Five-year-old elephant dies in agony after being shot in Thailand

The death of a gentle giant: Young elephant dies after being shot by a hunter despite two-day battle to save him when he was found badly wounded in Thailand

  • Five-year-old elephant was found suffering multiple gunshot wounds in Thailand 
  • Medics rushed to the animal’s aid, using a hoist to lift him up so that he could eat 
  • Video shows the young male chewing on leaves while medics try to treat him 
  • But a short time later he collapsed and died. An investigation has been launched 

This is the heartbreaking moment a young elephant collapsed and died after being shot multiple times in Thailand. 

The five-year-old wild elephant was found suffering at least five gunshot wounds on the outskirts of Kui Buri National Park, in the south of the country, on May 29. 

Medics tried to save the animal by washing and plugging the wounds, administering antibiotics, then hoisting him up using a winch so he could eat.

A five-year-old elephant collapsed and died in agony despite medic’s attempts to save it after it was found suffering gunshot wounds on farmland in southern Thailand

Police say the elephant had been shot at least five times, probably with a shotgun, and had two piece of metal lodged inside its body – one of which ruptured its large intestine

Video captured the elephant chewing on palm fronds and green bananas while doctors stood around assessing his progress.

But his condition slowly deteriorated and he eventually collapsed, writhing in pain.

Medics were filmed giving him painkillers and inserting drips into his ear to give him antibiotics and food, but they could not save him.

The elephant eventually died on March 31, two days after he was found.

Scans and tests have since shown at least two metal objects lodged in his body, local station INN News reports, one of which ruptured his large intestine.

He was also suffering from parasitic worms which had infected his liver and stomach, causing him to be emaciated.

Medics spent two days treating the animal, disinfecting and plugging its wounds with gauze and using a winch to pull it upright so it could eat (pictured)

Video captured the badly-emaciated animal chewing on palm fronds and green bananas before collapsing from exhaustion

The elephant was found around half a mile outside a national park where the animals are allowed to roam freely.

Police believe the young male – driven by hunger – wandered out of the park and into a jackfruit farm, where he was shot.  

National Park director Pichai Watcharapongpaibul said: ”The elephant was seriously exhausted and could not stand up or move so he was treated at the scene and monitored closely. 

‘Unfortunately he suddenly became weaker and died. 

‘We don’t know how long the bullets had been inside the elephant’s body or what type of gun they came from as an autopsy must be performed.’

He said National Park staff will start an investigation to find the hunter who shot the elephant, which is believed to have been in retribution for damaging farm land.

Medics used IV drips to pump antibiotics and painkillers into the animal’s system in an attempt to save him, but he died after a two-day battle. An investigation has been launched

He added: ‘Initially, we will ask the locals living nearby whether they have seen this elephant before or if anybody was angered by the elephants.’

Hunting wild elephants has been illegal in Thailand since 1992. 

Anyone caught hunting or killing the animals can be fined up to £1,000 or jailed for four years.

There are thought to be 320 Asian elephants living wild in the park, which covers 374 square miles and stretches across the border into neighbouring Myanmar.

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Piers Morgan in furious row with MP Tobias Ellwood on GMB over Government sex ban amid new lockdown rules – The Sun

PIERS Morgan engaged in a furious row with Tory MP Tobias Ellwood over the Government's new lockdown sex ban on today's Good Morning Britain.

The outspoken journalist and his co-star Susanna Reid called the move "a massive state intrusion into people’s private lives."

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It comes a day after the Government rolled out lockdown guidelines that include the clause that completely bans two people from separate households gathering in a private place.

Piers kicked off the clash by asking Mr Ellwood via videolink: "why are you banning sex?"

The politician initially refused to comment, telling Piers he was not aware of the story and urged him to move on.

Refusing to take no for an answer, Piers snapped: "I've just read it to you."

Growing increasingly frustrated, Mr Ellwood sniped it was another example of why his party was boycotting the show.

After being pressed further by the Daily Mail's Andrew Pierce, Mr Ellwood finally admitted that it sounded "ridiculous".

He said: "On the face of it, it does sound ridiculous, but you don't respect the fact that if I've not read into the story…"

Piers shouted: "You've just answered the question that I asked you 10 minutes ago. The reason you didn't want to answer is because you hadn't read the story, which I read to you four times.

"I don't know what more I can do to help you."

The frustrated MP replied: "Piers you want your wow moment."

To which Piers countered: "I would like the programme to be as news-breaking as it can possibly be."

Later in the chat, the pair went toe to toe again after Mr Ellwood quipped it was good to finally speak about something he was meant to when asked about Chinese phone company Huawei.

It irritated Piers, who fumed: "One of the reasons I got so angry with your cabinet ministers was for a lack of preparation. Your fury was another failure of you to prepare."

Mr Ellwood sniped: "You do what you do so well, talk a lot and not allow your guests to reply."

The ill-tempered exchange followed a mini Twitter spat between the pair.

Yesterday Piers tweeted accusing Conservative MPs of avoiding the show.

He wrote: "We can’t get a single Tory MP to come on @GMB tomorrow to defend their Government."

However, Mr Ellwood responded: "Slightly unfair – I agreed to come on @GMB tomorrow and you denied me! Piers – let’s keep it real."

And they began their chat today by bickering about the Bournemouth East MPs booking.

As of yesterday sex in your own home with a person from another household became illegal, but the police aren't able to barge in.

The Government has rolled out new lockdown guidelines which include the clause that completely bans two people from separate households gathering in a private place.

New lockdown rules introduced in the latest amendment to The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) Regulations 2020 bill were presented to parliament yesterday.

It detailed the measures which have eased, such as being able to meet up in groups of six for a BBQ and conditions for elite athletes to return to sport.

Buried in the document is a new regulation which explicitly bans meeting up with anyone from outside your household in your own home.

It reads: "No person may participate in a gathering which takes place in a public or private place indoors, and consists of two or more persons.

"There is a gathering when two or more people are present together in the same place in order to engage in any form of social interaction with each other, or to undertake any other activity with each other."

Brought in to help support the new rules about friends and family having to meet up outside, the clause puts a categorical legal end to lockdown sex with others from outside your home.

Previous regulations did not include the wording about private places as travel restrictions categorically urged people to stay in their homes except for food shopping and exercise.

People caught travelling without a reasonable excuse could be prosecuted, but the wording did not include what happened when you were in another home.

Now both people will technically be able to be prosecuted under the coronavirus regulations as both have committed an offence by having a two person gathering from separate households – in a private place.

Public sex is already illegal for any couples hopeful of a workaround to see their lover.

Bemused Brits have been flooding social media with memes as lockdown changes became law.

Only people with a "reasonable excuse" are allowed to gather in a private place.

People looking for a romp are not included in the guidelines, which covers elite athletes, people attending funerals, vulnerable people and workers.

It also allows people to gather in a private place for childcare, for separated parents to see their children, to provide emergency assistance and to allow someone to avoid harm.

The regulations define a gathering as when "two or more people are present together in the same place in order to engage in any form of social interaction with each other, or to undertake any other activity with each other".

So sadly, sex in your home with a lover you don't live with will for now be illegal in Britain.

However, this afternoon No10 said it was unlikely that Brits will be targeted for their crimes.

Downing Street confirmed that the police do not have the powers to storm into anyone's home – unless they suspect "serious criminal activity" is taking place.

A spokesperson said this lunchtime: "The police will do as they have done since the beginning of the health regulations being in place. They will be exercising their common sense and engaging with the public and only issuing fixed penalty notices when they believe it’s a last resort."

Police forces will be able to use their discretion.

But they won't be able to barge into peoples homes.

"You’re wrong there in the sense that police don’t have powers to enter people’s homes under the regulations," they spokesperson said.

"What they can do is enter homes where they suspect serious criminal activity is taking place under separate and existing laws."

It comes as the country is beginning to ease out of the lockdown which has dominated daily life since March.

Baby steps are being taken as some schools return today after Britain hit its lowest daily death toll since the start of lockdown.

Foreign secretary Dominic Raab has however warned that the lockdown will be tightened again if coronavirus looks set to return.

He said the government will “target [measures] very carefully” to stop an increase in cases as Downing Street bids to get the UK moving again.

His warning came as Brits planned BBQs and garden parties to celebrate the new easing of measures.

Meanwhile, crowds flocked to beaches over the weekend amid concerns that the lockdown is beginning to totally unravel despite the threat from Covid-19.

Under plans to  loosen the draconian measures enforced during the lockdown,  non-essential shops wil  reopen from June 15 as well as restaurants and pubs set to open next month.

Government scientists stand divided over how quickly to lift lockdown restrictions.

Professor Devid Sridhar said that a spike in cases was “inevitable” because restrictions were being lifted too fast.

Mr Raab defended the Government’s decision to ease restrictions, insisting “we can’t stay in lockdown forever”.

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Revellers dance in penned squares at socially distanced outdoor rave

Raving mad? Revellers dance in penned-off squares at socially distanced outdoor rave

  •  People gathered underneath a bridge for a socially distanced rave in Slovakia
  •  They all danced in allocated squares and were required to wear face masks
  •  DJ played electronic music on a booth and there were even pyrotechnics
  • Video, which some are calling the ‘future’ of raving, been viewed 10million times 

A bizarre video has emerged showing people ecstatically dancing at a socially distanced rave in penned-off squares.  

Perhaps a glimpse into the future of raving, the gathering in Slovakia saw revellers busting a move inside their own taped-off allocated spaces to ensure they were keeping a safe distance from each other. 

But the strange conditions of the rave underneath a bridge do not deter the visitors from having a good time as they are seen dancing and enjoying the electronic music. 

Ravers gathered under a bridge in Slovakia in the unique rave wearing masks and standing in taped-off squares

The camera then pans round to the DJ booth, which has a full setup, complete with pyrotechnics rigged up to dazzle the ravers.  

To further fight the spread of coronavirus all the ravers had to wear face masks.  

The video was filmed by Tono Katrencik and has racked up more than 10million views on TikTok.

He said: ‘We decided to have a party for maximum 100 people but they must wear a face mask. 

The rave featured a DJ and full booth and Pyrotechnics were also involved to entertain the people dancing below

‘That’s all legal in Slovakia. These people are all my friends from my village, Oravska Lesna.’

Many commenters were enthralled by the video and praised their ‘great’ idea and coining it the ‘future’ of raving.  

However others pointed out that their safety measures were not completely foolproof, pointing out that if two people are standing close to the same rape they are not standing 1.5metres apart. 

Weallcampshutup also noted: ‘If one stands at a corner and the other persons stands at a corner diagnol to it they are 1 foot away or less.’

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Eight in ten parents not sending kids back to school today, union poll claims

MORE than 80 per cent of parents aren't sending their kids back to school today, one union has claimed.

GMB said that nearly eight in ten of a large survey sent out to their members last week showed 1,300 said they weren't sending children back today.

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Kids in reception, year one and six are back in classrooms today – with their classes capped at 15.

But last week independent scientists warned its too soon to go back – and urged the Government to delay returning for another fortnight.

And some Government scientists have said it's too soon to lift the lockdown measures just yet, while the number of cases remains high.

Boris Johnson has admitted not everyone will be able to come back to the classroom today, and they aren't expected to be.

The news came as:

  • Children could be returning to some classes in the form of summer camps over the holidays to help them catch up
  • Parents won't be fined for now for not sending their kids in – but that could change come September, the Children's Commissioner warned
  • Up to a million kids could be kept off school today as parents choose to keep them home
  • Experts predicted that poorer kids were more likely to stay off school than middle classes.

Karen Leonard, GMB National Officer, said today: "The Government needs to show us the evidence – the public have wised up and demand open and honest transparency.

"School staff, parents, councils and top scientists all agree – opening schools more widely today is a risk too great. .

"We still have thousands of new infections every day in the UK, and the track and trace system is nowhere near ready.

"We all want life to get back to normal as quickly as possible – but it’s not worth putting children and staff at greater risk for the Government to try and get some easy headlines.

"Ministers must immediately publish data on how many pupils and staff have been tested, how PPE is made available, who is funding it and the R rates where schools have opened more widely."

And another study on early years education said that  just over 40 per cent of parents of under-fives say they will send their children back to nursery, preschool or childminders this week.

The poll of more than 6300 care providers was done by the Early Years Alliance.

And a new report from the National Foundation for Educational Research found today that leaders from schools with more kids on free school meals were more likely to see them stay at home.

It means that those who most need to catch up on schooling will be least likely to go back in.

Meanwhile, three quarters of parents have not been able to get the childcare they need to head back to work, another major new poll reveals.

A survey of 12,000 Brits also found 81 per cent are thinking of delaying returning to their jobs full time as they cannot find anyone to look after their children.

Many mums and dads have resorted to taking holiday so they can stay home to take care of their offspring in the lockdown.

But many are running out of holiday, and 80 per cent of those facing problems say their bosses will not let them extend their leave.

Parliament’s Petitions Committee, which carried out the survey, warned that Britain is facing a childcare crisis.


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Calf trapped in mud rescued by tram driver

Calf trapped neck deep in mud is rescued after he was spotted by eagle-eyed tram driver

  • Tram-driver Ryan King spotted the young calf stuck in a muddy pond in Rochdale
  • He rescued the calf by using a towel as a make-shift sling to get it out the pond 
  • The calf was returned to the farmer who owns it who said it was safe and sound 

A tram driver rescued a calf trapped neck-deep in mud after it got stuck in a boggy pond that had turned to mud in the hot weather. 

Ryan King spotted the calf struggling in thick, sticky mud in the pond in Rochdale and knew he might drown. 

The tram driver put a towel under his nose so that it would stay above the surface while he threaded a towel underneath him and used it as a sling to get the calf out. 

A calf that was stuck in a muddy pond in Rochdale was saved by a ‘eagle-eyed’ tram driver with a towel

 The calf was neck-deep in the mud and Ryan was worried he would drown so used a towel as a makeshift sling to get it out

Ryan said: ‘Thankfully he was only little so I could pick him up and carry him out.  

‘Although he was exhausted and filthy, luckily the little calf was OK and the farmer took him back to the farm on the back of his quad bike to clean him up.

‘We later heard from the farmer that he’d had a bath and a bottle of milk and was safe and sound back at home.’

A RSPCA inspector said Ryan was ‘eagle-eyed’ in being able to see the youngster from so far away.       

 The farmer said the calf was ‘safe and sound at home’ after it ‘had a bath and a bottle of milk’

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Man, 48, appears in court charged with murder of woman whose body was found in ‘several pieces’ in a park – The Sun

A MAN has appeared in court charged with the murder of a woman whose body was found in "several pieces" in a park.

Thomas McCann – understood to be victim Yvonne McCann's husband – was held by cops after she was discovered in Reddish Vale Country Park in Stockport on Monday.

The 48-year-old today appeared at Manchester Magistrates' Court charged with murder between May 22 and 25.

McCann, who spoke only to confirm his name, address and date of birth, was remanded in custody to next appear at Manchester Crown Court on Tuesday.

A murder probe was launched after a member of the public discovered Yvonne, aged in her 40s, dead in the beauty spot.

Her body was found in "several parts", according to the MEN.

Friends and family have paid tribute to Yvonne, of nearby Brinnington, on social media sites.

One child posted on Facebook “Miss you mum”.

Another friend wrote “Please say it’s not true Vonnie.”

Police are now appealing for anyone with information to come forward.

Detective Superintendent Neil Jones, of GMP’s Major Incident Team, said: “This is an absolutely devastating incident.

"First and foremost, our thoughts are with the victim’s loved ones and specialist officers will do everything they can to support them.

“Understandably, this news may cause concern within the community but I would like to provide some reassurance by saying that, at this time, we believe that this was an isolated incident.

"Nevertheless, there will be increased patrols in the area in the coming days and I would encourage anyone with concerns to speak to those officers."

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12-year-old girl in Russia dies after swallowing lithium battery

A 12-year-old Russian girl died in agony after accidentally swallowing a tiny lithium watch battery that became embedded in her esophagus, according to a report.

Valeria Makarova, who had been changing the battery in her watch when the accident happened, was told by doctors at a hospital that it would pass naturally and to go home, the UK’s Sun reported.

She soon began coughing up blood and was given an X-ray, but doctors couldn’t spot the battery because it had gotten jammed in her esophagus, according to the news outlet.

Lithium button batteries can cause a lethal chemical reaction as they react with saliva.

“Her death is so painful, all the more because it was a terrible accident,” a family friend said.

“Valeria was changing a button battery in her watch and automatically put it in her mouth. She accidentally swallowed it,” the friend said, according to The Sun. “This is a ridiculous death of a child, who had turned 12 on May 5.”

Authorities have launched a preliminary investigation into the treatment the girl received at hospitals in her hometown of Zhukovka and Bryansk city.

Another friend, Elizaveta Smirnova, posted that Valeria had suffered for several days.

Swallowed button cell and diedSwallowed button cell and diedSwallowed button cell and died

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Bus driver leaves viewers in tears with his message of defiance

Bus driver leaves viewers in tears with his message of defiance as he recites a moving poem he wrote about living through the coronavirus crisis on Britain’s Unsung Heroes

  • Grant, from Manchester, has been working tirelessly amid COVID-19 crisis
  • Bus driver took option to cut down on how often he sees kids due to safety
  • Time spent on his own inspired him to reflect and he penned touching poem 
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Viewers were left in tears after a bus driver recited a touching poem he had written amid the coronavirus pandemic in Britain’s Unsung Heroes. 

In last night’s Channel 4 documentary, bus driver Grant, from Manchester – who made the decision to not see his children as often due to the potential risks – was inspired to reflect on the crisis after spending time on his own.

‘I’ve written a poem and I’ve never had the guts to speak it out loud,’ he explained. ‘On my days off I was trying to write something that I could put down and express a little bit about how I’m feeling.

And it wasn’t long before viewers took to social media to express how they were crying following the emotional moment.

‘#BritainsUnsungHeroes showcasing the best of Britain. The bus drivers poem,’ wrote one, followed by a broken heart emoji, while a second admitted: ‘Grant the bus driver’s poem got me.’ 

Bus driver Grant (pictured), from Manchester, left viewers in tears after he recited a poem he had written amid the coronavirus crisis

Taking to Twitter, one viewer penned: ‘Britain’s Unsung heroes showing casing the best of Britain. The bus driver’s poem,’ followed by a broken heart emoji

A third added: ‘The bus driver not seeing his children, everyone has a part to play if he didn’t drive NHS workers they wouldn’t get to work.’   

The episode, which celebrated stories of key workers, from the likes of teachers and supermarket workers who have helped to keep Britain going, showed Grant shortly before a rare visit to see his children.

‘I’m really excited to see them – I always am,’ he explained. ‘They’re both struggling with it a little bit at the minute. 

‘My little boy can’t understand why he can’t give me a kiss and a cuddle when he used to. He can’t understand why I’m not there as often and why they can’t sleep at mine. It’s hard. I miss my cuddles with them and I miss the old times.’


Ladies and gentleman, the time has come,

To stand united as a kingdom, as one.

Great Britain has changed, literally overnight,

But we’re British and strong, and my god we will fight.

At first we all panicked when that first story was told, 

But we didn’t buy essentials, we bought all the loo rolls. 

And now the shelves are empty and the elderly’s cupboards are bare,

We acted like animals, no one willing to share. 

But we soon got our acts together and we started showing our best,

Thousands volunteered to help serve our NHS.

Those brave men and women were sent to the front line, 


To fight an enemy, not seen by the naked eye.

As infections began to rise and the deaths started to sore,

The government’s advice was simple – just stay indoors.

If you do have to travel, and there is no other way,

Then make sure it’s essential, then get home without delay.

The Great British people were so determined and full of grit,

We will face this pandemic with our famous stiff upper lip.

This country has been through many dark times,

So we’ll roll up our sleeves, we’ll dig in, and we will shine.

We’ll fight this on the beaches, and we will never surrender,

We owe this to our dead, who we will always remember.’  

Grant (pictured) told how he disinfects his bus before every shift as it helps to ease the anxiety of NHS workers on their way to work

After Grant recited his emotional poem, one viewer penned: ‘I’m not crying…you are!’ (pictured)

With over seven million official key workers in the UK, many of them still need to use public transport. 

‘I’m disinfecting all the handrails and the buzzers and also the handles on the seats because this is what passengers come into contact with the most,’ Grant explained. 

‘A lot of key workers I get on – so your NHS workers – your nurses, care assistants etc, when they can smell it it smells fresh. It helps their anxiety about getting on a bus which I think is important.’ 

Many transport workers have died during the coronavirus outbreak – including 20 bus drivers in London.

‘Before my kids came along death didn’t really bother me,’ said Grant. ‘I wasn’t that bothered about it. But since then, nothing fears me more than my kids growing up without me. I have no choice but to put it to the back of my mind and forget about it when I’m on shift.’

He continued: ‘I’ve got a set of twins – a boy and girl called Bailey and Olivia. They live with their mother. Before coronavirus happened I had them two nights a week and every other weekend but with the deaths of the other bus drivers it made me think, “should I be sacrificing my time with them?”‘

Taking to Twitter, one emotional viewer wrote: ‘I’m not crying…you are!’ while a second penned: ‘I’ve got tears in my eyes. Real people living real lives during difficult times. What a tremendous bunch.’ 

The last few lines of Grant’s (pictured) poem read: ‘We’ll fight this on the beaches, and we will never surrender, We owe this to our dead, who we will always remember’

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One in five British troops is unfit for combat due to mental and physical health problems, MoD reveals – The Sun

ONE in five British troops is unfit for combat, the MoD has revealed.

Some 13,720 serving personnel could not be deployed last year due to mental and physical health problems.

Another 14,140 were classed as only being fit for limited roles.

It means almost 20 per cent of 144,430 personnel in the Armed Forces would have been unable to take up their full roles in battle.

Figures released by the Ministry of Defence reveal that 7,020 Army personnel were “medically not deployable” last year.

A further 3,570 from the RAF and 3,130 from the Royal Navy and Marines had similar classifications.

The MoD said all service personnel “with medical conditions or fitness issues” underwent rigorous health checks before their combat status was changed.

It said in a Freedom of Information release: “The patient may be downgraded to allow for treatment and rehabilitation.”

Some unable to be deployed on ops should still “be able to work effectively for at least 32.5 hours per week”, it added.

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