Woman’s nose hair waxing session is interrupted by postman in hilarious clip

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A woman who was filming her nose waxing session was interrupted by a postman's delivery.

Vicky Palmer was showing her fans on TikTok how she removed the nose hair using the melted wax.

She slides a plastic stick dipped in wax into each of her nostrils and secures it with by pinching the bridge of her nose.

While waiting the wax to dry up inside, Vicky tries to pull it by grabbing the stick.

She speaks to the camera and says: "Oh it really hurts. I'd probably leave it for a bit.

"I'm a little bit nervous. How long am I supposed to leave it?"

Vicky looks worried as she feels the burning sensation when trying to rip out the hairs.

She takes a deep breath and decides to have another go but a postman just shows up at her door as the bell rings.

The video cuts short as the TikTok user goes to answer the door.

In a separate video, she said: "So part three, because it was rudely interrupted by the postman. Here we go."

She yanked the sticks out and let out a scream.

Viewers saw the hilarious clip, with one commenting: "Oh my God I laughed way too hard at that. What did the postman say if you answered the door like that?"

"Please tell me you went to the door like this," another joked.

Others, however, suggested Vicky not to wax her nose hairs.

"Why would you do that you have nose hair for a reason?" a viewer asked.

A second said: "They don't grow back and your nose hair filters the air you breathe."

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