Woman accidentally sent a nude photo to plasterer

Woman, 52, accidentally sends a nude photo to THREE plasterers she was trying to book to work on her house after ‘forgetting’ about the mirror on the wall

  • Roseanne Dodge, 52, from Buckinghamshire, was looking for a plasterer
  • Took snap of work that needed doing on kitchen ceiling but forgot about mirror 
  • She didn’t realise until after she’d sent the photos that she was naked in one
  • Plasterer said they would ‘pass on this job’ because of the ‘unprofessional’ snap 

A woman has told how she was left mortified after she realised she accidentally sent a nude photograph to three plasterers who she was trying to book in to work on her house. 

Roseanne Dodge, 52, from Buckinghamshire, explained how she turned to Facebook recommendations for help and sent three tradesmen several photos of the work required in the hope one of them would get back to her. 

Speaking exclusively to FEMAIL, she told how she had rolled out of bed in the nude and taken some snaps of the work that needed doing on the kitchen ceiling – forgetting all about the mirror on the wall.

So Roseanne was left baffled when she received a response from one of the plasterers who refused to come out due to the ‘unprofessional’ nature of the snaps. 

Roseanne said she had taken the photos when she got out of bed and wasn’t wearing any clothes (pictured)

Roseanne Dodge, 52, from Buckinghamshire, was left mortified after she realised she accidentally sent a nude photo to a plasterer she was trying to book to work on her house

The message read: ‘Sorry I’m gonna pass on this job, I don’t know whether this was a mistake or not, but you may need to review some photos that you’ve sent. 

‘I find this really unprofessional and for that reason I’m not going to undertake the work.’  

After a glimpse back at the photos, Roseanne quickly spotted the reasoning behind the unexpected response – because she’d accidentally sent a photograph where she had ‘nothing on.’ 

Mortified Roseanne explained that that she had got out of bed, where she tends to sleep nude because it’s in the comfort of her own house, when she took the photos – but had forgotten about the mirror on the wall. 

Roseanne didn’t know what the plasterer was talking about when she first saw his message, and said that at the time it wasn’t funny, but later admitted she saw the humorous side 

Despite telling the plasterer ‘how embarrassed’ she was, Roseanne said she did not receive a response. 

The second tradesman didn’t respond to the nude snaps, while the third one’s social media page was run by his female partner, so he did not see the ex-rated photograph. 

Roseanne quickly messaged the Facebook page back, not knowing it was run by a woman at the time, and explained that she had just realised the wrong photo had been sent. 

She added that she was ‘really embarrassed and sorry’.  

Roseanne forwarded her sister the message the plasterer sent which said he found the photo ‘ really unprofessional’ and that he wasn’t going to undertake the work for that reason (pictured)

She said that the plasterer’s partner ‘really laughed about it’ and said not to worry about it, as the plasterer hadn’t seen it and he was happy to come out today and give her a quote for the work. 

Roseanne quickly rang her sister Judy to explain about the ’embarrassing’ thing she had done. 

She told how she was taking ‘pictures of work in the kitchen ceiling’ and had ‘forgotten about the mirror being on the wall’, taking a ‘full pic with me in naked’.   

Judy sent her sister four cry-laughing emojis, before Roseanne told her: ‘It’s not funny I didn’t even know till a plasterer sent me this message,’ as she forwarded on the message from the first tradesmen. 

Roseanne said that she now sees the funny side of her blunder, but didn’t at the time. 

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