What does vitamin D have to do with COVID-19? A doctor answers our questions

A recent report out of Spain suggested more than 80 per cent of COVID-19 patients who were hospitalized had a vitamin D deficiency

But does this mean taking vitamin D supplements could potentially be helpful to patients?

Infectious disease physician Dr. Isaac Bogoch recently joined The Morning Show to answer this question and more.

Bogoch says there are many good reasons to take vitamin D in Canada, especially during colder months.

“It is premature to make claims about vitamin D and COVID-19 outcomes,” he said.

Next, Bogoch commented on how some restaurants are fighting to stay open in restricted stages. He says it is unclear if restaurants and bars are safe to reopen in some provinces like Ontario.

Then there is the Oxford university COVID-19 vaccine which is working well for both older and younger adults’ immune systems during trial periods.

The Canadian government has already invested in the vaccine and can expect good news soon. “The vaccine is in its final stage or stage three,” he said.

When asked about herd immunity, Bogch says Canadians should be aware of false claims.

“The real preventive approach to controlling the virus is to prevent the spread in the community,” he added.

Many parents are worried about their children’s health and want sports to come back safely. But is this actually safe?

“Youth sports are vital,” he said. However, he says the government and parents need to look at creative and modified ways to make it safer for kids.

“Taking it outside rather than inside for hockey or figure skating … that’s one of many ideas,” he suggested.

To learn more about the benefits of vitamin D, watch the full video above.

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