The Best Cloth Diaper Sprayers to Make Cleaning Soiled Diapers a Lot Easier

As cute and cuddly as babies are, let’s face it: they’re messy. From spitting up to nonstop diaper changes, your day is often a constant rotation of changing your shirt and changing their diapers. All the clean ups can use a lot of water and resources, but there are some ways to at least make it easier on yourself when it comes to cleaning up messy diapers — from blowouts to solids. One of the most life-saving additions to add to your bathroom is a cloth diaper sprayer to keep things fresh without having to scrub your hand away.

Not only are cloth diaper sprayers great for your baby’s soiled diapers, but these bidet sprayers are great for your entire family too so you can lighten up on toilet paper usage. These cloth diaper sprayers are easy to install and allow you to adjust the pressure so you can remove solids from a diaper without having to scrub with your hands. Below, we’ve rounded up the best cloth diaper sprayers to make cleaning up just about everything at home a lot easier.

1. Yawenner Sprayer

Aside from making cleaning diapers with solid messes inside easier, one of these cloth diaper sprayers, also known as a bidet sprayer, can be used for a myriad of purposes, so you’re making a good investment. Sprayers are great for postpartum needs or while you’re pregnant and are great for the entire family to use to lighten up on using toilet paper. This sprayer can be mounted on the wall or toilet for convenience.

2. Purgwei Handheld Sprayer

If you’re looking for a cloth diaper sprayer that’s lightweight and easy to use, this sprayer will make your life easier. This handheld sprayer is easy to install and and features adjustable water pressures so you can ensure you have the control you need to do what you need to do. It’s made with lead-free brass, which is extra durable and less likely to corrode. The hose is made with high-quality braiding that protects against potential leaks.

3. PurrfectZone Sprayer

As goofy as they may seem, cloth diaper sprayers are a true luxury. What’s better than feeling clean? This handheld bidet sprayer requires little touch to get it started and it’s easy to install. It’ll go as light or heavy as you need it to, so you can customize the pressure based on how bad the mess is. You can even help reduce your footprint by using less toilet paper if you have the family use a sprayer more often when they go to the bathroom.

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The best lightweight duvets for summer 2020

KEEP your cool on warm summer nights with these seasonal duvet switches.

Warm summer days are something most of us look forward to all year round, but the balmier days are often accompanied by awkward nights when a regular duvet leaves you hot and clammy but sleeping in a sheet is somehow a bit chilly – we’re still in Britain after all.

A duvet’s warmth (rather than its weight) is measured in togs – the higher the tog rating, the warmer the duvet.

It’s still a personal choice, and one you may need to negotiate if you have a sleeping partner, but a duvet in the 2.5 to 7 tog range should nail your summer sleeping requirements.

As well as its warmth level, choosing what your duvet is filled with will also be up to personal preference as well as budget constraints and whether or not you suffer from any allergies.

Some will like the practicality and softness offered by synthetic fillings like microfibre and hollowfibre, while others will prefer the luxury and warmth of a puffy feather or down duvet.

Natural fillings such as wool and silk are a luxurious option for allergy sufferers and there’s also cotton, which is breathable and machine-washable.

We’ve rounded up some practical summer duvet options below with prices quoted for a standard double throughout to allow for comparison.

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7 Best Food Storage Boxes 2020 | The Sun UK

INVESTING in a decent set of food storage containers can save you time and money.

If you’re looking to cut down on food waste, to batch cook and freeze meals in advance, or simply to maximise your fridge and cupboard space, then a set of food storage containers is an essential purchase.

There are myriad options out there, so it’s important to think about exactly what foods you want to store and where, as well as how much space you have to keep the containers themselves when they are empty.

Many systems are modular, meaning you can add to your collection as your needs change and budget allows.

We’ve rounded up our top food storage solutions for all price points below.

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The best new summer skincare and beauty products

Add practical and pretty punch to your summer self-care arsenal with these fab new beauty products — from a silky sunscreen serum to a bold body wash.

Superstar scrub


It’s your fave microbead scrub from the early aughts — all glown up! This oil-gel cleanser, which exfoliates with poppy seeds, will get off even the most serious sunscreens.

HoliFrog Como Popp-E Renewal Scrubby Wash, $32 at

Ocean Spray

Spritz hair with this tropical-scented formula made with rich coconut milk and moisturizing Tahitian Monoi oil to smooth frizz, repair damage and unfurl sea-induced hair snares.

Playa Beauty Monoi Milk Leave-in Conditioner, $24 at

Protect and serve

Tennis pro Venus Williams knows a thing or two about spending time in the sun. Now she’s teamed up with clean beauty mecca Credo to create hydrating SPF that won’t turn chalky.

EleVen by Venus Williams Unrivaled Sun Serum SPF 35, $50 at

Vitamin sea

This quick-drying bronzing serum, which contains topical Vitamin D and antioxidant Vitamin C combines skincare and self-tanner in one radiance-enhancing step.

St. Tropez Self Tan Purity Vitamins Bronzing Water Serum, $30 at

Power shower

This 8 oz. bottle of concentrated body wash, made with aloe and shea butter, will last at least 80 showers. Work it in with a bio-degradable fish-shaped scrubber.

Mind and Body wash and Terracotta detox scrubber, both $20 at

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De Blasio, Shea debate best NYC beach ahead of Memorial Day weekend

It’s the battle of the beaches.

Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner Dermot Shea made waves Friday when they debated which beach is the best in the Big Apple — just before the start of the Memorial Day weekend.

The mayor, a longtime Brooklynite, said he’ll always favor Coney Island Beach.

“It’s an ocean beach, it’s a beautiful beach, let alone the amusements and everything else,” Hizzoner said at his City Hall press briefing.

Shea said he begs to differ.

“I love the Cyclone, I certainly love Brooklyn… but there is no comparison,” the top cop said. “The number one beach is clearly Rockaway Beach.”

“We’re having a little borough pride showing here,” Hizzoner replied. “So I appreciate you being a proud son of Queens and I will continue to assert the superiority of Coney Island.”

But both beaches — and others in the city — will be missing some of their charm this weekend as beach bums won’t be allowed in the water.

The Parks Department will take the lead in enforcing that rule, though the NYPD will step in if necessary, the mayor said.

A total of 150 Parks personnel will be on hand at the city’s beaches over the weekend, and hundreds of NYPD cops will be present.

“You’ll see a number of uniformed police officers both at the beaches as well as parks,” Shea said. “But they’re going to be out there as stewards. The last thing we want to be at this stressful time for the city resorting to summonses.”

During a Thursday press conference, Brian Conroy, assistant chief of the NYPD’s Patrol Borough Brooklyn South, laid out guidelines stating that surfing will be permitted at the city’s beaches but swimming will not.

Neither de Blasio nor Shea mentioned those regulations Friday.

Beaches open ahead of Memorial Day weekend in New YorkBeaches open ahead of Memorial Day weekend in New Yorknews/metroBeaches open ahead of Memorial Day weekend in New York

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10 Best 4K TVs 2020 | The Sun UK

IF YOU'RE in the market for the best 4K TV, we’ve got you covered.

The majority of TVs in homes are what’s known as Full HD, which means they have a display made of 1920 x 1080 (around two million) pixels.

This does the job for most shows and films, but if you want to experience movies as if you’re in a cinema – or feel like you’re at the ground watching a football match – you’ll need to give that resolution a boost.

We've answered some key question for TV shopping toward the end of the article. But for now, here's our buying guide followed by our pick of the market.

What features should I look for in a TV

There are several things to keep in mind when shopping for a new TV. We have broken down the most important ones for you here.

Screen Size

Bigger is better. It may sound like an understatement, but there are just so many stories of people buying a TV only to regret they had bought something bigger.

Average TV screen sizes have grown exponentially in the last few years, and today it is not unusual to find screen sizes of at least 36 inches in most houses.

This is partly due to the fact that old TVs used to take a lot of space in your living room, but flat screens have changed that.

Today, TV screens can essentially be as thin as a picture frame, and can therefore be mounted on a wall just as easily, solving many space-related problems.

TV Resolution

Of course, if you're going to buy a big TV to hang on your living room's wall and you don't have a lot of space, you may end up sitting very close to it.

Luckily, as TV technology evolved in the last few years, so did the average TV resolution.

Simply put, the higher the resolution, the closer you'll be able to sit in front of your TV Set without noticing pixellation and strain your eyes.

Over are the days of mainstream TVs with "HD" resolution (usually 1024 x 768 pixels).

Today, most TVs are at least Full HD, with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, but it's easier to find 4K screens, offering four times the pixels of a Full HD TV.

With a 4K TV screen, you'll be able to sit closer to the screen and still get a crisp clear image.


There is a lot of confusion on the net about this, so we'll try to keep it short and sweet.

Owned by LG, OLED technology makes TV screens thinner, lighter, and with better contrast than LED screens.

They also use up less energy and offer a better viewing angle.

As it is a new-ish technology (the first OLED TV came out in 2013), OLED screens have been historically quite expensive when compared to its LED counterparts.

However, today this technology has become substantially cheaper, making OLED the preferred choice of most people looking for a new TV.

In between LED and OLED is QLED, a technology owned by Samsung which is technically more similar to LED but with improved performance.

While OLED technology is ultimately superior to QLED, repeated efforts in this field have brought some of Samsung QLED TVs to compete with LG's OLED screens.

Smart Features

Streaming is the new normal when it comes to people's TV watching habits, and therefore many TVs today come with so-called "smart features".

But what does that even mean?

Essentially, a smart TV allows you to do some of the things you'd be able to do from your PC, but using a remote control or a smartphone app.

Stream Netflix or Amazon Video straight from your couch, or check out your latest photos and videos directly on your TV. Pretty sweet.

Are you still mostly watching traditional TV channels? Worry not. Here is our pick of best aerials for you.


Last but not least, price is a determining factor when looking for a new TV.

Luckily, TV technology has in the past few years become impossibly cheaper.

Just ten years ago, it would have been unthinkable to get a 60-inches TV for less than £2,000.

And yet, today you can get truly amazing screens for a fraction of the price.

Generally speaking, more money here means bigger sizes, deeper blacks and a richer colour spectrum, but today you can get a remarkable TV set for less than £500.

Still not sure about what to buy? Have a look at our picks down below.

1. Samsung Q60R QLED 4K TV

  • Samsung Q60R QLED 4K TV, £769 at Amazon – buy here

If it's specifically gaming you're after, you might not want to go the whole hog on a premium priced TV.

And in the sub-£1,000 bracket this Samsung QLED 4K TV is a bit of a catch, with its 120Hz refresh rate, and vibrant colours.

It also boasts some good audio from speakers a notch or two above most of what's around – so no need to put those headphones on if you're gaming home alone.

The Q60R has its own Game Mode, and 'Real Game enhancer' which is designed to deliver variable refresh rates for maximum compatibility with most games – preventing 'tearing' or stuttering.

There's voice-control, via Bixby, and as a Q-range Samsung this is a rather nice Smart TV too – just in case you want to watch something, controller free.

2. Sony Bravia KD-65XG9505 4K TV

  • Sony Bravia KD-65XG9505 4K TV, £1,299 from John Lewis – buy here

A large 4K screen alone does not an immersive sporting experience make. 

So the best 4K TV for watching sport needs to offer more to better deliver your sport of choice effectively – and the Sony Bravia KD-XG9505 should deliver.

This LED TV comes with a mode called motionflow, designed to reduce the judder and blur created when watching fast-paced action…or sports.

Noticeable judder particularly affects football matches, as the camera quickly pans the field, following the ball.

Motionflow enables a smoother picture and adjusts the backlighting to suit what’s on the screen, to really minimise jarring and juddering.

Bravia TVs like this one also feature a Triluminos display too, designed to boost RGB (red, blue and green) hues, enhancing contrasts and making colours more vivid.

And the XG9505 has its own extra features to take note of: an X1 Ultimate 'intelligent' picture processor, upscaling of non-4K content, and X-Tended Dynamic Range Pro.

All of this adds up to a viewing experience owners love, and there's plenty of connectors and streaming services (and Google Assistant) built in.

3. LG 55UK6300 4K TV

  • LG 55UK6300 4K TV, £430.76 from Amazon – buy here  

LG delivers year-on-year when it comes to the next-level TV technologies and its UK6300 continues this trend.

Its IPS 4K panel gives wide viewing angles, perfect for film nights in with friends.

It has 4K active HDR that adapts to whatever HDR format the content is available in, and so-called scene-by-scene image mastering designed to reproduce the picture as close as possible.

If you’ve got, or are thinking of getting, a surround sound system for movie watching, the LG UK6300 also comes with Ultra Surround, to enhance the levels of surround sound.

Other benefits include LG’s ThinQ AI built into the set that answer questions, finds content and can make recommendations, and the TV is compatible with Amazon Alexa, letting you control your TV with your voice.

If you’ve got smart lights connected too, you can create the perfect ambience for your film night with a simple command. All of this for a very attractive price.

4. Samsung UE43RU7020 4K TV

  • Samsung UE43RU7020 4K Smart TV, £329 at Amazon – buy here

It's not easy to find good 4K TVs under 50+ inches, but not everyone wants a huge screen and some rooms just can't accommodate them!

Samsung's UE43RU7020 is a very option, especially for the price, and sports the style you'd expect of a Samsung 4K set.

The colour and contrast available is good, and the TV functions with Samsung's Tizen Smart TV interface – probably the best at this price for easily accessing apps.

It supports HRD10+ for colour intensity to be proud of and is Bluetooth, WiFi and ethernet connectable.

At a fraction of the price of premium sets, the Samsung UE43RU7020 shouldn't be expected to compete. 

But it's still a flexible and impressive LED 4K TV for those with smaller rooms and not the biggest of budgets.

5. Samsung QE55Q90R 4K QLED TV

  • Samsung QE55Q90R QLED 4KTV, £1,499 from Currs PC World – buy here

A wide viewing angle is a good boost for movie nights, especially if you like to get a group together to watch the latest flick.

Luckily the Samsung QE55Q90R 4K TV can provide just that – a QLED TV with natural looks and deep blacks for darker scenes too.

QLED's generally aren't quite as dark in black tones as OLED TVs, but here Samsung has pushed the bar with reports this is the QLED which gets closest.

Bright and balanced colours make this a great option for film lovers, and if you're into your apps the set comes with Samsung's smooth Tizen interface.

There is a question mark over the audio side of things, but if you're heavily into movies you may want (or have) your own surround-sound speaker set-up.

But while we wait to see what the rest of the year has to offer, this is our top pick for spending a not-so-quiet night in with.


  • LG OLED55C9PLA 55-inch, £1,299 at Currys PC World – buy here

Like our option for best priced 4K, the LG OLED55C9PLA is a TV with an IPS panel, which means it has a good, wide viewing angle.

That's great for movie nights where you want plenty of people to see what's going on, but there's much more to this TV to enjoy.

Part of LG's new (November 2019) OLED lineup, the C9's price places it against stiff competition so performance needs to be strong.

Luckily, it includes the Alpha 9 Gen 2 processor – allowing some nifty image processing to occur and providing natural colours with a good degree of richness.

Black levels are good, and customer reviews emphatic that the LG OLED55C9PLA 55-inch is actually a great all-rounder.

It's great for gaming too, and comes with LG's WebOS interface with support for Netflix, Amazon Prime and more streaming services.

Concerned about connectivity? Don't be, this 4K TV has 6x HDMI (1.2) connectors and ethernet among its features.

7. Samsung QE55Q80R

  • Samsung QE55Q80R 55-inch, £999 at Currys PC World – buy here

Designed to provide the best QLED screen for the price, this TV set from Samsung come with some interesting features at a more-than reasonable price.

It may not have an OLED super thin screen, but the design of the QE55Q80R is far from being unattractive.

The TV's design has a minimal metallic bezel, which is nicely curved at the corners, and a central stand.

In terms of connectivity, this QLED TV features four HDMI sockets, multiple USB ports, Ethernet, a terrestrial TV aerial socket and two satellite TV aerial connections.

Just like other recent Samung TVs, the QE55Q80R also has smart features' capabilities, allowing you to watch Netflix and other streaming services with the click of a button.

Add a Ultra Wide Viewing Angle, solid colours and 4K, and you have arguably one the best QLED TVs under 1k.

8. Panasonic GZ1500 4K OLED TV

  • Panasonic GZ1500 4K OLED TV, 55-inch, £1,599 at John Lewis – buy here

If there's a brand able to compete with LG and Samsung in the TV war, that is Panasonic.

With the GZ1500, the company has reached new heights, both in image quality and sound.

The viewing experience with this TV is just marvellous, as the GZ1500 is able to showcase the finest shadow details and colour tone shifts in a wonderfully natural way.

Moreover, having a front-face speaker means the GZ1500 can produce a crispy-clear sound that is usually hard to find built-in a TV system.

This elegant screen from Panasonic also cares about design, and its slim frame  sits on a minimalistic metal plate stand.

When it comes to connectivity, the GZ1500 is pretty much on the same category as most TVs in this list: four 4K-supporting HDMIs, three USBs (one 3.0), RF tuner, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Bluetooth.

The TV lacks a little bit on the smart features side, but it still has everything one could expect from a 2019 TV, including various streaming services and compatibility with all of the UK’s key terrestrial broadcaster catch up apps.

9. Philips 55OLED754

  • Philips 55OLED754, 55-inch, £989 at Currys PC World – buy here

A significant upgrade from Philips TV line from 2018, the 55OLED754 aims to impress with its second-generation P5 Perfect Processing Engine.

And it delivers.

Image quality here truly is excellent, with amazing detail and impressive contrast.

Of course, the one true feature you won't find in TVs from any other brand is Philips' Ambilight technology.

Essentially, Ambilight refers to an LED array around the side of a TV that projects colour onto the wall behind a TV.

This not only increases your perception of contrast, but also creates an immersivity level you don't always experience from your couch.

As far as audio is concerned, the 55OLED754 offers a decent, if not a good option, with a triple ring woofer and powerful amplification.

The TV lacks some of the connectivity of its other peers (four 4K capable HDMI inputs but only two 2160/60p, and only two USBs), but on the other hand features one of the best Smart TV options.

Philips 55OLED754 is a TV for a somehow specific kind of user, as it excels in some things while sacrificing others.

Still, at that price, it makes for a very compelling option.

10. TCL 50EP658

  • TCL 50EP658, 50-inch, £329 at Amazon – buy here

TCL is not a name people immediately associate with TVs.

In fact, the company has started making them quite recently.

Still, since them TCL has grown to be one of the larger TV manufacturers in the world, and the TCL 50EP658 is proof of that.

Featuring High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDR10) and Micro Dimming technologies, this TV offers 4K-optimised colour contrast and image clarity slightly below higher tie TV sets.

In terms of connectivity, the TCL 50EP658 has 3 HMDI ports, 2 USB, and of course WiFi and Bluetooth. No Ethernet, optical or RF though.

The TV is first and foremost a Smart TV, so you can expect it will be compatible with most streaming services.

The TCL 50EP658 is a medium-tier 4K TV with good specs at an interesting price.

You can pay more if you want extra features, but it will be hard to find something much better without spending a lot more.

Is 4K really better than 1080p?

A TV branded as 4K UHD has a 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution, around 8 million pixels, making the picture quality four times that on Full HD screens.

Before we continue, there is a disclaimer. True 4K resolutions have 4096 x 2160 pixels, and are typically used in cinemas.

There are a number of these true 4K TVs on the shelves but the majority that market themselves as 4K are actually UHD.

For the size of TV screens on offer, and the content available, it’s a much of a muchness in terms of viewing quality but it’s worth being aware when looking for the best 4K TVs.

Can the human eye see 4K?

The human eye can notice the difference between 1080 and 4K, although you'll have to be sitting fairly close to your TV set before you're able to fully appreciate the extra pixels.

Forbes Magazine reckons the optimal distance to be sat from a 4K screen is 4.3 feet (1.5 metres).

Any further than that and you're gradually going to stop being able to notice the finer details in the 4K resolution.

It's also worth bearing in mind that while 4K TVs will supposedly improve the quality of some regular HD content, there's not that much 4K content available to stream at the moment, although the options available are growing rapidly.

When is the best time to buy a TV?

The practical answer may be when you want or need to, but in terms of pricing there's no hard and fast rule.

TVs see hefty discounts during Black Friday and Christmas sales, but early year sales can also see prices drop.

As with any other tech, prices drop before the launch of new models. So it's sensible to do a bit of research before making a purchase.

We all want to be in the know when it comes to getting high quality products for half the price, keep up with our Sun Selects page to stay up to date.

Enjoyed our roundup of the best 4k TVs? You'll be obsessed with our Sun Selects Tech page, keep checking to read more roundups on the hottest tech products.

If you're thinking about buying a new computer, we've done the work for you in our roundup of the five best desktop PCs of 2019.

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The Best '80s Movies to Stream on Disney+

Disney+ is known for its catalog of Marvel movies and animated classics, but the streamer also carries a number of nostalgic films. If you’re hungry for a taste of the awesome ’80s, here are five iconic movies that will take you back.

You can watch ‘The Princess Bride’ on Disney+

For many ’80s kids, The Princess Bride stands out as one of the most iconic films of the decade. Not only is it funny, and filled with brilliant performances, the movie features an epic adventure and romance. 

It tells the story of Buttercup (Robin Wright) and Westley (Cary Elwes). The two love birds are torn apart by a ruthless prince. Through a series of adventures and hilarious encounters, they try to find their way back to each other. 

The film also stars Mandy Patinkin, Billy Crystal, Andre the Giant, Fred Savage, Wallace Shawn, and Carol Kane. 

‘The Empire Strikes Back’

As the second film in the Star Wars franchise, The Empire Strikes Back was one of the biggest films of the ’80s.  With a budget of $33 million, it was the most expensive film ever made at the time. 

The space adventure follows Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher), Han Solo (Harrison Ford), and Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew) as they battle against Darth Vader (David Prowse) and his evil Imperial Forces. With the help of his Jedi Master, Yoda, Luke taps into the Force and faces Darth Vader alone. 

Just for a fun reference, this is the Star Wars film in which Darth Vader speaks the iconic phrase, “I am your father.” 

‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids’ is on Disney+ too

When Honey, I Shrunk the Kids released in 1989, it became the highest-grossing live-action Disney film of all time. With its special effects and high-stakes adventure, the film is the perfect family watch. 

The movie follows inventor Wayne Szalinski’s (Rick Moranis) and his shrink ray machine, which accidentally miniaturizes his children and his neighbor’s two sons. Now, at only ¼ inch tall, the four kids must make their way through the dangerous front yard back to the house. Their mission is to find the scientist and have him to bring them back to size. 

‘Three Men and a Baby’

Three Men and a Baby was one of the most popular comedies of the ’80s. And after it premiered in 1987, it became the highest-grossing film of that year. 

The film is centered around three bachelor roommates – Peter (Tom Selleck), Michael (Steve Guttenberg), and Jack (Ted Danson) – who find a baby girl outside the door of their apartment. According to the letter she’s left with, the baby is Jack’s daughter. With no experience raising a baby, the three men care for her the best they can. 

After a series of hilarious misadventures, they discover she might be the wake-up call they needed. 

‘Tron’ is also on Disney+

When Tron premiered in 1982, it was one of the first films to combine back-lit animation with live-action and computer animation. For its cinematic breakthroughs, the film received an Academy Award for technical achievement. 

Tron tells the story of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), a computer engineer who discovers that hi ls co-worker Ed Dillinger (David Warner), is stealing his work. When Flynn tries to hack into the company’s system, he ends up in a digital universe where he must battle Dillinger’s avatar. 

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US racing preview: Best bets for the two divisions of the Grade 1 Arkansas Derby live on Sky Sports Racing

THE Arkansas Derby is one of the key trials for the Kentucky Derby.

But with the first leg of the US Triple Crown delayed until September, the Oaklawn feature takes on a unique look this year, with two divisions of nine runners each. Our man Jack Keene takes a closer look.

 11.29pm Arkansas Derby (Div 1)

All eyes will be on the unbeaten CHARLATAN, who looks the latest in a long line of top-drawer three-year-old colts for Bob Baffert.

He was a dominant winner of a 1m allowance contest at Santa Anita last time out, impressively kicking clear inside the final furlong having set a strong pace.

This slightly longer trip will suit and provided he doesn't get swamped from runners drawn wide, he will be very tough to peg back from his inside gate.

He will take the world of beating but is priced accordingly. Gouveneur Morris brings proven Grade 1 form to the table having finished fourth in the Florida Derby last time.

He is no mug and should give the favourite something to think about. But the betting play here could be ANNEAU D'OR each-way.

He was a close second at the Breeders' Cup last term and badly needed the run on his reappearance, while the blinkers he wore first time out have been removed.

Betting angle: Charlatan to win, Anneau D'Or each-way

12.43am Arkansas Derby (Div 2)

The second division looks more competitive, for all Bob Baffert again has a hotpot in the form of Nadal.

He has done nothing wrong in three starts, making it 3-3 with a gutsy success on the slop in the Rebel Stakes at Oaklawn last time.

It may have been the rain-affected track, or the fact he went pretty hard early, but he looked to be running on fumes close home and was helped by the runner-up hanging their chance away.

He is the one to beat but is worth taking a shot at with KING GUILLERMO, who was a ready winner of a Grade 2 at Tampa Bay on his last start, a performance which arguably sets the standard.

He has reportedly been working the house down in the lead-up to this contest and he is on a sharp upward curve. He could have too much early pace for Nadal, who looks more of a grinder, and he is fancied to lead from gate-to-wire.

Louisiana Derby hero Wells Bayou is another live contender, though his outside berth makes life tricky.

Betting angle: King Guillermo to win

Don't miss out on all the best of Sun Racing

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Facebook – SunRacingOnline

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Best players never to win the Ballon d’Or include Arsenal legend Henry, England ’66 hero Moore, and Kenny Dalglish – The Sun

LIONEL Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo may have 11 Ballon d'Or's between them, but this lot couldn't even win one.

These legends for club and country were cruelly robbed of the best player prize in football during their illustrious careers.

And in the wake of Sergio Aguero revealing he wanted to stay at Man City and win the Ballon d'Or, we thought we'd give you our take on the best players who never managed to win the coveted trophy.

Some you may know, some may be a surprise, while others you could argue were cheated out of it.


Between 2001-06, the former Arsenal forward was at the peak of his powers.

Not only was he Premier League top scorer in four of those five seasons, he netted 29 goals in 52 Champions League games during that time – a competition in which a players' worth is measured on the world stage.

But for some reason, despite unplayable performances – including decimating Inter Milan at the San Siro, the best he could finish was runner-up in the Ballon d'Or ratings.

In 2003, he finished behind Pavel Nedved. Surely that's not right?


He's been called the best defender to have ever played the game.

As capable at centre half as he was at left back, where he began his career, the AC Milan icon won 25 trophies, including seven Serie A titles and the Champions League five times.

But for all his brilliance, he was often overshadowed by his more glamorous team-mates like Andriy Shevchenko, Kaka, George Weah, Marco Van Basten and Ruud Gullit, who were all recipients of the Ballon d'Or ball.

Best it got for him was third place in 1994 and 2003.


The heartbeat of Barcelona's tiki-taka style, the Spanish midfielder played 767 times for the Catalans.

And in that time he was showered with awards – and was included in the UEFA Team of the Year five times in a row between 2008-12.

But the Ballon d'Or evaded him, even when he helped Spain win the 2010 World Cup – recording an astonishing 91 per cent pass completion rate in the tournament.

Xavi finished third three years in a row between 2009-11.


No technicalities here, Puskas – who scored 84 goals in 85 games for Hungary and 622 club goals in his career – failed to win the Ballon d'Or – despite his greatness.

The Real Madrid legend won five La Liga titles and the Champions League three times.

But he had to watch as his team-mate Alfredo Di Stefano claimed all the honours – winning the award twice.

Puskas managed to finish runner-up in 1960, but he could be thought of as the best never to win it, who was eligible.


The Scottish forward was one of the best players to come from these shores.

Bought from Celtic in 1977 to replace Kevin Keegan, who a year later DID win the Ballon d'Or at Hamburg, Dalglish was dealt a tough order.

But 'King Kenny' took it in his stride – scoring 31 goals in his first season, and following that up with 25 strikes the following year.

His brilliant performances led Liverpool to three European Cup wins in 1978, 1981, and 1984.

In the 1983 Ballon d'Or race he was runner-up to Michel Platini.


The most decorated player in Spanish football history – with 35 trophies, including nine La Liga titles and four Champions League's.

He was an instrumental in Barcelona's historic treble-winning seasons in 2009 and 2015.

Iniesta also scored the winning goal against the Netherlands in 2010 World Cup final.

Despite all those wonderful achievements, Iniesta was at best a runner-up in 2010, fourth place in 2011, and third-place in 2012… at least he was consistent.


Arguably, England's greatest ever player – Bobby Moore, the captain of the 1966 World Cup-winning team, never got the chance to lift a Ballon d'Or.

That's despite doing a first class job marking Eusebio, and restricting the 1965 Ballon d'Or winner to just a goal from the penalty spot in the '66 semi-final.

Instead, it was Bobby Charlton who was named world's best player after England were crowned world champions that victorious year.

Moore was voted second in 1970 behind German goalscoring machine Gerd Muller, the same year of that remarkable tackle on Jairzinho and after-game hug from Pele.

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Britain at its best: Exploring the Llyn Peninsula in North Wales

Britain at its best: Exploring the Llyn Peninsula, a coastal corner steeped in classic Celtic culture

  • The Llyn peninsula is a 30-mile spit of land or the ‘Land’s End of North Wales’
  • Angela Epstein checked into cosy Gwesty Ty Newydd Hotel overlooking the bay
  • Whistling Sands feels like you’re ‘on a Greek island at the end of the season’ 

Our view from the ancient church of St Hywyn in the former fishing village of Aberdaron in north-west Wales is striking.

So much so that, as the wind gusts through the churchyard, with gravestones scattered like broken teeth across the hillside, it feels as if we should have needed to toil harder and climb farther to be rewarded with such scenery.

Just below, an impossibly golden beach fringes the surf as seagulls wheel and cry overhead. In the distance, the grassy headland promises miles of lung-busting paths, full of wild flowers. Yet the church’s location is anything but remote, as it lies right in the heart of Aberdaron.

Golden sands: Peaceful Porth Nefyn, near Pistyll on the Llyn Peninsula

The village sits on the western tip of the Llyn peninsula — a 30-mile spit of land known as the Land’s End of North Wales or Snowdon’s arm — which points into the Irish Sea.

From our home in Manchester, it takes three hours to get here. But the drive is worth it, especially as the area’s microclimate — thank you, Gulf Stream — means the weather is often pleasant even when the rest of Wales is whipped by wind and rain.

There are plenty of self-catering cottages here, but we prefer the cosy Gwesty Ty Newydd Hotel overlooking the bay. Opt for a front-facing room and listen to the splashy surf beneath your window as lilting Welsh voices drift up from the bar and terrace.

Indeed, everywhere you go you feel the thrum of Celtic history, and more than 70 per cent of the Llyn’s population of 6,000 speak Welsh as their first language.

A place of Christian worship for 1,500 years, it was in Aberdaron that pilgrims stopped to rest on the way to the holy island of Ynys Enlli (Bardsey Island). Its cafe, Y Gegin Fawr — where we enjoy hot chocolate and bara brith (Welsh tea loaf) — was once an inn where they stayed.

As for Bardsey Island — just two miles long and less than a mile wide — these days it’s a magnet for a different kind of pilgrim. Namely, burnt-out city dwellers who book into one of its Grade II-listed homes (of the 12 properties on the island, nine are holiday lettings) to get away from cars, shops, electricity, and other such modern horrors.

Boat trips set out from a small cove, and we watch those off to ‘get away from it all’ pile wine and Waitrose chickens on to their boat.

The ancient church of St Hywyn in the former fishing village of Aberdaron

It’s easier to get away from it all in places such as Pistyll, a village about 15 miles from Aberdaron, where there’s a tiny 6th-century church in a grassy valley, and the nearby sandy bay of Porth Nefyn. Aberdaron itself is the ideal place to start countless historic excursions — including to the Neolithic axe factory on Mynydd Rhiw, and Iron Age hillforts, such as Tre’r Ceiri.

Aberdaron is also home to the Porth y Swnt visitor centre, which offers a perfect introduction to the Llyn’s history and culture.

Walking routes are irresistible, thanks to 100 miles of coastline. One day we take on the steep slope to the beach of Whistling Sands (the English name for Porthor), so called because of the whistle produced by the oddly shaped sand particles rubbing together underfoot.

As we sit at the beach cafe gazing at the surf, it feels like we’re on a Greek island at the end of the season. It makes me wonder why so many flock to the nearby fashionable resort of Abersoch (a favourite with the Cheshire set).

We also take a 25-minute drive to Porth Neigwl, the magical vast bay known in English as Hell’s Mouth, on the south coast of the peninsula.

My heart breaks to leave this place of calm. The only certainty — like the enduring presence of St Hywyn’s church — is that we’ll be back. 


Gwesty Ty Newydd Hotel from £90 a night ( Visit and for more details.


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