What time can you see tonight's supermoon?

The UK may be stuck in coronavirus lockdown, but at least the view will be good tonight, as we’ll be treated to a specular supermoon, also known as the ‘Pink Moon.’

They don’t come around all that often, and let’s face it – what else will you be doing tonight?

But what exactly is a supermoon and how can you catch this one?

Find out here.

What is a supermoon?

When the moon’s orbit brings it to its closest proximity to Earth – called its perigee – what we get is a super moon.

From this evening through until tomorrow morning, the moon will get as close as 356,907km (221,772 miles) to Earth.

A supermoon appears brighter and larger than normal, and is anything from 14% to 30% brighter than the average moon.

This particular supermoon is known as a ‘Pink Moon’ as it is the first full moon of spring in the northern hemisphere.

The name derives from a pink flower called phlox subulata that blooms in spring in North America.

Disappointingly, it won’t actually be pink.

What time will the supermoon be tonight?

Tonight’s moon will be visible from sunet, from 8:15pm, but will peak at 3:35am.

All you need to do is stick your head out of the window.

The moon will be most visible when there is dark sky and a clear horizon, which is bad news for city folk.

To get the best view, head to the highest point in your house or flat, switch the lights off and gaze east.

Don’t worry if you miss it – there’s another one coming on 7 May. ​

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