Who is Sheridan Smith dating as star prepares to give birth to baby with partner Jamie Horn

Sheridan Smith is just weeks away from giving birth to her first child with her fiancé Jamie Horn.

The actress, 38, shocked fans last year when she announced she was engaged to her partner, 28, after just three months of dating.

Sheridan, who previously dated James Corden, is also expecting a baby boy together and is set to give birth in May after revealing the news during her cruise tour late 2019.

The pair met on Tinder in 2018 and instantly fell in love with each other, and they have now been together for nearly a year.

Jamie, who is 10 years Sheridan's junior, is a trained insurance broker but is believed to have since left his job after meeting Sheridan. He owns a £500,000 luxury apartment in a gated complex in Brentwood, Essex according to the Sun.

He proposed to the Cilla star with a ring believed to be worth £10,000 and they went on to move into a rented home in north London.

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The couple are yet to get married but Sheridan has been spotted wearing two rings on her finger, however she appeared on This Morning to explain the reasons.

"I do wear two bands on my hands, but mainly this one is too big and it does keep it on. But Jamie does wear his wedding ring, we’re not actually married, we just do it. My friends do that but no one actually talks about it.

"We didn’t think about it when we took a picture and put it on Twitter and then of course everyone thought that we were married." She’s also taken to social media to deny further rumours of the pair being wed after referring to Jamie as 'hubby'.

"Every time I call him my hubby people presume we are married, it’s just a nickname and I’ll let u know when we decide to get married. I will want you all wearing hats please so here is me pouting with the 'fella'.

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Sheridan, who revealed she was head over heels in love for Jamie, announced she was expecting after she let slip she was suffering from morning sickness last year.

The couple were being followed by an ITV film crew for an upcoming documentary on her pregnancy, but it looks like those plans are on hold for the moment amid the COVID-19 lockdown.

She is currently isolating with Jamie and shared a selfie: "Going stir crazy! Meant to be filming the documentary today & till baby is due but we can’t really go anywhere so."

new magazine spoke to the pair for a quick chat recently about their excitement for their impending arrival and how they are struggling to find the perfect name for their son.

She said: "I feel quite lucky. Maybe I’m just used to it? Honestly, Jamie’s been looking after me. He’s the best. He does everything and I’m just sat at home with the dogs just making a baby. I’ve got an easy life!

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Jamie said of the baby name decision: "I don’t know. I think we’re in a world where everyone is called Storm. I don’t think the names we have are that traditional, but there’s a little bit of something about them."

Sheridan added: "We thought about naming him after my dad, who was called Colin. But as much as we miss him and love him, I’m not sure. Yeah, Storm, River… erm Colin!"

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