Woman slammed for ‘upstaging’ the bride by wearing wedding dress to her big day

When it comes to weddings, there's an unwritten rule about wearing your special gown to someone else's day.

But one woman decided it was fine to do so and it didn't go down well among her family and friends.

The female headed to Reddit to get users to stick up for her after her sister-in-law accused her of ruining the wedding.

She started her post by saying that her wedding dress wasn't your traditional gown.

Posting on the open forum, she said: "I got married four years ago in a tiny ceremony with only close family in attendance.

"The dress I wore wasn't white, wasn't a gown, and isn't at all recognisable as a traditional wedding dress."

The woman later described the dress as a navy, knee-length A-line gown.

But the problem was with her sister-in-law, who knew it was the woman's wedding dress.

She continued: "My SIL (sister-in-law) just got married a few weeks ago. Social distancing, small ceremony, etc.

"I wore the dress I got married in because I love it, not because it was my wedding dress, but because it's comfortable and looks nice."

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The woman added: "SIL recognised the dress and had a meltdown at the reception about how I was trying to upstage her and told everyone I purposely wore my wedding dress to ruin her day.

"Lots of people looked confused because again, my dress doesn't look like a wedding dress. My mother-in-law is insisting I apologise for ruining the wedding.

"My husband says he supports me in, however, I want to handle this but that apologising would probably make things blow over faster."

Since she shared her dilemma, the Reddit post racked up 4,000 upvotes and thousands of comments.

One said: "I can very easily see someone taking you wearing your wedding dress to their wedding the wrong way and I don't know why it didn't occur to you at all."

Another added: "I just think you're an a**hole for not giving your SIL a heads up about it."

However, others thought the sister-in-law was simply overreacting.

A Reddit user commented: "It's not white, nor does it break any of the normal rules. It simply is a dress that she wore to her own wedding."

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