Wine expert offers perfect tipple for canned food and long-life snacks

Revealed: The perfect wine pairings for YOUR store cupboard meals – from Chardonny with instant noodles to fruity reds with beans on toast

  • Ben Revell, founder and CEO of Winebuyers shares wine to pair with pantry food
  • Selects Beaujolais for tuna and tomato pasta and Sauvignon Blanc for pea soup
  • Also shares wine pairing ideas for non-perishables like biltong and rice pudding
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With empty shelves at supermarkets a more frequent problem as the country battles the coronavirus, many Brits are forced to rely on store cupboard food for their meals.

Naturally a number of us are turning to classics such as beans on toast and pasta with pesto while in lockdown. 

But while many of our everyday pleasures our currently off limits, there’s still the option to find solace and enjoyment in a glass of wine.

And if your current meals are more instant that haute cuisine, Ben Revell, founder and CEO of online club Winebuyers has shared his ideas for which plonk to pair with your pantry-inspired delights.

Here he shares with FEMAIL his perfect tipples for canned food, non-perishable snacks and long-life desserts. 

Baked Beans on Toast

Best with: Fruity reds from warm climates 

Look for fruit-driven reds from warm climates, such as a Chilean Merlot or Aussie Shiraz, to pair with beans on toast

A national favourite, baked beans contain a reduction of sugar and vinegar that forms the base of the sauce. 

Look for fruit-driven reds from warm climates, such as a Chilean Merlot or Aussie Shiraz.

Recommendation: Lorosco, Reserva Maipo, Merlot, 2017 (£8.12)

Intense, fresh, and fruity aromas of blackberries and plum combine with soft, toasty notes and sweet vanilla in this Merlot. 

Medium-bodied, soft tannins and a pleasant finish make this an ideal companion for a comforting plate of beans of toast. 

Chicken and Mushroom Instant Noodles

Try pairing chicken and mushroom noodles with a lightly oaked Chardonnay as it compliments both meat and vegetables

Best with: Lightly oaked Chardonnay 

Wine and soup (or broth) can be tricky to pair, but wine-friendly flavours chicken and mushroom are easy to match. 

Try pairing with a lightly oaked Chardonnay as it compliments both meat and vegetables.

Recommendation: La Reverence, Chardonnay, 2018 (£8.09)

Pale, golden straw-like in colour with rich summer fruit aromas and peach and melon flavours on the palate, which are balanced by a fresh, crisp finish.

The combination of grapes from Roussillon and Minervois give this wine a buttery, fresh, and mineral profile.

Tuna Penne in Tomato Sauce

Best with: Red wine 

Picture a glossy and spiced tomato sauce flecked with tuna. What started as a cupboard raid is now a feast. 

This dish requires a red wine but nothing too tannic. The light tannins in Beaujolais are perfectly suited to the oily nature of the fish. Its medium body suits a richer tomato sauce.

Non-perishable snacks and sweet treats 


Cured meat is a globally common way to extend the life of food. Biltong requires ripe and moderately structured wines. 

Look for oaky Cabernet Sauvignon from the new world to match the heavy spice of the meat.

Recommendation: U By Undurraga, Central Valley, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2017 (£9.68) 

Elegantly perfumed aromas and a fresh, floral palate characterise this Chilean red.

Smooth texture, fruit tones, well-balanced acidity and an elegant finish.

Tinned Rice Pudding

Tinned rice pudding is stalwart of forgotten nooks in cupboards across the country. 

Pair a vanilla milk rice pudding with a sun-drenched and similarly sweet Sicillian Grillo for a nostalgic treat.

Recommendation: Caruso E Minini, Naturalmente Bio, Grillo, Sicilia (£18) 

Organic and vegan-friendly with vintage notes of oak and acacia, this Sicilian white boasts the perfect mix of intensity and elegance. 

Recommendation: Oedoria, L’Exception, Beaujolais Rouge, Beaujolais, 2017 (£11.40)

Intense in colour, this wine combines fruity aromas, smooth tannins and a pleasant structure.

Well-bodied, well balanced and an excellent example of a fuller flavoured Beaujolais.

Frozen Pea Soup

Best with: New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc 

Natural sweetness in peas is brought to life with the aromatic and bright expressions of a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. 

Its crisp and herbaceous nature pairs well with grassy ingredients like peas. 

Recommendation: Ward Valley ‘Triple Block’ Sauvignon Blanc, 2018 (£10.50)

Intensely aromatic and immediately appealing, the bouquet combines passionfruit, green melon, lime peel and feijoa aromas.

The palate is equally gorgeous with a bright, fruity intensity and vibrant mouthfeel with long finish.

Pesto Pasta

Best with: Austrian Grüner 

The simple but effective elements of pesto – grains, herbs, cheese and oil – pair with a wine that’s similarly effortless. 

Starch herbs and lipids also call for a white without too much fruit. 

The wine should have similar restraint, and this Austrian Grüner will do just that.

Recommendation: Eschenhof Holzer, Wagram, Grüner Veltliner, 2018 (£12)

An uncomplicated style, with fine acidity and fruit flavours resulting from the rich clay soils.

Peach, red apple and hints of spicy pepper characterise this vegan and organic dry white. 

Linguine Aglio e Olio

Fresh Portuguese reds with fruity flavours serve Linguine Aglio e Olio well without dominating

Best with: Fresh Portuguese reds 

Linguine, anchovy, garlic, chilli flakes and parsley: a yummy dish where every element balances another – and it takes just 10 minutes to make. 

Fresh Portuguese reds with fruity flavours serve this dish well without dominating.

Recommendation: Herdade Do Mouchão, Mouchao Dom Rafael Red 2015 (£15.99) 

Possibly the world’s leading producer of Alicante Bouschet, the Dom Rafael red has enough punch and fruit to handle but not overbear this classic linguine. 

Instant Ramen

Best with: Sake or lager 

If a tasty ramen dish is your pantry pick, pair with lighter lagers, Sake, or a white wine with body and spice, as the velvety texture complements the noodles and broth.

Recommendation: Tatsuuma-Honke Brewery, Isaké Classic ‘Junmai Ginjo’ (£26.50) 

Born from a collaboration between a French Sommelier and a Japanese Saké expert, this wine is carefully designed to pair perfectly with dishes such as ramen.

Made with a unique blend of Saké rices, flavours of melon, peach and walnuts are on the palate with a long, intense finish.

Tinned Jackfruit

Best with: Sparkling rosé 

This delicious and versatile vegan staple lends itself well to recreating meat-like textures and absorbing BBQ flavours. 

Pair with richer styles of sparkling rosés to complement its sweet taste.  

Recommendation: Comte De Bailly, Crémant De Bourgogne, Sparkling Rosé From Veuve Ambal (£11.99) 

The thing we look for when pairing is freshness, and this sparkler is laden with strawberry fruit. 

Clear, light rosé with a fine, persistent mousse. Fresh aromas of raspberry and redcurrant pair perfectly with sweeter jackfruit.

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