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WITH Christmas creeping ever closer, many of us are starting to think about shopping for gifts.

Knowing the best times and days to head to the high street can help keep costs down at a time when household budgets are still under pressure.

Christmas costs can really rack up even just for the essentials like a turkey or presents for closest family and friends.

Of course before you open your wallet its important to remember to compare prices wherever and whenever possible.

Have a shop around and check if other shops or websites are selling the item for cheaper.

It's also important to remember that the run-up to Christmas is prime time to shop as retailers fight for your cash.



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There are also some big sales events coming up which are also a great time to shop as prices get slashed, but you'll need to be quick.

And as always remember that if you're shopping online you'll need to be aware of shipping costs.

To help you get your keep costs under control, we've listed the best times to shop at some of the biggest retailers.


Anyone looking to save money on anything from toys to homeware should head on down to B&M.

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The chain sells pretty much anything and everything, and at bargain prices too.

B&M previously confirmed it marks down different products and different times and by different amounts – so it can be difficult to tell exactly when you should aim to shop.

But some shoppers have shared on Facebook groups and elsewhere which days you might find certain deals.

Staff reduce food, pet items and cleaning products every Tuesday.

Seasonal items like last Christmas' stock, on the other hand, are often down in price on Thursdays and Saturdays.

The retailer has also previously claimed that all 700 of its stores are stocked with new items every single day.

So if you're looking for a bargain dupe or other low-cost goodies, it could be a good idea to have a look throughout the week too.


Primark is already well-known for its affordable prices, but it doesn't actually offer "sales" as such.

The high street retailer denies playing host to seasonal sales like its competitors.

Last January it appeared to launch a "January sale" when shoppers spotted marked down items reduced post-Christmas.

Throughout the year though there are often “secret” sale items in store if you know where to look.

These items can be reduced by 50% or more from their original price and are more likely to land on the rails when the seasonal sales hit.

In 2021, the retailer started its festive sale before the big day, on December 21.

A worker has previously also revealed Primark’s busiest period is between 11am and 3pm in the run-up to Christmas.

She recommended people shop early in the morning to avoid missing out.

Another former worker also revealed that each store has a prime time, which is their busiest hour.

During this time it's when the queue was the longest, so it's probably best to try other times of the day.

To check when your local Primark's busiest hours might be you can have a look on Google.

By typing in your closest store, the search engine will tell you typically how many people visit at what times.


Argos is a one-stop shop for Christmas presents for family members of all ages.

Whether it's toys, games, jewellery or homeware you're after – it has it all.

It means that you could do a huge chunk of your Christmas shopping in one place.

Argos often reduces prices on toys in September and October – and this year is no different – it's currently offering 50% off a huge range of items.

Shoppers have previously said October is the perfect time to snap up Christmas gifts for the little ones.

In previous years, Argos also slashed prices a week before Christmas so it's worth keeping an eye out as we get closer to the big day.

These kinds of sales are ideal for picking up the biggest bargains as the chain prepares to enter the next season

There's no guarantee that the savings will be the same of course, but in 2020 for example, there was up to 75% off homeware and baby items.


If you've got a spare quid Poundland could be the perfect place to pick up your stocking fillers.

The little bits and bobs to give the kids on the big day can all add up, particularly if you have a more than a few to buy for.

It's often best to visit the store first thing in the morning so you can scan the shelves and sniff out deals before anyone else.

There are over 800 Poundland stores in the UK, with opening hours often ranging between 8am and 9pm.

Any restocking will generally happen when stores close or just before they open, meaning Poundland shops will be fullest in the morning.

It also makes sense to shop at the quietest times to beat others to the best deals.

You can use our trick of checking the stores busiest times on Google before heading down to make sure you're not wasting a trip.

TK Maxx

TK Maxx is another high street favourite, and can be a great place to find some bargains.

The retailer sells a bit of everything but is known for its major discounts on pricey designer items from Ted Baker to DKNY.

In the past experts have revealed that there are specific days of the week so you can grab the best prices.

These tend to be Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Most shops have around four-to-five deliveries of stock every week.

On a Tuesday, they'll do something called "subs" – subs are further reductions on the stuff that's already on clearance.

So, they'll go through and reduce it even more than it is already.

Then on a Wednesday, the next round of clearance items are marked down and moved into the section.

Although, the delivery on Fridays does bring in even more stock so that shelves are heaving for weekend shopping.

So, it's definitely worth heading in on a Friday too because the stores will be "the fullest they're going to be".

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Meanwhile, these are the exact best days to shop between now and Christmas that could save you hundreds of pounds.

Plus, a discount supermarket is selling Quality Street tubs for under £4 but customers are urged to be quick.

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