Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker Bowles at Trooping the Colour Through the Years

Trooping the Colour is one of the biggest events on the British royal family’s calendar. It’s one of the few times a year the public gets to see a large number of high-ranking royals all in one place. Among them are Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. They, along with the rest of the family, follow Trooping the Colour rules. Ahead, check out photos of Catherine and Camilla at Trooping the Colour through the years. 

What is Trooping the Colour? 

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A public celebration to mark Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday, the event takes place in June because of England’s weather. Privately, the queen celebrates her actual birthday in April. When temperatures rise she celebrates publicly with Trooping the Colour. A fun occasion, the event is known for its pomp and circumstance complete with a parade of royals in carriages, soldiers, horses, and a flypast from the Royal Air Force.

Kate Middleton’s first Trooping the Colour happened in 2011

Because of the royal family’s “no ring, no bring” rule, Catherine didn’t get an invite to Trooping the Colour until 2011 after she and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge wed. Traditionally, the parade is held in the first half of June, meaning less than two months after she became an official royal Catherine participated in her first Trooping the Colour. 

Instead of riding in a carriage with William during the parade, the Duchess of Cambridge always sits with her stepmother-in-law. Why? Because they hold similar positions in the royal family. Married to the future leaders of the monarch, Catherine and Camilla will one day become queen consorts. 

In 2011, the Duchess of Cambridge made her Trooping the Colour debut with Camilla at Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex at her side. All smiles, they waved to crowds of well-wishers. 

Camilla Parker Bowles and Kate Middleton have attended 9 Trooping the Colour parades together

Trooping the Colour is a longstanding event for the royal family. And ever since Catherine became the Duchess of Cambridge she and Camilla have shared a carriage in the event’s parade.

When the annual event came around in 2012, they coordinated in blue outfits and fascinators. 

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In 2013 Catherine showed off her growing baby bump. She and William would go on to welcome their oldest son, Prince George of Cambridge, on July 22, 2013. 

Camilla in pink and Catherine in blue they waved to crowds in 2014.

Here they are grinning from ear to ear in 2015. 

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Bringing back the coordinating outfits, the Duchess of Cornwall and Catherine wore shades of white in 2016.

Standing on the balcony of Buckingham Palace in 2017, the Duchess of Cambridge pointed out something at the festivities to her stepmother-in-law. 

Donning similar outfits yet again, Catherine and Camilla wore blue to Trooping the Colour in 2018. 

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Mother of three, Catherine held little Prince Louis of Cambridge in her arms standing on the balcony of Buckingham Palace with Camilla in 2019.

Is Trooping the Colour happening in 2020?

Due to the coronavirus, Trooping the Colour will not take place as planned in 2020. Per Town and Country, according to a statement from Buckingham Palace issued on March 27, 2020, the royal family decided to cancel the annual parade. 

“In line with Government advice, it has been agreed that The Queen’s Birthday Parade, also known as Trooping the Colour, will not go ahead in its traditional form,” the statement read. 

However, the event will be honored somehow as “a number of other options are being considered, in line with relevant guidance.” 

We’ll have to wait and see what the queen and the rest of the royal family do to mark the occasion.

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Mortgage holidays and home repossessions ban extended until end of October

HOMEOWNERS now have until the end of October to apply for a mortgage holiday if they're struggling due to the coronavirus crisis.

The Financial Conduct Authority has also extended a ban on home repossessions for another four months, so owners can self-isolate according to Government policy if they're ill without fear of losing their property.

Households whose finances have been hit hard by the COVID-19 lockdown can apply for a payment break on their mortgage of up to three months.

Some 1.7million payment freezes have been granted so far, according to banking trade body UK Finance – accounting for around one in seven UK mortgages.

Applications for the payment freezes were due to come to an end in June but now they have until October 31 to ask for the help.

The missed cash will need to be repaid by either adding it onto your remaining payments or the end of your mortgage term – but homeowners have been warned that it could end up costing them £2,769 in higher repayments.

The watchdog is urging borrowers to continue making the payments if they're able to do so.

The FCA also says that banks must offer borrowers further support if they are still in financial difficulty after the payment break, including a further three month freeze on repayments.

More to follow…

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Who was David McAtee and how did he die? – The Sun

CHEF David McAtee – the popular owner of a Kentucky barbecue spot who fed cops "for free" – was fatally shot by security forces during protests over the death of a medic.

His grieving mother, Odessa Riley, described him as a "community pillar and a good person".

Who was David McAtee?

David McAtee, 53, was the owner of a barbecue spot, YaYa's BBQ, in western Louisville, Kentucky.

Dubbed 'the BBQ Man', he was known for offering free meals to cops, according to pals and family after his death.

The chef was gunned down while police and National Guard soldiers were enforcing a curfew early on June 1 during protests over a previous fatal shooting by cops in Kentucky’s largest city.

McAtee's mother, Odessa Riley, told the Courier Journal: "He left a great legend behind. He was a good person. Everybody around him would say that.

"My son didn't hurt nobody. He didn't do nothing to nobody."

Christopher 2X, an anti-violence activist and executive director of the group Game Changers, said McAtee was well-liked.

“I’ve never known him to be aggressive in any kind of way,” he added.

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said on June 1: "David was a friend to many, [a] well known, barbecue man.

"[He] had nurtured so many people in their bellies, in their hearts before, and for him to be caught up in this and for him not to be with us today is a tragedy that is just hard to put into words."

How did he die?

David McAtee was fired upon while security forces attempted to break up a large crowd at a parking lot.

Officers and the National Guard were called to Dino's Food Mart at around 12am, an hour after a curfew was imposed on the city following several nights of protests against the fatal shooting of a nurse by cops.

Police allege that shots were fired at them first as they tried to disperse curfew violators gathered near the mart, and McAtee's BBQ restaurant.

Louisville Police Department Chief Steve Conrad said cops "returned fire" and one person was shot dead.

Mayor Greg Fischer told reporters that officers involved in the shooting had not had their body cameras activated.

Fischer added: "This type of institutional failure will not be tolerated.

"Accordingly, I have relieved Steve Conrad of his duties as chief of Louisville Metro Police Department."

Assistant Chief of Police Robert Schroeder is taking Conrad's place.

Schroeder paid tribute to McAtee, describing him as friendly to cops: “Over the years he’s been a good friend to the police officers … frequently making sure our officers had a good meal on their shifts."

He also told reporters: "The two officers that fired their weapons violated our policy by either not wearing or not activating their cameras.

"That is completely unacceptable and there is no excuse.

"We will review the entire incident to determine if there are any other policy violations that occurred.

"I assure you we will follow up and there will be discipline for failing to utilise our cameras."

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear confirmed on Twitter that "while working to disperse a crowd, Louisville Metro Police Department and the Kentucky National Guard were fired upon.

"[They] returned fire resulting in a death.

"Given the seriousness of the situation, I have authorised the Kentucky State Police to independently investigate the event."

Why were there riots in Louisville?

David McAtee's death occurred after several days of protest over the death of Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old frontline medic who was gunned down at her home in Louisville.

Taylor, an emergency medical technician, was shot eight times by police in March as they looked for a suspect that they had "already arrested".

Cops were looking for suspect Jamarcus Glover, who allegedly dated Breonna two years ago.

But the man was arrested in a separate raid ten miles away on the same night officers broke into her apartment.

Taylor's boyfriend Kenneth Walker – who was not the man wanted by cops – fired one shot with his legally held weapon, claiming he thought they were burglars.

Three officers returned fire with a hail of bullets that killed Taylor.

In the wake of continued protests, the mayor of Louisville said the city’s curfew was being extended until June 8.



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'The Bold and the Beautiful' Reruns Have Fans Realizing How Much They Hate A Particular Fashion Week Episode

The Bold and the Beautiful is one of the most popular soap operas of all-time, as well as one of the longest-running shows on television.

Beginning in 1987, the soap opera has run for 33 consecutive seasons. Recently, the show has recently been forced to shut down the production of new episodes due to COVID-19 precautions.

Showrunners have decided to replay classic episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful while on hiatus, mostly to the joy of long-time fans. These throwback episodes have been sorted into special theme weeks to celebrate the show’s greatest moments. One of the special theme weeks involved the show’s most iconic fashion moments, which has left some fans divided. 

What is ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ about?

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The soap primarily follows the life of the glamorous Los Angeles based Forrester family. The Forresters are consistently in the midst of classic soap opera tropes, including devastating love triangles, dramatic affairs, and shocking reveals.

There are also a number of love triangles in the show, which mainly involve two women fighting for the affection of one man, usually a Forrester man. The rich and powerful family is at the top of the fashion industry, while other main families are in similarly privileged positions. These featured families include the Logan and Spencer clans that interact, feud with, and marry various Forresters throughout the years.

Many of these interactions involve scenes set within the glamorous fashion industry, which has led to a special fashion week theme. 

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ fashion week

Since many members of the Forrester family sit at the top of the fashion industry, it makes sense that the show would feature a fashion week. The specially selected episodes showcase the best and most beautiful fashion moments of the show’s long history.

Many iconic moments in the show have occurred at fashion shows, or during other shoots and events. The show has also featured an epic wedding week, special behind-the-scenes specials, and a throwback trip to Monte Carlo. The show’s primary setting is Los Angeles, but one storyline followed the Logan and Forrester families to beautiful Aspen, Colorado.

The snowy setting was perfect to showcase gorgeous winter wear that is not ideal for sunny Los Angeles. Most of the episodes during fashion week were celebrated by fans, but one particular episode was not as appreciated. 

Fan’s reaction to fashion week episodes 

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Many of The Bold and the Beautiful theme episodes, including the many of the fashion week throwbacks, were celebrated by fans who got to relive their favorite character’s past triumphs and heartbreaks.

This nostalgic love was not felt one for one particular episode, which involved drama between Hope Logan (Kim Matula/Annika Noelle), Bill Spencer Jr. (Dom Diamont), Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton), and Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood).

In the episode, Hope is acting extremely anxious, and is accused of being a “homewrecker” by the hungry fashion press in the show. Hope is anxious because she is being harassed by both the press and Bill.

Bill does not want his son to choose Hope, as he believes he is not strong enough to support Liam. The episode ends with Hope collapsing in tears as the press outside her window continues to harass her.

The love triangle between Hope, Steffy and Liam has been a long-lasting story arc of the recent run of the show. Fans have also grown tired of Steffy and Liam’s will they or won’t they act, saying that Steffy should move on to a new, more healthy relationship.

Many fans have spoken out against the show’s tendency to pit women against each other for the love of a man. It will be interesting to see if the show will adapt and change following the COVID-19 production shutdown. 

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Spoilers: Ben and Lola destroyed by explosive EastEnders fight over Peter secret

Ben Mitchell’s (Max Bowden) interests were piqued in EastEnders when he witnessed a particularly intimate moment between Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) and Peter Beale (Dayle Hudson), and during tonight’s episode, he discovers the truth in shocking scenes — but what will he do with this information?

The episode in question — which is told entirely from Ben’s perspective — sees the day of the dodgy deal arrive, but Ben’s focus is evidently elsewhere, as he spots an intimate moment between Peter and Lola — and nearly gets hit by a car in the process.

Determined to get to the bottom of what’s going on between the two, the young man questions Lola, but Jay (Jamie Borthwick) soon intervenes.

Later, Phil runs through the job with Ben, but Ben struggles to understand what his dad is saying — which results in the Mitchell hard-man becoming frustrated.

However, Ben reveals that he’s got a gun, which proves to be the final straw for Phil, who then puts his foot down — revealing that Ben can no longer take part in the job.

Ben is fuming, and therefore storms off — focusing his attention on the question of what’s going on with Peter and Lola, but Jay soon confronts him for upsetting Lola — revealing that she had an abortion and claimed Ben was the reason.

Ben is fuming, and drags Lola out of the salon — forcing her to admit that she slept with Peter.

Afterwards, he has some horrid words for her — that is, before he heads off to the Prince Albert to get drunk.

Will Ben and Lola be able to mend their relationship after what’s transpired?


Who knows? It appears as if Ben will be somewhat preoccupied, as — later — he spots a van following Danny and Phil as they depart for the job, which leaves him suspicious.

One to watch: Monday June 1 at 8pm on BBC One.

If you’ve got a soap or TV story, video or pictures get in touch by emailing us [email protected] – we’d love to hear from you.

Join the community by leaving a comment below and stay updated on all things soaps at our homepage.

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Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson Have Spent Their Alone Time in Quarantine 'Reconnecting' Source Reveals

This hasn’t exactly been a peaceful quarantine for Khloé Kardashian. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star began isolation amid the pandemic staying under the radar with her 2-year-old daughter, True Thompson, and her ex-boyfriend, Tristan Thompson at her estate in Calabasas. However, pregnancy rumors, a DNA test, a KarJenner party, and some Instagram selfies have brought Kardashian’s downtime to a screeching halt.

It began when fans spread rumors that Kardashian was once again pregnant with Thompson’s child. Considering the NBA star’s track record when it comes to cheating, fans were quick to call the Good American founder everything in the book until she took to Twitter to squash the rumors saying, “The nasty things you’re saying about me over A RUMOR! I have seen so many hurtful/despicable stories and tweets about me over a false story. And if it were true…. it’s MY LIFE, NOT YOURS.”

Then the KUWTK star found herself in the middle of a legal battle when a woman claimed Thompson was the father of her child. Things got even worse due to some of the Revenge Body star’s recent selfies which fans are causing unrecognizable. Now, sources are saying that Kardashian has reconnected with Thompson in quarantine.

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The KarJenners are convinced Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson have been hooking up

When the NBA shut down, Thompson left Cleveland for LA in order to spend time with True. He’s been spending a great deal of time with his daughter and Kardashian. In fact, the NBA player and the reality star have been so close that the KarJenners are convinced they’ve been hooking up this entire time.

In the super trailer for the second half of Season 18 of KUWTK, Scott Disick asks, “[Has Khloé] slept with Tristan yet?” Kris Jenner responds saying, “Oh, 100 percent.” Kardashian can be heard denying the accusations, but no one seems convinced.

View this post on Instagram

#KhloeKardashian and #TristanThompson are coming together against a woman that is claiming that he fathered her child. Tristan already took the DNA test, which has come back negative, however, the woman is still claiming that he is her baby daddy. _____________________________________ @enews reports that Khloe and Tristan’s attorney #MartySinger sent out a cease and desist letter on Wednesday, asking #KimberlyAlexander to "immediately stop defaming them with malicious defamatory lies and specious fabrications" in regard to a paternity claim. _____________________________________ In the cease and desist letter, which was obtained by the site, Singer confirms that Tristan did take the paternity test, and it came out negative. It then stated that Kimberly requested that a second test be conducted, which Singer said Tristan agreed to take. However, they would want an AABB-accredited lab to perform the test. Singer continued to say in the letter, “After it was indisputably established by a paternity test performed by one of the—read more at TheShadeRoom.com (📸: @gettyimages)

A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

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Khloé Kardashian has softened her heart toward Tristan Thompson

From her constant defense of him, it appears that Kardashian has softened her heart toward Thompson despite his past and rather varied indiscretions.

 “The way Tristan has shown up for True and the unmistakable love and bond between them absolutely softened Khloe’s heart towards him, she loves seeing it,” an insider told Hollywood Life. “It definitely helped her with forgiveness. True is everything to her and seeing how happy she gets when her daddy is around, does make Khloe want him around more, it’s only natural. Tristan has been really good about making his relationship with True a priority. He’s head over heels in love with her and the older she gets the stronger their bond gets.”

Though the Good American founder has adamantly denied getting back together with Thompson, recent reports suggest otherwise.

View this post on Instagram

The Mondayest Thursday ever 🤪

A post shared by Khloé (@khloekardashian) on

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Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson have ‘reconnected’

Amid rumors that Thompson cheated on her throughout her entire pregnancy and then following the kiss he shared with Jordyn Woods in 2019, Kardashian was publically humiliated. However, it appears that as the world has shuttered in place, the starlet may have let the NBA player back into her heart.

“Khloe and Tristan have been isolating together and have really enjoyed their time with daughter True,” an insider told Entertainment Tonight. “This alone time has really allowed them to reconnect without outside influences.”

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Lionel Messi: Barcelona and Argentina star’s iconic moments

Lionel Messi has had so many iconic moments in his career – with 627 goals and 34 trophies for Barcelona as well as six Ballons d’Or.

There will be a Messi Day on Saturday across BBC Sport, which will include the chance to watch some of the 32-year-old’s best World Cup goals, a quiz and a column from Match of the Day host and former Barcelona striker Gary Lineker.

We have picked what we think are his 10 most iconic moments for Barcelona and Argentina here. You can rank the 10 at the bottom and let us know using #bbcfootball on social media if you disagree with our list.

Messi’s first hat-trick

Barcelona 3-3 Real Madrid, 10 March 2007

Messi’s first career hat-trick came in one of the biggest fixtures in football. The teenager scored all of Barca’s three goals in a 2007 Clasico – his first at the Nou Camp – including a brilliant last-minute finish after beating a couple of defenders.

This was arguably the moment he became a household name.

Messi’s greatest goal?

Barcelona 5-2 Getafe, 18 April 2007

Messi’s goal in the Copa del Rey semi-final first leg 13 years ago remains arguably his greatest strike.

In a goal with remarkable similarities to Diego Maradona’s (non-handball) strike against England in the 1986 World Cup, Messi picked the ball up in his own half, beat about five defenders, went round the goalkeeper and then slotted home.

Messi’s first Champions League final goal

Barcelona 2-0 Manchester United, 27 May 2009

If you can believe it, there was a time when people questioned whether Messi could do it against English clubs in Europe. He had failed to score in 10 Champions League appearances against English sides before the 2009 final.

But there were no doubts any more when Messi rose highest in the box to head home Xavi’s cross in his first Champions League final – and the first game billed as Messi v Cristiano Ronaldo.

Two years later he would score in another final win over United – the third of his four Champions League winners’ medals.

Messi hits four past Arsenal

Barcelona 4-1 Arsenal, 6 April 2010

Messi scored four goals for the first time in his career as he took Arsenal to the cleaners in the 2010 Champions League quarter-final. The pick of the bunch was his chip over Manuel Almunia for his hat-trick.

An honourable mention goes to his five-goal haul against Bayer Leverkusen in a 7-1 win in the last 16 two years later.

He is the second top scorer in Champions League history with 114, behind Ronaldo.

Messi breaks Barcelona scoring record

Barcelona 5-3 Granada, 20 March 2012

Media playback is not supported on this device

Messi broke Barcelona’s goalscoring record at the age of 24 – the only way he knows how, with a hat-trick.

He equalled Cesar Rodriguez’s record of 232 goals with his first against Granada, broke it with his second and extended the record with the third.

Messi, now 32, is on 627 Barcelona goals and counting (when La Liga restarts) – almost 400 clear of anybody else.

Messi scores 91 goals in a year

Real Valladolid 1-3 Barcelona, 22 December 2012

Even by the remarkable goalscoring exploits of Messi and Ronaldo, the Argentine’s record-breaking 2012 still seems implausible – 91 goals in the calendar year.

He netted 79 goals for Barcelona and 12 for Argentina – in a total of 69 games for club and country.

It was enough to earn Messi an unprecedented fourth consecutive Ballon d’Or – even though he only won the Copa del Rey in 2012 for all those goals.

Messi wins World Cup golden ball

Germany 1-0 Argentina, 13 July 2014

In theory this should have been one of Messi’s greatest moments – being named the best player in a World Cup. His lack of a senior international trophy (he won the 2008 Olympics) is sometimes held against him in debates on the greatest player of all time.

But it was a strange decision, with many observers thinking he had underwhelmed in the knockout rounds, having scored four goals in the group stages. He was disappointing too in the final defeat by Germany.

Even then-Fifa president Sepp Blatter said he was “a little bit surprised” and Argentina legend Diego Maradona called the decision “unfair”.

That final defeat in Brazil may be the closest he ever comes to winning the World Cup as they went out in the quarter-finals four years later in Russia, despite his memorable goal against Nigeria.

Messi briefly retired from international football in 2016 after losing in the Copa America final for the third time, and again considered his future after the 2018 World Cup but he is still going.

Media playback is not supported on this device

Messi breaks La Liga scoring record

Barcelona 5-1 Sevilla, 22 November 2014

Another goalscoring record broken – and another hat-trick to do it.

Messi equalled Telmo Zarra’s 251-goal record with a free-kick, before breaking it and stretching it with a third.

Messi is now on 438 La Liga goals, almost 200 clear of the old record, and more than 100 above Ronaldo – who was on 311 before he left Real Madrid for Juventus.

Messi’s 500th Barcelona goal comes in El Clasico

Real Madrid 2-3 Barcelona – 23 April 2017

Sometimes a goal almost seems too perfect – and this was one of those. Messi popped up with an injury-time goal against Real in 2017, sweeping home a first-time shot from the edge of the area. It was an El Clasico winner, his 500th Barcelona goal and it sent Barca top of the table (although Real would go on to win the league).

For good measure, he pulled out an iconic celebration when he took off his shirt and held it out so the Bernabeu faithful could see his name.

Messi wins sixth Ballon d’Or

Messi won his sixth Ballon d’Or – a record – in December, taking him above Ronaldo’s five after scoring 54 times for club and country in 2018-19.

It was remarkably only his second since 2012 – with the other coming in 2015.

“I still have beautiful years ahead of me,” he said while collecting the award.

How many more iconic moments can he add before his retirement?

Now it’s your turn. In which order would you rank these 10 moments?

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Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell Respond to Pandemic, Push for Mental Health Awareness

Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell have seemingly been through it all as a couple.

So they thought, at least.

The Teen Mom OG stars have been together since high school and have experienced a marriage, a miscarriage, an adoption, a separation and the birth of multiple chiildren.

Now, though? Like the rest of America?

Tyler and Catelynn are stuck in quarantine, facing a potential health crisis every time they leave their home due to the coronavirus.

And they have some important advice to offer everyone out there who can relate to this unprecedented situation.

“As humans, we need interaction with people. We’re kind of hard-wired that way and being home all the time and feeling isolated is a scary thing,” Catelynn told E! News this week.

She added:

“I can see why that could be a huge factor in people’s mental heath.

“I think it’s a good thing that people are calling hotlines and reaching out because there are things and people out there that can help you.”

Catelynn knows what she’s talking about, too, having spent time in rehab for depression after suffering a miscarriage years ago.

Tyler, for his part, remained right by his wife’s side throughout this challenging time.

He’s also been open about his stuggles with anxiety and he had the following to say to E! News on this topic:

“Resources are out there and this pandemic has kind of pushed people to realize there are other options out there.”

Both halves of this couple have been candid and honest about these traumatic events and experiences in front of the MTV cameras.

“It was a hard thing to share and hard just to get the courage to share it but I think it comes down to the fact of letting people know and showing the raw reality of it,” Catelynn explains of starring on a reality show while going through these battles.

“That way, people know that they are not alone and that you can get help and there are things out there that can help you.”

These days, of course, people sadly do feel more alone than ever before.

Thankfully, Chelsea DeBoer has discussed her struggles with panic attacks on Teen Mom 2, while Amber Portwood has been open about her bipolar disorder.

Viewers hopefully can take lessons from what they’ve seen from these women on their television screens.

“The viewers want authenticity. Not everyone has this perfect white picket fence life,” Tyler says.

“You can’t really experience the joy of the highs if you don’t experience the lows to compare it to.

“We told the producers from the get-go that this is very sensitive information — but we feel like we have a moral, ethical responsibility with our platform to share this reality with people and I feel like the viewers have really responded with a warm, welcoming heart.”

To each his or her own during the pandemic, but Tyler has been passing the time by writing a lot in his journal and working out.

Meanwhile, Catelynn savors bath time and listens to music.

The pair also has two young kids to care for, of course.

And they really hope these children can benefit from what their parents have been through.

“If our girls were to ever go through anything, we’d be their best supporters and teachers and guiders,” Catelynn says here.

“We’ve been through it and I think it comes to just really communicating with your children in an honest way about what is really going on in school, what’s really going on in their friend group.

“That’s definitely one of my biggest fears that one of my girls is going to struggle with what I struggled with.”

Catelynn Lowell Slams Cheating Rumors: I Know Tyler is Loyal! I DO!Start Gallery

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'The Young and the Restless' Alum Emily O'Brien Heads to 'Days of our Lives' for First Soap Role in Nearly a Decade

For the first time in almost 10 years, Emily O’Brien is returning to daytime television. The former The Young and the Restless star is hopping over to Days of our Lives, where she will portray a new character on the NBC soap opera.

Emily O’Brien as Jana Hawkes on ‘The Young and the Restless’

O’Brien is most known for her role as Jana Hawkes on The Young and the Restless. She played the role for five years from 2006-2011. O’Brien was nominated for three Daytime Emmy for her work on the show.

The actress, who is English, portrayed the British-born Hawkes on the show. She first arrived in town as an employee at Crimson Lights, which was then owned by Kevin Fisher. She and Kevin would go on to date. The couple became best friends with Amber Moore and Daniel Romalotti. Jana was also good friends with one of Victor Newman’s former wives, Sabrina Costelana Newman. Jana was responsible for several crimes, including the death of Carmen Mesta, but all of it was due to a brain tumor.

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With other health problems and a kidnapping situation, she and Kevin continued to grow apart as time went on. She ended up dying of an aneurysm while she was fighting Chloe Mitchell, Kevin’s new girlfriend.

After her stint on the show, O’Brien has kept busy, primarily working as an in-demand voice actress for animated series and video games like Call of Duty and God of War.

Here’s what the show’s head writer says about heading to ‘Days of Our Lives’

In an interview with Soap Opera Digest to break the news of O’Brien’s debut on the show, Days of our Lives head writer Ron Carlivati talked about what to expect with the character coming to town. The character, whose name is Gwen, “will be introduced as Claire’s pal at Bayview, but will have other ties on the canvas.” The news was first leaked last year by Jason47’s Days Website.

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“In order to put an end to this situation with the people who are after him, Jake has to track down his ex, the mischievous Gwen. I don’t want to give too much away,” said Carlivati.

He also added, “She is kind of the key to him resolving the issues with these bad people. It will also be interesting to see how Gabi reacts when she finds out that Jake has an ex-girlfriend.”

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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The 7 steps to test and trace our way OUT of coronavirus lockdown explained – The Sun

BRITAIN'S coronavirus contact tracing scheme will be rolled out across England from tomorrow, the Health Secretary has announced.

It will be one of the key ways to safely relax Britain's lockdown measures and avoid a second wave of coronavirus, the Government has said.

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It means that those who come into contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 will be contacted and told to self-isolate.

Experts say it could slash spread by up to 15 per cent – but officials will have to warn those at risk within three days for it to make a significant impact.

The new NHS Test and Trace Service launching this week is different from the contact tracing app that people have been talking about.

So, here's what you need to know…

What is the NHS Test and Trace Service?

The NHS Test and Trace Service is the Government's new contact tracing system.

It will be launched across England from Thursday, May 28, with a team of 25,000 contact tracers.

Working with Public Health England, they will have the capacity to trace the contacts of 10,000 people who test positive every day.

Officials say that the system will help them to identify, contain and control coronavirus by reducing its spread and ultimately save lives.

How does it work?

The new system will involve using much more widespread testing that has previously been available.

Now anyone who has coronavirus systems will be offered a test.

If the result is positive, an NHS contact tracer will get in touch to find out about their recent interactions.

This could include household members, people with whom they have been in direct contact, or within 2 metres for more than 15 minutes.

These people will then be notified – either by text, call or email – that they have been in contact with a positive case and should self isolate for 14 days.

What should I do if I think I have Covid?

The new system works in two parts – the first is for someone who tests positive for Covid-19 and the second is for their contacts.

Anyone with a new, continuous cough, a high temperature or a change in their sense of smell or taste, should:

1. Self-isolate

As soon as you experience coronavirus symptoms, you should self-isolate for at least 7 days.

Anyone else in your household should self-isolate for 14 days from when you started having symptoms.

2. Get tested

Order a coronavirus test immediately so you can confirm whether or not you've been infected.

A test can be ordered online directly from the Coronavirus page of the NHS website.

For those that don't have internet access, a new number has been set up – call 119 if you need a test.

3. Results

If your test is positive you must complete the remainder of your 7-day self-isolation.

Anyone in your household should also complete self-isolation for 14 days from when you started having symptoms.

If your test is negative, you and other household members no longer need to isolate and you can get on with your everyday lives.

4. Share contacts

If you test positive for coronavirus, the NHS Test and Trace service will send you a text or email alert or call you within 24 hours.

They will provide instructions on how to share details of people you have been in close, recent contact with and places you have visited.

It is important that you respond as soon as possible so that appropriate advice can be given to those who need it.

You will be asked to do this online via a secure website or you will be called by an NHS contact tracer.

How will I know if I've been in contact with a positive case?

In most cases, people will likely know if they have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus.

However the new system will formally notify you with instructions on what you need to do if you have come into contact with an infected person.

1. Alert

You will be alerted by the NHS Test and Trace service if you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus.

The alert will come either by text or email and you’ll need to log on to the NHS Test and Trace website, which is the easiest way for you and the service to communicate with each other – but, if not, a trained call handler will talk you through what you need to do.

Under 18’s will get a phone call and a parent or guardian will be asked to give permission for the call to continue.

2. Isolate

You will be asked to begin self-isolation for up to 14 days, depending on when you last came into contact with the person who has tested positive.

It’s really important to do this even if you don’t feel unwell because it can take up to 14 days for the symptoms to develop.

This will be crucial to avoid you unknowingly spreading the virus to others.

Your household doesn’t need to self-isolate with you, but they must take extra care to follow the guidance on social distancing and washing your hands.

3. Test – if needed

If you develop symptoms of coronavirus, other members of your household should self-isolate at home.

You should also book a coronavirus test from the NHS website or call 119 if you have no internet access.

If your test is positive you must continue to stay at home for 7 days.

But if you test negative, you must still complete your 14 day self-isolation period because the virus may not be detectable yet.

Can I get a test if I have no symptoms?

No, the only people who will need to be tested at the moment are those with symptoms.

If you are informed that you have been in contact with someone and you don't have symptoms, you will need to self-isolate for the full 14 days.

Should you develop symptoms in that time, that's when you need to apply for a test.

Professor John Newton, National Coordinator of Test and Trace, said: "If you are a contact and you don’t have symptoms there’s very little value, so you have to do your 14-day isolation.

"You will not be released because you may still be incubating the virus.

"We would like to get the timing from symptom to the result to within 48 hours, which gives a day or so to identify the contacts and ask them to self-isolate."

Where can I get tested?

If you have coronavirus symptoms, you should self-isolate and order a coronavirus test immediately.

This can be done on the NHS website or by calling 119, for those without internet access.

It's thought that to get rapid results, people will be directed to their nearest drive-in testing facility, rather than being sent a home kit.

Prof Newton told reporters at a briefing today: "The drive-in centres, we’re now getting 84 per cent of those back within 24 hours.

"The tests at home – there is an inevitable delay in getting the test out to people.

"We are thinking the Test and Trace programme will be supported by methods to get people to the testing site if possible.

"The NHS provides a rapid turn around for their testing programme but home testing is probably going to be the one that would be the most difficult, so we’re not relying on it for this purpose."

Testing has been ramped up in recent weeks with 50 drive-through sites, more than 100 mobile testing units and 3 mega laboratories.

Ministers say they will soon have the capacity to carry out 200,000 tests a day.

What support is there if I have to self-isolate?

People who are contacted by the NHS Test and Trace service will be given clear information explaining what they must do and how they can access local support if needed.

Guidance is also available online at the Government's website.

The Department for Work and Pensions has also announced that those having to self-isolate will be eligible for statutory sick pay if they are unable to work from home.

This applies across the four nations of the UK.

When will the app be available?

The new NHS Test and Trace service is the first phase in the Government's contact tracing efforts.

Work is continuing on the NHS Covid-19 app after it was rolled out earlier this month on the Isle of Wight.

The Department of Health says there has been a positive reception to the test and trace system on the island with over 52,000 downloads in the first week.

But it's not quite ready to roll it out to the rest of the country just yet, so the new system is being prioritised first.

Officials say the NHSX app, which will form the next part of the Test and Trace service, is due to be launched in the coming weeks – once contact tracing is up and running.

It's hoped that once it is in place it will significantly extend the speed and reach of contact tracing.

The app should help identify those who you may not know, such as someone sitting next to you on public transport.

The app will also give powerful insights into the spread of the virus and how to contain it.

Dido Harding, executive chair of NHS Test and Trace, said: "The app is under development – it’s being tested on the Isle of Wight and will launch soon.

"I see the app as the cherry on the cake, not the cake itself.

"The key is all of us in society playing our part and isolating when we’re told to.

"We are launching the testing scheme first and what the app will do is speed up and accelerate the process for those of us that are using it."

How secure is contact tracing?

Some people have raised concerns over the security of sharing personal information.

But the Government has insisted that the contact tracing service is secure.

Contact tracers have undergone strict training and will only have access to the data from the case they are dealing with, the experts behind the scheme say.

All data will be held centrally by Public Health England, not on the tracers own computers, and there will be various security measures in place.

Prof Newton said: "It’s a confidential service but it’s also a clinical service.

"It’s normal practice in other cases, such as tuberculosis – it’s tried and tested and that’s explained to people.

"There’s a strong legal basis for us using data, we don’t require consent or ask for it but we do follow full GDPR and explain how we will use the data.

"It’s all focused on the interest, not just of the people involved, but the public. It’s to keep the public safe from coronavirus.

"We need people to understand that we are only using the data we need to benefit everybody."

What if I don't want to share my contact's data?

For those who are concerned about security, then they may refuse to share their contact's data with authorities.

At the moment, it is a voluntary service intended to help quickly control and contain localised outbreaks of the virus.

The experts admit they are aware that not everyone will comply, but they remain hopeful that people will see it as a way out of lockdown.

Baroness Harding said: "I have faith in the British public.

"Everyone does want to get out of national lockdown and they will see this as the way to play their part.

"We’ll be trading national lockdown for individual isolation if we have the symptoms or if we’re in close contact with someone who’s tested positive.

"Instead of 60 million being in lockdown, much smaller groups will be told to stay at home.

"Everything I've seen of the British public so far has shown the vast majority of people have complied with the guidance, so we would expect them to comply with this.


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"We need to make it easy for them to report their symptoms and not scary for those who they have been close to.

"We need to support those who are self-isolating rather than looking for ways to blame people."

She added: "It’s worth noting that the Secretary of State does have the powers to mandate this if needed."

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