'The Last Kingdom': What Do Fans Think of Haesten in Season 4?

Haesten (Jeppe Beck Laursen) is a Dane that plays both sides of the coin in the hit series The Last Kingdom. Fans seem to have strong opinions about him. Read on to learn what fans think of Haesten in season 4. There are spoilers ahead for the new season of The Last Kingdom.

Who is Haesten?

Haesten is a Dane that has been known to be loyal to both theSaxons and the Danes at times. He plays both sides, trying to see who can givehim a better deal. He’s manipulative and only looking out for himself. In season4, Haesten plays the Danesagainst the Saxons when he tells Eardwulf (Jamie Blackley) that Cnut(Magnus Bruun) is leaving for Ireland when in actuality he is going to strikein Mercia and take Aethelred’s (Toby Regbo) lands.

It’s never quite obvious where Haesten’s loyalties really lie, except with himself. He’ll do whatever he needs to get out of tough situations and he’s a good talker at times. He even gives over Cnut’s sons to Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) so he can go free with his family. He gives up Cnut’s secret as well about how he manipulated Aethelwold (Harry McEntire) into killing Young Ragnar (Tobias Santelmann), which ends in Cnut’s death.

What do fans think of Haesten in season 4?

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Fans really seem to enjoy Haesten when he’s on their television screens. Someone recently posted to Reddit explaining how much they enjoy Haesten as a character in the series. He brings comedic relief, even when things are falling apart all around him.

“I know Haesten has a lot of bad qualities and that most people probably don’t like him. But he’s become one of my favorite characters in the show,” a Reddit user wrote.

Fans describe Haesten as a “troll” and one fan says they “loveto hate” him. “Love to hate this guy. Definitely feels like a fitting character,”a fan said about Haesten.

“He’s such a troll and that’s why we love him,” another fanexpressed.

Fans appreciate Jeppe Beck Laursen as Haesten

Fans praise Jeppe Beck Laursen for his portrayal of the one-of-a-kindHaesten. “Haesten has always been one of my favorite characters on the show.Such a scoundrel and so well played by Laursen,” a fan wrote.

One fan thinks Haesten is just “the comedic version ofUhtred.” He’s always onto the next thing and it seems like he’s constantlymoving. “He is the comedic version of Uthred. Another great warrior that istossed around from one place to another by destiny. But is also a troll,” a fanwrote.

Fans are surprised he’s still alive

Some fans are honestly surprised that Haesten is still aliveon the show and that no one has killed him off yet. He’s always betrayingsomeone and it’s hard to believe that he’s still alive at times, but he alwayssomehow comes out unscathed.

“I’m surprised he’s still alive but he is a funny character,”another fan said about Haesten.

Haesten is a very unique character in The Last Kingdom. Fans find him quite funny, but they also recognize him for the scoundrel he is. He definitely brings a lighter side to the brutality in the show and fans look forward to seeing him on-screen.

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'The Last Kingdom': Why Uhtred and Finan's Friendship Is so Important

The Last Kingdom season 4 is finally here and fans couldn’t be more excited. This season has already shown a more intriguing side to Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) and his friendship with Finan (Mark Rowley). Read on to learn why their relationship is so important. There are spoilers ahead for season 4 of The Last Kingdom.

When a main character dies, Finan steps up to keep Uhtred focused

In Uhtred’s attempt to take back Bebbanburg, Father Beocca (Ian Hart) dies and it’s truly a shocking moment for everyone. Uhtred is more than devastated and intent on returning to Bebbanburg to retrieve Beocca’s body, but Finan gets Uhtred to see reason. Beocca is dead and there’s no taking it back now. They can’t return or they’ll be killed.

Finan is there for Uhtred when he’s grieving and needs ashoulder to cry on. Their friendship helps keep Uhtred focused on the next taskat hand. Finan tells Uhtred he didn’t fail Beocca, and they must move on, sincethey can’t stay where they are. Finan gets the men to understand what Uhtred isgoing through and he sticks by his side through the whole ordeal.

Finan makes peace between Uhtred and his son

In season 4, fans get to see Young Uhtred (Finn Elliot), Uhtred’steenaged son. He believeshis father doesn’t want him there, and Finan explains the kind of manUhtred is. He clearly has respect and admiration for his dearest friend and it’sobvious how much they each mean to one another.

“Uhtred is a warrior and a father. It’s his job to save youand he could not, that’s what eats at him,” Finan explains. Young Uhtred saysUhtred has never been a father. “Because of his absence?” Finan inquires. “Do youknow how many battles he’s fought? How many times he’s sworn oaths and riskedhis life for your Christian king at the cost of his own hopes and comfort? Imet your father as a slave and we had nothing. Now you look at what he lacks.Not what he has given to others.”

Finan explains to Uhtred’s son why he should be proud of hisfather and not give up on him just yet. It helps repair their father and sonbond, and that’s because of Finan’s admiration for Uhtred.

Why Uhtred and Finan’s friendship is so important

Uhtred is able to do everything he does because he has Finanby his side. Their friendship is a unique part of the series and one that propelsUhtred to do the right thing in many circumstances. Without one another, whoknows where they’d each be? They bring out the best in each other and seem tobe better together. Over the years, one constant has endured: Uhtred and Finan’sunique and brotherly friendship. It makes the show that much more meaningful towatch.

Where would Uhtred be without Finan or vice versa? It’s apainful thought, but one fans don’t have to think about, at least not yet.Check back for all the latest information on season 4 of The Last Kingdom.

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'The Last Kingdom Season 4: Uhtred Shares a Heart to Heart With His Son

Fans couldn’t be more excited for season 4 of The Last Kingdom to premiere. It drops on Netflix tomorrow, April 26, and many fans are ready to see Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) interact with his children, especially his son, Uhtred (Finn Elliot).

Fans will get to see Uhtred’s children in a different light in season 4

Uhtred’s children by Gisela will have a large role to playin season 4 of The Last Kingdom. The official social media for theseries recently shared images of some all-new members of the cast in the newseason. Uhtred’s children are highlighted as some of the new and fresh faces.

Uhtred’s daughter, Stiorra, played by Ruby Hartley, will bepart of season 4. In the introduction image, she’s hanging out by an open gateand looking so like her mother it’s uncanny. She carries a knife strapped toher dress, possibly ready for anything.

Uhtred shares a moment with his son

Fans also get a look at young Uhtred (Elliot). He wears across and has a scratch under his right eye. In an all-new teaser for theupcoming season, Uhtred speaks to his son, Uhtred and they share a heart toheart.

The scene starts with Uhtred looking at his son in a veryserious way. “I know what it is to be ripped from one life to live another,”Uhtred tells young Uhtred.“And I know it will make you stronger.”

“Perhaps my faith is being tested. Perhaps that’s what itis,” his son replies.

“You see this?” Uhtred asks in regards to the amber stone attachedto his sword. “This was my father’s. One day it will be yours. It is fate.”

Uhtred and his son could come to disagree on things

It’s clear from the promo material that Uhtred’s son is a Christian. This comes into direct conflict with Uhtred’s own beliefs, since he follows what the Danes believe and is considered a pagan. Disagreeing on something so important in that time was a huge deal and it could certainly cause problems between father and son in the future. Can they put their differences aside and be a family? It would be nice to see Uhtred reunite with his children without endless conflict between them.

Although it may be hard for Uhtred to accept, he must find away to bond with his son. It sounds like he’s well on his way to doing justthat if this new teaser is anything to go on. Uhtred deserves some happinessevery now and then, and hopefully he’ll find that with his children in season4.

Fans are more than ready for the all-new season and what itmight bring with it. Many familiar faces are returning, as well as some newfaces to add to the mix. During this time of quarantine and self-isolation, season4 of The Last Kingdom couldn’t be coming at a better time. We’ll keepyou updated on everything to do with season 4 as it happens.

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'The Last Kingdom' Season 4: See Aldhelm (James Northcote) and Finan (Mark Rowley) Stretching After Swinging Swords

Fans are understandably excited for the upcoming season of The Last Kingdom. Season 4 has a release date and there’s a brand-new trailer as well. The official social media accounts have also been sharing all sorts of behind-the-scenes action and fans seem to really appreciate it all.

Season 4 of ‘The Last Kingdom’ has a premiere date

The highly anticipated new season of The Last Kingdomhas a premiere date and it’s coming sooner than fans might expect. Season 4 willpremiere this month on Sunday, April 26. Fans can’t wait to see more from theirfavorite show. The new season can’t get here fast enough for eager viewers.

See Aldhelm and Finan stretching after swinging swords

Since the new season is so close, the official social mediaaccounts are quick to share new content. In one of the newest posts, fans get alook at Aldhelm (James Northcote) and Finan (Mark Rowley) goofing off betweentakes.

Fans will remember that Aldhelm was Aethelred of Mercia’s (Toby Regbo) adviser until switching sides. He chooses to help out Aethelred’s wife instead, who is called the Lady of Mercia (Millie Brady). Finan is a close companion of Uhtred’s. It’s funny to see the two of them together in this new post.

The new image shows Aldhelm and Finan stretching in fullgear. Around them are numerous trailers on set. “It’s important to stretch outafter a long day of sword swinging. #TheLastKingdom,” the post is captioned.

They each have their hands behind their heads and appear tobe stretching. And who can blame them? All that fighting can be tedious. It’salways good to take a break now and then.

Fans react to the behind-the-scenes image

Fans love seeing anything from The Last Kingdomnowadays. It’s nice to see the actors kicking back and relaxing when they can. Over28,000 people liked the quirky image and some fans took the time to commentwith some love.

People are excited about this new season. “My favorite people can’t wait,” a fan commented on Instagram.

Many fans say they “can’t wait” for the upcoming season. “Sopumped!! Can’t wait for season 4,” a fan wrote.

One fan says they finished rewatching all the episodes recently in preparation for season 4. “I finished watching all the episodes again yesterday I don’t wanna wait anymore I need it,” they wrote.

Another fan loves the series so much, they want to spreadits popularity in Canada. “I love this show, I’m considering myself responsibleto spread its popularity to my fellow Canadians,” the fan wrote in thecomments.

Someone else doesn’t want either of them to hurt themselveswith all the effort they’re putting into it. “Don’t hurt yourself with thosebig stretches,” the fan said.

“Yes, must stay healthy to swing a sword another day,”another fan commented.

Fans are loving all the behind-the-scenes images and videosin preparation for season 4 of The Last Kingdom.

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