park recommends getting treatment — even if you’re not showing symptoms.

“Even asymptomatic infections can lead to complications,” Dr. Park says. “Many STI clinics and family planning clinics such as Planned Parenthood are offering some limited services, including treatment of people who have positive test results.”

Dr. Park also says that urgent care and the emergency room are both options, but should be used “as a last resort,” so as to preserve those resources for people with coronavirus or other emergencies. And if you do an online test, the company you choose to go with will guide you through your next steps for treatment.

So, why not add STI testing to your social distancing activity checklist? It’s easy, affordable, and it will ensure you are ready when the time comes to get back out there again.


Dr. Ina Park, MD, UCSF School of Medicine, co-author of the forthcoming 2020 CDC STI Treatment Guidelines

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'The Bachelor': Kelley Flanagan Edited Her 'Black Lives Matter' Statement After Getting Slammed by Fans

From coronavirus (COVID-19) to the death of George Floyd, America continues to be embroiled in tragedy. And many U.S. citizens are calling for action. Protests are being staged nationwide as a call for justice for Floyd, and a number of celebrities are also offering their money, support, and social media platforms to educate their followers on the issues of systemic racism in the country.

Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan are a seriously controversial Bachelor Nation couple. Weber created a “Black Lives Matter” post in solidarity with the protests — but Flanagan waited to create a post. Not only that, but her post included some opinions about looting that didn’t sit well with her followers, so she edited the post. Here’s what she said.

Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber caused controversy with their relationship

Weber and Flanagan turned the Bachelor world upside down when they announced they were dating. Weber finished his season with a broken engagement to Hannah Ann Sluss. Then, on the reunion episode, he seemed to rekindle his flame with Madison Prewett — but that didn’t work out either. Then, just weeks later, it seemed he and Flanagan were seeing each other despite him eliminating her on the show.

So, how did these two reconnect? Weber said he ran into Flanagan in February 2020 during the Super Bowl and again in Los Angeles. After that, it seems the rest is history, as they rekindled the romance they had on-screen. Fans then noticed they appeared to be quarantining together during the coronavirus scare, and they finally made their relationship official via Instagram.

Weber added a ‘Black Lives Matter’ statement to his Instagram

RELATED: ‘Bachelor’ Fans Slam Peter Weber for ‘Tone Deaf Message’ on Instagram

Weber’s been adding plenty of content about Flanagan to his Instagram. But it seems he’s trying to use his fame and social media platforms for the better, as he’s now showing his support for the “Black Lives Matter” movement after Floyd’s death.

“In today’s day and age, it is so sad that racism is still an issue. What happened to George Floyd is unacceptable and anyone that was involved in taking his life needs to be held accountable. We need to do better,” he captioned his Instagram post. “I believe the best way we can honor George Floyd’s memory is through peaceful protesting to help create the change we need. I pray we can all come together in a trying time like this and not become more divided.”

It seems many other Bachelor Nation stars are in support of Weber’s post, too. Nick Viall commented back with a heart emoji, as did Demi Burnett’s ex, Kristian Haggerty. And Flanagan also posted a series of hearts.

Fans slammed Flanagan for her now-edited post

View this post on Instagram

Get over here and give me a 💋

A post shared by Kelley Flanagan (@kelleyflanagan) on

Floyd died on May 25, and on May 28, Flanagan added a cute photo of her and Weber jet skiing. A follower commented, “what is your stance on #georgefloyd ? I seem to have missed the part where you used your privilege and platform to do the right thing and advocate to your followers about the RACIST and UNJUST things going on in this county.”

Flanagan acknowledged the criticism and explained why she waited to share her stance. She replied, “coming soon. Trying to figure out a way to word it best.”

It seems she delivered on her promise. Shortly after Weber’s statement, Flanagan shared a photo of hands holding signs with Floyd on them — but her caption missed the mark. She seemed to share some anti-looting sentiments, but after she was called out, she edited the post.

“Happy to know that you’re willing to learn,” a follower commented. “While looting is sad and i feel for the small biz owners, property and items can be replaced. Black lives cannot.”

To that, Flanagan responded, “thank you. I edited out the looting part because I hear your voices and understand your positions. In a perfect world, i am a proponent for peaceful protest, but I also understand it is not my position to say how a race that has faced such discrimination should grieve.”

We’re glad Flanagan is learning and attempting to use her platform to help black lives during this time.

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The Entertainer set to reopen 148 stores in England on June 15

THE Entertainer is set to reopen 148 stores in England on June 15.

The toy retailer will have social distancing measures in place, as well as a new fast-track service to help reduce the number of shoppers inside stores at one time. 

The new “ready in ten” service will allow shoppers to place orders on their mobile phone, which can then be collected in ten minutes.

If shoppers already know what they want to buy, they’ll also be able to tell staff at the front of stores, who will then fast track them to payment areas. 

The Entertainer has run an online-only service during the coronavirus lockdown.

The retailer initially offered delivery only for online orders, but then introduced a zero-contact click and collect service at 128 shops.

What shops can open from June 15?

BORIS Johnson has confirmed that from June 15, non-essential shops including charity and betting shops can reopen.

Here is the full-list of stores that will be allowed to reopen from mid-June:

  • Fashion shops
  • Charity shops
  • Betting shops and arcades
  • Tailors, dress fitters and fashion designers
  • Auction houses
  • Antique stores
  • Retail art galleries
  • Photography studios
  • Gift shops and retail spaces in theatres, museums, libraries, heritage sites and tourism sites
  • Mobile phone stores
  • Craft fairs
  • Similar types of retail

Stores that have reopened:

  • Hardware and homeware stores
  • Garden centres
  • Car dealerships
  • Indoor and outdoor markets

Shops that have been allowed to stay open during lockdown:

  • Supermarkets
  • Pharmacies
  • Takeaways and food deliveries
  • Health shops
  • Medical services – eg, dentists
  • Vets
  • Newsagents
  • Pet shops
  • Hardware stores
  • Retail shops in hospitals
  • Petrol stations
  • Bicycle shops
  • Laundrettes and dry cleaners
  • Undertakers
  • Banks, building societies
  • Short-term loan providers, credit unions and cash points
  • Storage and distribution centres
  • Post Offices
  • Car rental services and car parks near vital services such as supermarkets
  • Public toilets
  • Car garages and repair shops
  • Food banks and shelters

It closed all stores on March 23, in line with government restrictions for non-essential retailers.

The go-ahead for stores to reopen follows the government easing its lockdown restrictions, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirming all non-essential retail can reopen on June 15.

However, this is only if the government is satisfied that the UK is still meeting the five tests needed to ease lockdown measures.

This includes the rate of coronavirus infection decreasing to manageable levels and the NHS having the capacity to provide critical care.

The Entertainer told The Sun that opening dates for stores in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are yet to be confirmed.

This is due to these countries having different coronavirus restrictions in place, compared to England.

The Entertainer is advising customers to keep an eye on its online store finder tool to see the latest information on store reopenings.

The Entertainer has 173 stores in the UK.

Car showrooms and outdoor markets were allowed to reopen from today, June 1.

Meanwhile, thousands of Ikea shoppers faced three-hour queues as it reopened 19 stores.

All other establishments, including pubs, hairdressers and restaurants, won't be allowed to reopen until July "at the earliest".

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The Palace Published Photos of How the Queen Is Spending Quarantine

The Queen has been in self-isolation at Windsor Castle for weeks, and despite being cut off from her family and unable to perform her typical schedule of public engagements, it looks like she’s staying fit and active.

The Palace released recently snapped photos of the Queen in quarantine, where she appears to be happily riding a horse. As a reminder, Her Majesty is 94.

A source had previously told Vanity Fair royal reporter Katie Nicholl that the Queen was in “excellent spirits” and “making the most” of her time in lockdown. “One of the nicest things for the Queen is that she is getting to spend more time with her husband than she usually would,” the source said. “They have dinner together in the evenings and I imagine the Queen is of the generation where she dresses for dinner. She is riding out every day and is making the most of this time.”

Apparently, Her Majesty is surrounded by a skeleton staff who rotate three-week shifts and are frequently tested for the coronavirus. A source tells The Sun that “No chances can be taken with the Queen and the Duke’s health, so it’s totally understandable. But the fact this move has been taken indicates there will be no change soon. The Queen will clearly be in lockdown for many months. It’s hard to see when it will be deemed safe for her to venture out again.”

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National Treasures: The birth of the Scotland national team

Archie Gemmill against the Dutch in Argentina 1978. Opening the 1998 World Cup against Brazil in Paris. James McFadden’s 40-yard wonder goal in the same city nine years on. Leigh Griffiths’ free-kick double to wound England a decade later.

As we stand in the 21st century, these are just a small sample of moments that flood the memory across all living generations of Scotland fans when they reminisce about their national side.

But how did it all start to enable the world’s second-oldest footballing nation to create these iconic moments? In the first part of our National Treasures series throughout June, we take a look at the flickering spark that ignited Scotland’s obsession with the beautiful game…

First footing

It all began almost 150 years ago when Scotland contested in their first official international against England.

Although there were several unofficial encounters between the nations from 1870, the match on 30 November 1872 is officially registered by world governing body Fifa as the first football game to be contested by two countries.

During this period, it was unusual for national teams to travel for games. That meant in the ‘unofficial’ matches that took place in London before 1872, a number of English players represented Scotland, despite Scottish players being invited to play.

There was ill feeling north of the border that the Scotland side did not have enough homegrown players. This led to then FA general secretary Charles Alcock writing a public letter in Glasgow and Edinburgh newspapers offering an official match between 11 Scotsmen and 11 Englishmen.

With Scotland yet to form a football association at this point, the offer was accepted by Queen’s Park – the nation’s leading and oldest club at that stage.

With a location and date to be arranged, captain Robert Gardner and David Wotherspoon of Queen’s Park met Alcock in London to finalise the details while competing in the English FA Cup.

Twelve months earlier, the first international rugby match had been contested by the same two nations at a cricket ground, and football followed the same path as 4,000 spectators watched a 0-0 draw at the West of Scotland Cricket Ground in Partick, Glasgow.

As captain, not only did Gardner lead Scotland on the pitch, but also off it. At a time when managers were largely non-existent, he was tasked with selecting the team to face England.

He would pick a starting line-up consisting of only Queen’s Park players who would take to the pitch in navy blue, the same colour the Glasgow club sported at that time. And it is for that reason Scotland wear the same colours to this day.

Home championships & global pioneers

March the following year saw the creation of both the Scottish Football Association and the Scottish Cup, making it the second oldest cup competition in world football, as association football quickly became the most popular sport in the country.

The next international to take place between Scotland and England was in the same month, the visitors losing 4-2 in London. The fixture would become an annual event after that, and it was in 1874 that the Scots claimed their first win, triumphing 2-1 in Glasgow.

As the game continued to grow, Scotland would enjoy a successful period in the late 1870s, claiming three consecutive victories over the Auld Enemy, including a 7-2 thrashing in 1878 that stood as England’s record defeat until 1954.

Media playback is not supported on this device

In the following years, friendlies against Wales and Ireland were introduced, before the formation of the British Home Championship in 1883, adding a competitive edge to the games and heightening the rivalry.

Because of complications with travelling, Scotland only competed against the other home nations in the early years. However, they would go on to make themselves a force, losing just two of their first 43 international matches.

This dominance would propel Scotland to four of the first five British Home Championship titles, sharing two of them with England as joint winners.

With the game progressing out of the 19th Century, gradually becoming more like the game we recognise today, Scotland would be at the front of the pack spearheading a global movement in the sport as a pioneer with the rest of the home nations.

A national obsession was born.

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Ex On The Beach’s Melissa Reeves reveals she and Danny Simpson’s baby battled sepsis during terrifying labour – The Sun

EX On The Beach's Melissa Reeves has revealed her nightmare labour after she and Danny Simpson's baby battled sepsis.

Melissa, 26, said the birth of their daughter last week was "complete torture and hell" and she was hospitalised for five days.

Melissa was sent for a cesarean section after three days, but says she fell ill soon after her daughter's arrival.

She shared an update with fans on Instagram after recovering from the deadly infection and explained: "Lots of people have messaged asking why my baby & I had to stay in hospital for 5 days.

"So I've done a YouTube video just talking about my labour and explaining why we had to stay in the hospital. The link is in my bio."

She went on to recount her terrifying labour in a YouTube video, telling fans she struggled to dilate to 2cm for the majority of the time that she was in hospital.

She told viewers: "I was so scared but as soon as I heard that baby cry it was like everything just went away. I wasn't scared anymore. Nothing mattered. And they pulled out the little curtain in front of me and I got to see the baby for the first time.

"It was so surreal that I forgot that I was just lying on a theatre table with my belly open. Nothing mattered. The pain I'd been going through for the past three days didn't matter. The love I felt was overwhelming."

However, after her baby was delivered safely, doctors discovered both mum and baby had a temperature and she began to feel faint.

She went on: "I was 39.6 degrees celsius. Baby had a temperature. I was going a bit faint. It turned out there was an infection in my womb."

Melissa and her daughter were treated with antibiotics and their infection rates finally went down, before they were allowed to go home.

What is sepsis?

Sepsis (also known as blood poisoning) is the immune system’s overreaction to an infection or injury.

Normally our immune system fights infection – but sometimes, for reasons we don’t yet understand, it attacks our body’s own organs and tissues.

Most often the culprit is an infection we all recognise – pneumonia, urinary infections (UTIs), skin infections, including cellulitis, and infections in the stomach, for example appendicitis.

If not treated immediately, sepsis can result in organ failure and death – yet with early diagnosis, it can be treated with antibiotics.

Sepsis can initially look like flu, gastroenteritis or a chest infection.

There is no one sign, and symptoms present differently between adults and children.

If you, a loved one, or in the case of medical professionals their patient, feels "severely sick", doesn't appear to be themselves and shows any of the following symptoms, sepsis should be suspected:

  1. Weakness
  2. Loss of appetite
  3. Fever and chills
  4. Thirst
  5. Difficult or rapid breathing
  6. Rapid heart rate
  7. Low blood pressure
  8. Low urine output

If a person is suffering these symptoms and they are thought to have suffered an infection – pneumonia, abdominal infection, urinary infection, or a wound – sepsis is a likely cause.

Source: The UK Sepsis Trust

She said her relief at hearing her baby cry made up for her painful labour.

She added: "They took baby away and gave baby some antibiotics. They gave me some antibiotics. We were treated for sepsis. That's why we were in hospital for 5 days."

Melissa, who had a brief romance with the former Premier League winner Danny, 33, revealed she had given birth last week.

She told fans on Instagram: "24/05/2020 My world changed forever 💞 my baby girl arrived right on her due date 💗 words can’t describe how in love with this little angel I am. I feel so happy and blessed. 👶🏼 🍼"

"I was in labour for 3 days, then we had to opt for a C section because it turns out she is one big baby, she’s 8lb 11!!"

It comes after she revealed in March that she was pregnant with Danny's daughter.

Danny, who won the Premier League title with Leicester City in 2016, paid for a lavish baby shower at Liverpool’s upmarket Hope Street hotel.

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Bradley Walsh: The Chase star takes huge swipe at rival show ‘Never seen it’

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ITV show The Chase sees contestants put through their paces against one of the five Chasers in a bid to win the prize pot. Tonight, viewers saw a celebrity version of the popular quiz show air, with host Bradley Walsh making a surprising dig at The Great British Bake Off, telling the audience: “I’d rather eat my own feet,” and he had never seen the show. 

The show usually sees Bradley guide members of the public through the show as they hope to outrun The Chaser and take some money home. 

However, the show has a number of celebrity specials and tonight, Anne Hegerty put another batch of stars through their paces.

The line-up included TV presenter Rylan Clark-Neal, comedian Holly Walsh, actor Adam Garcia and singer Carol Dexter. 

First up was Adam, who sailed through to the Final Chase against Anne, before Carol managed to do the same minutes later. 


  • Anne Hegerty: The Chase star corrects fans as they ambush her brother

However, during Adam’s head-to-head, Bradley used the opportunity to quip at Channel 4 hit show – The Great British Bake Off. 

One question asked the actor: “The top weekly performer on ‘The Great British Bake Off’ is given what title?”

The three options were A, Head Baker, B, Star Baker and C, Master Baker. 

Adam admitted he didn’t know the answer and went for Star Baker before Bradley made a dig at the popular baking programme. 

He, like Adam, wasn’t sure which option was correct, adding: “Don’t know, never seen it, I’d rather eat my own feet [than watch it].”

The pair both got the question correct but it didn’t end there as when he asked Anne whether she would ever go on the programme.

The Chaser admitted she wouldn’t, leading Bradley to jibe: “Probably because you’d never see the end product.”

She didn’t react to the comment but agreed: “That is a very fair point,” before they moved onto the next question. 

The Chase’s Bradley Walsh shuts down Anne Hegerty [VIDEO]
The Chase’s Anne Hegerty discusses being ‘overworked’  [ADMISSION]
The Chase’s Bradley Walsh issues warning to player after rule break [VIDEO]

Holly was up third and despite a promising cash builder, she opted for the low offer of £300 but failed to make it through to the Final Chase.

Up last was Rylan, who revealed it was his second time on the show, where he was hoping to have more success than his previous visit. 

Bradley asked the player: “What on earth made you come back? Didn’t you press the wrong button?”

Rylan told the host he still remembered the question he had been knocked out by, adding: “The Vienna Boys Choir is dressed like what? I knew it was sailors!”


  • The Chase viewers confused as Jenny Ryan ‘throws’ game on ITV show

However, the star had pressed the wrong button meaning he was eliminated and today, he was no better after taking the plunge with the £90k high offer.

He was knocked out by Anne and it was up to Adam and Carol to try and win the £9,000 they had accumulated for their chosen charities.

Unfortunately, they were caught with just 20 seconds remaining but were still given £1,000 each to donate after Bradley remarked: “Interestingly, another three pushbacks would put you right in the mix.”

As he turned the attention back to Anne, she concluded: “Yeah I’m always relieved when I’ve caught one, it doesn’t matter how low it is!”

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV. 

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The Sun’s iconic Page 3 will be celebrated in a new Channel 4 documentary to mark its 50th anniversary – The Sun

THE Sun’s Page 3 girls graced Britain’s biggest and best newspaper for decades.

That was until 2015, when the institution was retired.

But to mark 50 years since we first introduced the famous models, Channel 4 is making a documentary about them.

The one-off programme, aptly called Page Three, will feature various glamour girls who made their name in this paper.

I am told the likes of Samantha Fox, Rhian Sugden and others who shot to fame after modelling for us talk about their highs and lows.

It will also look at some of the more well-known faces — such as Katie Price, Kelly Brook, and Geri Halliwell ­— who also showed off their curves in The Sun.

A source said: “Page 3 was an institution.

“Whatever your views on it, it’s something nearly every adult in Britain will be aware of in some way.

“It was seen by many as hugely empowering, particularly the women who actually were models and knew the role best.

“So what better subject is there to base a documentary on than such a well-known phenomenon?”

Becky Cadman, who is the commissioning editor for Channel 4, said: “Page 3 was about a lot more than just naked breasts.

“Whether you’re of the opinion it objectifies and exploits women or think it’s a woman’s prerogative to go topless in a tabloid newspaper, it’s fascinating to hear first-hand from so many who’ve been there.

“Sharing their emotional testimony about the money, fame, affairs and undercover stings, this documentary charts the rise and fall of some of the biggest names in Page 3.”

Braced for toxic tales

HERE are the first pictures from eagerly awaited new drama The Salisbury Poisonings.

The BBC1 thriller, based on the city’s Novichok attacks in 2018, will be shown over three nights starting on June 14.

It reveals the agony endured by innocent people from the Russian nerve agent.

Starring Anne-Marie Duff, Rafe Spall and Myanna Buring, it starts with the attempted killing of ex-Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia.

It then chronicles how the toxin spread to other people in the area, including Dawn Sturgess, partner Charlie Rowley and Det Sgt Nick Bailey.

Writer Declan Lawn said it was an inspiring tale of how ordinary people can overcome a deadly health threat.

He added: “There was an untold human story that should be told.

“As soon as we started researching it, we found incredible stories that no one had heard, about the response to what happened there.

“About the ordinary public servants and civil servants who did this extraordinary job in keeping people safe and saving many, many lives.”

This sounds harrowing – but it might also be the morale boost Britain needs right now.

Must watch

WHAT? Long Lost Family: Born Without Trace, ITV, 9pm.

WHY? Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell front this two-part special helping people abandoned as babies to uncover their family background.

Gaz jab at Piers

DAYS after having a Twitter spat with a BBC colleague, Gary Lineker is indulging in yet more fighting talk.

The Match Of The Day host said he would easily thrash Good Morning Britain’s Piers Morgan in a punch-up.

He boasted: “I’m not a very good fighter but I’d definitely have him.”

It comes after Gary last week took to Twitter to accuse PM Boris Johnson of telling lies.

That led to BBC newsreader Simon McCoy claiming Gary was breaching the Beeb’s impartiality rules.

Simon later had to admit he was wrong and apologised.

I’m not sure Piers will respond quite so graciously to Gary.


THERE was a mess-up on the debut of Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow on Saturday.

When guests Ore Oduba and wife Portia appeared, the words displayed on screen said they were Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes.

Strictly tables sit well

THE Beeb has come up with another way to make sure Strictly goes ahead – by giving the audience tables to sit at.

Producers have to work out how to keep social distancing if the BBC1 show returns with hosts Claudia Winkleman and Tess Daly this autumn with a crowd.

Instead of the usual huddle of fans packed into rows, they are considering spacing them out around tables.

A TV insider said: “Strictly bosses know a huge part of the atmosphere of the show is the audience.

“Even though the social distancing would mean fewer people in the studio, it’s much better than nothing.

“The idea of the tables is a smart one because it would give the studio the feel of an old-school cabaret club.

“If it proves successful, they may even consider keeping it.”

A BBC spokesman said: “We will continue to review all productions on a case-by- case basis and to follow the latest news and advice from the Foreign Office, World Health Organisation and Public Health England.”

I think it’s a great idea.


FANS of Gogglebox stars Jenny Newby and Lee Riley have called for them to get their own spin-off show now that the current series has ended.

The pair moved in together during lockdown to continue on Gogglebox.

Amanda's Tik shot

BRITAIN’S Got Talent judge Amanda Holden tried to showcase a new talent when she had a stab at TikTok’s sunglasses challenge.

The panellist, who was seen in the last BGT audition rounds on ITV this weekend, joined her daughter in trying to dance some shades off her head and on to her face.

But sadly, Amanda didn’t quite achieve the desired effect.

If only looking incredible in a bikini were classed as a skill in its own right.

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The Chase’s Anne Hegerty drops answer bombshell as she opens up on ITV quiz show

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The Chase star Anne Hegerty joined Lorraine Kelly on Good Morning Britain this week to talk about how she is doing during the lockdown. During their chat, she dropped a huge bombshell about her capabilities as a chaser and opened up about what the tricks of the trade are. 

The Chase is hosted by Bradley Walsh and airs daily on ITV but with the lockdown, shows like this have been unable to film in their usual studios. 

However, slowly but surely shows are finding innovative ways to get their shows out to their fans. 

Lorraine Kelly asked Anne what her lockdown was looking like and she revealed she had been doing a lot of DIY and gardening as the weather has been so nice. 

The conversation quickly moved onto The Chase and Anne revealed what makes the ITV quiz show so special. 


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Lorraine began: “I mean you have gone global, it’s a phenomenal success The Chase, it just really really works.

“It’s this wonderful quiz community, they really are a quizzing community.”

Anne explained: “Yes, I’ve got people into quizzing that haven’t ever considered being involved in quizzing and that’s great fun.

“I mean The Chase is such a good format and Beat the Chaser is such a good format.

“Of course here in the UK, we have Bradley who is absolutely our secret weapon, so yeah it really does seem to do well.”

Lorraine probed: “I imagine at the moment you just have to keep up with everything and you must have this photographic memory because very rarely are you stumped for an answer.”

Anne laughed, as she went on to drop a bombshell about how she comes up with her answers on the show.

 She replied: “Oh I’m stumped for an answer more often than you might think.

“You have no idea how often I am guessing for the right answer.

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“But I have to give the impression that I know absolutely everything when often I don’t.”

The Chase, as they mentioned, really has captured viewers and for those who don’t know, The Chase sees four contestants go up against one of the five chasers. 

The contestants have to get as many questions correct to keep the chaser at bay but also to get as much money as possible to take into the final. 

It has also gone global and the new series of the Australian version has just started filming with strict social distancing rules in place. 


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Anne also explained to Lorraine that she and her fellow chaser Mark Labbett hadn’t actually been able to travel as they weren’t able to secure visas. 

She explained: “I was supposed to go in March and then it didn’t happen. It was suggested that I go next month.

“The thing is, those in Australia can’t get a work visa for me, they can’t get work visas for me or Mark.

“So we’re kind of a little bit stuck at the moment. But again, we’d like to get out there as soon as we can.”

But the show must go on and ITV is currently keeping a close eye on the lockdown guidelines and will be back to filming when it is safe to do so.

The Chase airs on ITV weekdays at 5pm. 

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