Woman ordered fake AirPods on Amazon and they were bigger than her head

AirPods are considered one of the biggest status symbols there is, but sadly the for this woman, they don’t become more of a marker of riches when you get larger ones.

The woman, called Aleezay, from Dubai, says she purchased a pair of dupe Apple AirPods for £50 from online retailer Amazon in March.

Although she knew they weren’t genuine – given they can cost in the hundreds – she thought she’d get a passable simulation.

However, Aleezay was left in hysterics after receiving a pair of AirPods bigger than her head.

Aleezay shared a photo of her giant AirPods on Twitter, with the caption: ‘So today I received my airpods from Amazon . God these are huge.’

She said: ‘I got the AirPods from Amazon last month. I knew they were fake because Amazon sells weird stuff, and it wasn’t expensive.

‘I was shocked not going to lie, but we move on.’

Her tweet has now been liked over 340,000 times and retweeted over 71,000 times, and it seems from the support that Aleezay isn’t the only one who’s ended up being burned after not reading the listing right.

One commenter said: ‘Airpods for elephants I guess.’

Another added: ‘Are you sure you ordered the right size?’

Meanwhile, one said: ‘Are you kidding me? Do they make these for giants too?’

Aleezay has been contacted for comment to verify which listing she bought from, but until se gets back we’ll have to be satisfied with laughing at the pictures of these huge model headphones.

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