Your Cancer Monthly Horoscope for May

Put these dates in your GCal rn:

The first part of May wants you to have a little fun in your love life, Cancer. Think about any deep-hidden, taboo, super-spicy kinks you’ve been wanting to try out, bring them up to your partner, and see how things go. If you’re single, treat yourself to a new sex toy and explore some new fantasies. Venus, planet of love and pleasure, forms a harsh square to Neptune, planet of illusions and dreams on May 3. I’m NGL, this is usually a pretty tough transit—not for you, though! In fact, it encourages tons of romance and extremely intimate connections, know what I mean?

The one thing to watch out for is that Neptune’s influence is pushing you to want to become one with your partner and dissolve any/all boundaries between the two of you, even if you really shouldn’t. So if you don’t live with your partner, make sure you’re practicing social distancing, and if you do, don’t neglect safer sex practices.

Venus turns retrograde on May 13, making all things Venusian (love, pleasure, beauty) go a little wonky for a few weeks. It’s pretty likely that an ex or two (or twelve) might come back around, so keep an eye out. Venus forms another square to Neptune on May 20, but this one isn’t nearly as pleasant as it was at the beginning of the month, thanks to Venus Retrograde. Instead of fairytale romance and mind-blowing sex, you may have to deal with someone (probs an ex!) screwing with your emotions, telling lies (or at least half-truths), and exhibiting manipulative behavior. It’s best to steer clear of the dating scene and do not, under any circumstances, respond to any texts or DMs from any past paramours—they’re only going to cause you trouble!

Neptune’s romantic, dreamy influence is nice (sometimes), but it’s also making you feel hazy while its squaring off with Venus all month. Luckily, Mercury, the planet of communication and your intellectual side, flies into your sign at the verrrrrry end of the month on May 28. This transit helps you think and communicate more clearly, so if there’s any ex drama happening thanks to Venus Retrograde, take preventative measures and block their ass. Basically, Mercury is lending you a huge helping hand, allowing you to navigate the BS and end the month on a high note.

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